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International Date Line

     Another proof the Roman calendar can’t be right is that all time keeping instruments must have a starting point. If the starting point for dates is an arbitrary, earthly one such as the International Date Line (I.D.L.) you will have Friday the sixth day of the week on one side of the line and Saturday the seventh day of the week on the other side, and both sides of the line are in the same evening and morning. It would be preparation day as the evening arrives on one side of the line, and Sabbath day on the other side, a whole day apart; and then when one side of the line keeps the Sabbath and the other side keeps the preparation, the next day the other side of the line will keep it’s Sabbath as the evening begins and the Sabbath will be over on the other side of the street at the same evening and they will go back to work on Sunday. One side will be working and the other keeping the Sabbath. Ask yourself; can the day be holy on one side of the street and not the other? You do not have this problem with the Heavenly calendar because the starting point is in Heaven. For example, if both sides of the IDL are looking at the moon and count six workdays and rest on the seventh, then as it gets dark, both sides will be keeping the same day; and both sides will be holy to YHWH.

     Let us imagine the IDL running through Israel. Now, imagine Israelites camping on either side of the line. On one side, it will be the Sabbath day and on the other, it will be the preparation day. YHWH does not work like that, because He is not the author of confusion. The Sabbath is the Sabbath for all His people when the evening starts. Can you imagine the day being holy on one side of the camp and not the other?

     Now, let us examine the currently accepted seven-day cycle. People assume the weeks are solar, when in fact they are lunar. The Scriptures never mentions a seven-day cycle. It is more a pattern of rest after six workdays, and the New moon is not one of them. To prove the cycle wrong all one has to do is think. The earth spins around once every twenty-four hours, causing a cycle. If someone were to walk east toward the sun while someone else stayed still, then the one walking would meet the sun earlier and earlier each day than the one sitting still gradually gaining time until they get 10 hours, 15 hours, and 24 hours ahead of the ones sitting still, a full cycle ahead. Now if the one walking travels around the Earth, back to where the one standing still is, he will have gained one whole day, because he made an extra cycle around the Earth while the other sat still and waited each day for the sun to rise. The traveler actually gained a sunrise at the end of the journey around the Earth, even if it took twenty years to complete. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Now, given this fact, a group of people keeping the earth’s cycle by an earthly calendar has serious problems. If half of the group decides to go into the world to evangelize, and they migrate around the world keeping the seven-day cycle, when they meet up with the other half of the tribe twenty years later, or their descendants 2,000 years later, they would be one day apart in their Sabbath keeping, even though they have the same calendar and neither missed a beat on the seven-day cycle. Would you expect the travelers to go back around the world to get on the same day as the others? Or, would you expect them to deny the cycle of six workdays counting the New moon as one of them and just get back with the other half by losing a day and change the cycle they kept the last twenty years, or ancestors did for the last 2,000 years? Alternatively, maybe look at their time keeping methods? If someone left Israel and traveled east around the world and came again from the west, they would be keeping the Sabbath a day ahead of the ones that stayed. This would not have been noticed if everyone in Israel had migrated around the world and came back because they were keeping the seven-day cycle and no one could tell them they were in another day, and both days could not be the day He rested. You can prove all this by picturing two people on a merry-go-round which would represent the Earth spinning and someone counting each time they came around. This person represents the sun. Now, if one person sitting on the merry-go-round and the other walks toward the way they are spinning, the one walking will see and pass the person watching and counting, before the one sitting. The one walking sees the counter sooner and sooner and when they get back to where the one is sitting; they will have been counted one more time as they passed the counter, representing the sun, in the same way as people migrate around the Earth. By keeping this cycle and this calendar; it is possible for five people to keep five different days as the Sabbath, and all be right. This is not so with the moon.

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