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     Philo, and  the other Jews which lived during the New Testament time understood the weeks and weekly Sabbaths were by the moon, as were all the other days of the month. This is positive proof that the true Sabbath was still being kept by the moon in New testament times. Because none of us were alive or existed in the time of the Apostles, except in the loins or D.N.A. of our ancestors, we are forced to turn to people’s writings that were  there, to see how  things were done, whether it is in direct contradiction of the Word of YHWH or not, we simply see how it was done. Philo was more than just a Jew living in Alexandria Egypt. He was the most prominent Jew living in Alexandria Egypt. His fellow Jews chose him aver all other Jews to represent their people at Rome over the persecution of Jews in Alexandria. This was a very serious issue—a matter of life and death for the Jews of Alexandria. In order to plead their case before the Roman emperor, they had to select the man who could best represent them. The question arises, “would the Jews of Alexandria have chosen Philo had he not properly represented normative Jewish practice and belief?”

     The works of Philo is very significant in that He walked the Earth before and at the same time, and 20 years after the resurrection of the Chief Apostle. He was one of the most influential men of that time, and was chosen to head a delegate of men to go to Rome to represent the Jewish people who were being persecuted severely at that time. He lived in Alexandra Egypt; and read from the Septuagint Scriptures. (The most quoted from by our Savior and the Apostles according to Larry Acheson) (Search the scriptures, was referring to the LXX or Septuagint). Philo’s writings, for the most part about the Priesthood etc., are in harmony with the Scriptures we read today. He had no need to say something that everybody already knew like: hey people’s blood is red or the Sabbaths are counted from the New Moon, but he did make mention that some states were keeping only one Sabbath per month counting from the New Moon where we know all four should be kept after the six work days regularly.

     The works of Philo by Yonge—Page 526 XX, “The fourth commandment has reference to the sacred seventh day that it may be passed in a sacred and holy manner. Some states keep the holy festival only once in the month, counting from the new moon, as a day sacred to God; but the nation of the Jews keep every seventh day regularly, after each interval of six (work) days”. Philo understood that the new moon was a festival all by itself, (See Philo page 572 XI.) and not one of the six workdays, as Ezech. 46:1-3. also teaches. The gates were to be shut the six work days and open on the Sabbath and day of the New Moon.  Although Philo didnít come right out and say the Sabbaths are by the moon, he did say some were keeping only one Sabbath per month, counting from the new moon. In other words from the new moon they counted six workdays then a Sabbath, which would be on the 8th day of the moon. The Jews keep the others three Sabbaths also.

     Notice Philo said that they keep the holy festival (Sabbath) only once in the month counting from the new moon, but the Jews more than only once in the month counting from the new moon. When I looked under seventh day in the index it said “or Sabbath” and referred me to page 26 of Philo which says “and the changes which the moon works in the air, it perfects chiefly in accordance with its own configurations on each seventh day (Sabbath)”.

     See also page 532 (161) “but to the seventh day of the week he has assigned the greatest festivals, those of the longest duration, at the periods of the equinox both vernal and autumnal in each year; appointing two festivals for these two epochs, (events) each lasting seven days; the one which takes place in the spring (unleavened bread) being for the perfection of what is being sown, and the one which falls in autumn (tabernacles) being a feast of thanksgiving for the bringing home of all the fruits which the trees have produced". (Both begin on the 15th, a weekly Sabbath).

     Let’s look carefully at what Philo is saying. But to the seventh day of the week He has assigned the greatest festivals, in other words the greatest (longest) festivals have been assigned to the seventh day of the week. (15th Sabbath) Which begins the Festival and lasts for seven days beginning with the 15th Sabbath? We know both of these feasts begin on the 15th . (Sabbath) Each lasting seven days; each one of these two events were assigned a festival day (15th), or weekly Sabbath to begin the Feast and it lasted seven days. Philo goes on to say that each month (1st and 7th) might receive an especial honor of one sacred day of festival, for the purpose of refreshing and clearing the mind with its holiday. Notice he didn’t say they would receive two holy days of festivals, but one, the 15th. To prove the Seventh day of the week is the same as the 15th see page 588 xxx111 (210) of Philo “Again the beginning of this Feast is appointed for the 15th day of the month, (0r seventh day of the week) on account of the reason which has already been mentioned respecting the Spring Season “might receive special honor of one Sacred day of Festival”. In other words Philo is saying the weekly Sabbath begins these Feasts, and is on the 15th.This proves the Sabbaths by the moon; because there is no way the weekly Sabbath (15th) can begin these two festivals on the 15th in the 1st and 7th month, on a continuous seven day cycle by the calendar of today. Send for the free book Weekly Sabbaths by the Moon. The book pinpoints sixty eight (68) weekly Sabbaths in the Old and New Testaments and all are on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the moon without exception, and a $10,000 reward is offered to anyone who can pinpointed a weekly Sabbath on any other day, than by the moon.

To prove Philo and the people at the time of the New Testament understood the Sabbaths are by the moon, all one has to do is read on page 313 ix of Philo where he is speaking of how the soul of man can be illuminated until it is entirely changed, and becomes a heavenly brilliance like a full moon, at the height of its increase at the end of the second week. What did he just say??? Did his readers of that era, or in those days understand that the weeks were by the moon, and that at the end of the second week they would be a full moon???

If so then the Sacred Seventh day, which comes at the end of the week must be a full moon Sabbath. Why? Because in many places he speaks of the weekly seventh day. They had four Sabbaths per month, and at the end of the first week you will have a half moon, (first Sabbath) called the first quarter, and at the end of the second week you will have a full moon, (second Sabbath) just like the people that Philo was writing to at the time period of the Saviors time.

Notice again Philo on page 532 (161) "But to the Seventh day of the week He has assigned the greatest (longest) festivals," Remember these both begin on the 15th, and on page 551(189) he states the 15th is the full moon, and it begins these feasts. Can't we see that they understood that the Sacred Sabbath day began these feasts and that it was at the full moon, and that the full moon happened at the end of the second week making it the Sabbath or seventh day of the week??? See also page 550. (177) where he explains how the moon receives these perfect shapes in periods of seven days--the half-moon in the first seven day period after it's conjunction with the sun, full moon in the second; and when it makes it's return again the first is to half-moon, then it ceases at its conjunction with the sun. See also page 26 iv (8) " And the changes which the moon works in the air, it prefects chiefly in accordance with its own configurations on each seventh day".  Must I say more, because there is more, or is this sufficient to convince the truth seeker? I Think so. Please remember Philo is simply relating how his people (Israelites) done things, and how weeks and Sabbaths were determined.

     In his book from Sabbath to Sunday by Samuel Bacchicchi, page 246 proves the planetary week before A.D. 79, from an inscription which reads the 9th day before the month of June (May 23) the Emperor … it was the day of the Sun or Sunday, this proves the 22nd was Sabbath or Saturday after being named after the plant Saturn. And so was the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th etc. Coincidence?

     Let’s look at another source found on page 239 of his book. A calendar of the time of Augustus dated before 27 B.C. beside the date of August 9th reads the native Sun or Sunday which again puts Sabbath or (Saturday) again on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th. This book was given to me to help me see where I am wrong in keeping Sabbaths on 8, 15, 22, and 29 of the moon, but nowhere does the findings in the book do anything but support the moon Sabbaths.

     Let’s look on page 246. A Roman soldier reports Jerusalem’s fall in A.D. 70 under Vespasian and it was on the day of Saturn (Saturday). Well it didn’t pinpoint what day of the moon (Month) was the day of Saturn, but Josephus does in Book 6, Chapter 10, verse 1. Page 750 of Wars of the Jews. “And thus was Jerusalem taken in the second year of the reign of Vespasian, on the eighth day of the month, (Sabbath) which was called Saturnday. Coincidence? Let’s keep looking: In keeping Yahweh’s Appointments by Jonathan David Brown on Page 66, he tells of fragments of Lunar days 4 through 25 which were found at Qumran describing how on the 8th day of the moon you can see it all day (1st quarter) in the sky, and after the sun sets and the 9th day begins it is called the 1st day of the week. If the 9th is the 1st day of the week each month then the 8th is always the Sabbath. By the way, it is written in the oldest Hebrew (Palieo) Wise, Abegg, and Cook, the Dead Seas Scrolls, A New Translation, (see Pages 301-303).This is true every month and the 9th day of the month will be the 1st day of the week every month, and is in perfect harmony with the many Sabbaths pinpointed in the Scriptures. Coincidence? Let’s keep looking: so far every thing people have given me is in support of the Sabbaths being on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th which includes every ancient calendar they mention along with writing to the emperor which puts the Sabbaths in that month on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th alone with the recorded history of the destruction of Jerusalem on the Sabbath again the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th were Sabbaths by the Moon. I am trying to hit the high spots, but have found nothing to support a continuous seven day Solar cycle according to the calendar of today maybe you can help me find at least one historical record or calendar that supports the Roman Solar Sabbath. Remember Israel always kept the Lunar Calendar which includes Months, weeks, days, and years. Now to another book called The Seven Day Cycle by Zerubauel (given to me for the same reason as above) it says on Page 11 “the first people to establish a weekly cycle that was entirely independent of the lunar cycle were the ancient Egyptians. Possibly as a result of being Sun-Worshipers… that obviously involved dissociating the week from nature and its rhythms. Only being based on an entirely artificial mathematical rhythm could the Sabbath observance became totally independent of the lunar or any other natural cycle. A continuous seven day cycle that runs throughout history paying no attention what so ever to the moon ad its phases is a distinctively Jewish invention… in creating the distance between human beings and nature. The invention of the continuous week … creates a social world of their own.” This book goes on and on telling how the continual cycle as we know it today is phony and is not found in nature as the day, year, and month and week is , but is absolutely an artificial man made cycle. There is too much for me to quote here so get the book and look on pages 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 19. Of course, this book supports my belief, and the Sabbaths found in the scriptures. For more information, write or call.

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