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     One of the key scriptures to finding the day that we observe for Pentecost (or feast of weeks) has been misinterpreted by most religious groups and it is found in Lev. 23:16 where it says, “even unto the tomorrow, after the seventh Sabbath shall you number fifty days.” It does not say it is the fiftieth day.

     Because of tradition of men, they begin to number the fifty days from the first Sabbath instead of the morrow after the seventh Sabbath. You do number seven Sabbaths complete (Lev. 23:16) and you begin to number the weeks from the time you put the cycle to the corn. (Deut. 16:9) Therefore, there were two counts to find Pentecost. One is from the morrow after the Sabbath that the priest waves the sheaf, and then you number seven Sabbaths complete. (Lev. 23:16) Then you are to number fifty days after the seventh Sabbath. You count the weeks, and then you count your days, and then and only then will all the other scriptures harmonize with it.

     This is why it is called both the Feast of Weeks (forty-nine days) and the Feast of Pentecost (Pentecost means fifty), and weeks means sevens. The Feast of Weeks would be only forty-nine days and not fifty, so the Feast of Weeks is not fifty days. It is forty-nine days. Pentecost means fifty. This proves there are two counts even if you interrupt the second count as one day after the seventh Sabbath (forty-nine) instead of numbering fifty days after seventh Sabbath both counts whether one day or fifty begin after the seventh Sabbath. Just remember one does not mean Pentecost, but fifty means Pentecost. You have seven weeks (six workdays plus a Sabbath which = forty-nine days and you have fifty days from the morrow after the seventh Sabbath — a total of ninety-nine. That total plus three New moon days, worship days that are not counted as one of the six ordinary workdays or weekly Sabbaths totals 102 days. Now, the hail was on the tenth day of the first moon in Egypt, and it did not hurt the wheat because it had not come up. It was probably planted a few days before the 10th, which would give a correct time for the wheat to mature, and a first fruit could be offered. It takes wheat from 110 to 120 days to mature according to the Department of Agriculture. Now, remember there are two kinds of wheat and that is Winter Wheat and Summer Wheat (or Spelt rye). The point of all this is that there is no way for wheat to mature in fifty days for first fruit if planted in first month as the word not grown up (or in dark) suggests. (Ex. 9:32) This cattle-killing hail killed every herb and grass of the field. Ex. 9:22 and 25. (Look up herb in concordance)

     Now, if we interpret Lev. 23:16 as to start our count of fifty days after the seventh Sabbath instead of the first Sabbath, we will have time for a wheat crop to mature. Remember the new meat offering was to be wheat, and from their labor that they sowed in the field. (Ex. 23:16) If they sowed summer wheat in the 1st month when they came into the land, then they could have a 1st fruit of wheat from their labor they sowed in the field in time for Pentecost, but not in 50 days.

     There is no scripture for a Pilgrimage Feast in the third moon, but there is a scripture for a Pilgrimage Feast in the forth moon. Ex. 32:5 and Aaron proclaimed it for it was his job to proclaim the Feasts of YHWH. Lev. 23:21. Guess what! It was exactly fifty days after the seventh Sabbath that Aaron said it was a Feast to YHWH and it was the exact same day the Law was actually given to Moses. Ex. 31:18 and Deut. 9:11, proving the count for fifty days start after the seventh Sabbath complete.

     The word Feast that Aaron used here in the fourth moon is the word used for Feast of Weeks. It is used for any one of the three Pilgrim Feasts (see concordance), and they were to go up to Jerusalem. This word is used for Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacle; and we know Aaron was not talking about the Pilgrim Feast of Passover, because it is in the first moon or the Feast of Tabernacle because it is in the seventh moon. It had to be Pentecost, which is in the fourth moon and it was exactly fifty days after the seventh Sabbath, not first Sabbath. We know Aaron was not talking about a Solar Sabbath that included the New moon days as ordinary days. One through seven, one through seven, etc., through the New moon days because if you count that way, and count the New moon day you will not hit the same day Aaron said was the Pilgrim Feast. Try it with your count. Do not get crazy if your count does not work and call Aaron a liar or YHWH’s Word a lie.

     Now, was it a Feast in the fourth moon or not? Is all scripture inspired of YHWH or not? Judge for yourself. If Aaron had already kept the Pilgrim Feast in the third moon He could not have fooled anybody that there was another Feast in the fourth moon. Remember too, that they were getting manna every six days and none on the Sabbath; and it began in the second moon on the sixteenth day of the moon, and so they got manna for forty years, which would include the time that Moses was on the Mount. They knew when the weekly feast days were, and Aaron was present when Moses was told about the Pilgrim Feast of weeks. Ex. 23:15, 16, and Ex. 24:1-9. Now, if there was not a feast of YHWH in the fourth moon it would have been exposed, as when Jeroboam kept a Feast in the eighth moon on the fifteenth day. The Word declares that the eighth moon was wrong (not the fifteenth day) for the Feast of YHWH. It was the moon, which He devised of His own heart. I Kings12:32, 33. Now, the Scriptures lets us know that there is no feast in the eighth moon, and would have let us know if there was no Feast in the fourth moon, the same word for Feast is used in both accounts.

     Now the Father did not say anything against the fifteenth day in the eighth moon because the day was right, it was the eighth moon that was wrong. The same thing in Aaron’s case, the Father said nothing against the day or the moon because it was right (fifty days after the seventh Sabbath). It was the molten calf they made and worshipped that the Father YHWH reproved them for, and not the day or month. We cannot ignore the inspired Word.

     If Aaron had said that tomorrow is the Sabbath and built an alter and worshipped the calf, and YHWH rebuked him for the calf and said nothing against the day or moon like in Jeroboam’s case, would you still say it was not the Sabbath just because he worshipped the calf on that day? Remember all scripture is inspired of YHWH. Even this one.

     I am not sure that they were trying to please YHWH, and through ignorance, they made the calf, or they wanted something that the Egyptians could see when they returned to Egypt. I don’t understand how they could have turned from the One who had done so many miracles that they had witnessed. Now, after Moses was gone for so long, it can be seen why they would want to go back to Egypt. They would be able to rule Egypt again as Joseph did, because Egypt was whipped even before Pharaoh and his army were destroyed, and Pharaoh’s son was dead. They could have easily ruled Egypt, and in a natural way of looking at things; it was the best thing to do, but YHWH had a better plan that they did not understand. All they could see was their leader was missing and, it was time for Pentecost. Moses should have been back and they knew they could have been rulers in Egypt if they returned, knowing the army was defeated and Egypt was in a bad position. YHWH did not want His people to rule Egypt, but to rule the World so long as they obeyed His voice.

     What we do know is that it was fifty days after the seventh Sabbath (Lev. 23) that Aaron said this, and that YHWH did not say anything about the day or month being wrong, when Aaron said it was a Pilgrim Feast to YHWH, Pentecost.

     Another fact that suggests a latter Pentecost is in Acts 2:13 when they were accused of being full of new wine. There is no New wine (sweet wine) in the third moon (grapes were not ripe yet) but are at the end of the fourth moon and that is when Aaron said it was the Feast. Peter could have said there is no new wine for them to be full of, but said they were not drunk as they supposed. (It is only 9:00). Nehemiah observed men trading the wine presses and gathering sheaves (wheat) and bringing grapes etc on the Sabbath day. There is no grapes to tread in the third moon and only winter wheat, but in the end of 4th moon He could have seen grapes (new wine) and sheaves of summer wheat being gathered. Winter sheaves gathering was over before grapes were ready. Nemiah (13:15) Great embarrassment for 3rd month Pentecost doctrine.

     Also, Paul kept a latter Pentecost. Count the days in Acts 20:6-38 and 21:1-30. It shows the Apostle Paul keeping Pentecost beyond fifty days from Passover. Pay close attention to the phrase many days.

     John 5:9 put the Feast on a Sabbath (29th) and early church Fathers understood this to be the Feast of Pentecost because John records all three Feasts. John 2:13-23 — Passover, John 5:1-9 — Pentecost and John 7:2 — Tabernacle. Now if John 5:1-9 was Pentecost it was on a Sabbath, not the morrow after Sabbath, like most think. Pentecost is on the 29th (Sabbath) of the fourth moon. Same as the other two Pilgrim Feasts (first and seventh moons) are on Sabbaths. Why think it strange the third Pilgrim Feast is on a Sabbath also, instead of morrow after Sabbath? It can be on the 28th, the day before the Sabbath but not the day after the Sabbath. Never.

     Here is how to figure the dates that Moses was in the Mount. First, we know he was in the Mount forty days and forty nights. (Ex. 24:18) Now, Ex. 19:1-3 tells us that when he reached the Mount it was in the third moon and on the same day that they were gone forth out of the land of Egypt, which was on the Night or beginning of the 16th, according to Num. 33:3. They departed (pulled up stakes) from Remises in the first moon; on the fifteenth day of the first moon;(Passover) (and) on the morrow after the Passover the children of Israel went out (16th). It is not saying the 15th is the next day after Passover because Passover is still going on, on the 15th. Now we know the Passover lamb was prepared (Preparation) on the 14th but, was not over on the 15th because it says it was to be eaten with unleavened, which began on the 15th (or 14th at even (night).) Ex. 12:8-18. Now if the Passover was still going on until the Passover lamb is gone on the 15th, the morrow after Passover would be the 16th.

    They were not traveling on the 15th Sabbath; they were delivered from Egypt’s bondage on the 15th (Sabbath). (Deut. 5:15) Moreover, they spoiled the Egyptians on the 15th, but actually journeyed on the beginning of the 16th. (Num.33:3) Exodus 19:3 states that Moses went up to YHWH on the day they arrived (16th). Notice verse two. For they were departed from Rephidim, which means rest, and is only a few miles from the Mount. They rested on the 15th (Sabbath) in Rephidim, and after rest day was over, they came to the Mt. on the 16th. This is the same day that they actually went forth on their journey out of Egypt. Then YHWH told Moses to sanctify the people today, and tomorrow, and be ready against the third day (18th). (Ex. 19:3) However, it was the next day (19th) that Moses went into the Mount for forty days, (Ex. 24:4-18) and at the end of the forty days and forty nights the Law was given to Moses and it was the same day that Aaron said was the Feast of YHWH which was fifty days after the 7th Sabbath.

     Another positive proof that Pentecost is in the fourth moon is that you must have a wheat harvest. It must be after the years end (solstice or turning of the Sun.) (Ex. 34:22) This happens on June 22nd and to have a Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) on June 6th, 8th, etc. before the years turning is not in harmony with Ex. 34:22.

     At Pentecost there is a major harvest of wheat and this harvest is four months long from time seed is sown to time it is harvested. John 4:35 says “say not ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” They understood that after four moons from time seed is sown there would be a harvest, and He told them to look at the fields for it was time Winter wheat is seven moons to harvest, which proves it was Summer Wheat that was in the ground in the first moon in Egypt’s plague, and would be ready for a first fruit harvest; 110 to 120 days(4 moons) later, not fifty days.

     Now we know there is a spiritual meaning here also. He often used natural things to reveal the spiritual things, and we know wheat was a type of souls to be gathered into the barns. Notice He used this harvest in a spiritual sense, like in other passages referring to wheat harvest. (John 4:35) John 2:23 is Passover feast, and John 5:1-9 is Pentecost, after first harvest of barley. It takes more than four moons to harvest for barley, and winter wheat. The point is this — the wheat harvest was a four moons long harvest, from sowing to reaping, sown in the beginning of first moon and reaped at the end of the fourth moon. It had to be Summer Wheat because Winter Wheat is at least six or seven moons to harvest. If it is sown in December; you have December through June, seven moons, which proves it was not Winter Wheat we were dealing with, plus it would have been grown up and destroyed with the barley, by the hail on the tenth day of the first moon in Egypt, but it would have still been in dark if sown in first moon and not destroyed by hail, and ready for harvest in the fourth moon or fifty days after the seventh Sabbath. (See John 4:35 for proof the wheat harvest was four moons to harvest.)

     Just think for a minute, you can have all this harmony by understanding only one scripture differently, and that is “the morrow after the seventh Sabbath shall you number fifty days” instead of numbering from the first Sabbath. That is not too much to give up for so much harmony, and if not for tradition, you would accept it right away. It is amazing how people will follow some blind leaders who do not even believe in the son of YHWH, above what the scripture teaches. Remember the Jews are not scripture, the Baptist Church is not Scripture, and the Catholic Church is not scripture. The Scriptures is scripture so stay with what it says and be saved, and not the tradition of men and be lost.

     They teach to begin the count for Pentecost from the first Sabbath instead of the seventh Sabbath. Here is some of the harmony you can enjoy by numbering from the morrow after the seventh Sabbath.

     It will harmonize with the time that Aaron the High Priest of YHWH proclaimed the Pilgrim Feast of YHWH and that it was in the fourth moon on the 29th day, exactly fifty days after the seventh Sabbath. (Ex. 32:5) Now it is known this scripture is very detrimental to the doctrine of Pentecost being in the third moon, so they must discredit what the Scriptures says that Aaron said the Pilgrim Feast was in the fourth moon. One way to do this would be to say that they worshipped the calf, which was wrong, and the Pilgrimage Feast day was also wrong, but what if Aaron had said tomorrow is the Sabbath of YHWH and worshipped the calf on that day, would you say that day was wrong also just because they worshiped the calf on that day? What is the difference? Better yet, what if it had been on the fiftieth day from the first Sabbath, which would match up with their Pentecost in the third moon when Aaron said what day it was, would you still say it was not Pentecost because they made the calf? Be honest with yourself. Who are we to say that Aaron did not know what day it was? Remember all scripture is inspired of YHWH, and we have no inspired scripture saying the time was wrong like in Jeroboam’s case.
It will be the same day the law was give to Moses. (Ex. 31:18 and Deut. 9:11) If that matters to someone. Remember, the giving of the Law was mentioned by Stephen around Pentecost alone with the Angels. Acts 7:53. Deut. says YHWH came with 10,000 angels with the law on Mt. Sinai to give law. Also, Stephen mentioned the calf that was worshiped in those days (Pentecost). Remember the calf was worshiped on Pentecost 50 days after the seventh Sabbath and 3,000 souls died.
It gives a real reason why the wheat was not destroyed; the reason was because it had not come up. (Ex.9:32) The word “grown up” goes back to being hid in darkness. (see concordance) Some want to say the word for “in dark” means “dark green,” and was not destroyed by the hail, but this was cattle killing hail. It had no respect of color, because it says it killed every green herb. All that was in the field.
It explains the word shall (future) in Lev. 23:16 “tomorrow after the seventh Sabbath shall you number fifty days.” The count starts after the seventh Sabbath.(future, Lev. 23:16)
It also explains how the disciples could have been accused of being drunk on new wine, if Pentecost was in the fourth moon, because there was no new wine in the third moon. (Acts 2:1 and
Feast of Weeks must be after years end (turning of Sun or Soloists on June 22nd.) The first part of June (third moon) is not at the years end. (Ex. 34:22)
They were commanded to bring the first fruits of their labors, which they sowed in the field (wheat), when they came into the land. (Ex. 23:16) “When ye come into the land they were commanded to reap the harvest thereof (barley) then wave the sheaf of the wave offering, then count seven Sabbaths complete, even until the morrow, after the seventh Sabbath shall ye number fifty days.” (Lev. 23:10), they were to number seven Sabbaths complete from the day they brought the sheaf of the wave offering(barley), then number fifty days, and then offer the new meat offering(wheat). (Lev. 23:16) Now get this, if the new meat offering is wheat (Ex. 34:22) and had to be from their labors that they sowed in the field (Ex. 23:16), then they had to plant the Summer Wheat in the first moon when they came into the land. It would have been impossible for the wheat to mature in fifty days, for them to have a first fruit offering from their labors, it would be ready in 100 days for first fruit. This would be fifty days after seventh Sabbath. Study this close for this alone proves the 50-day count begins after the seventh Sabbath.
This explains how Paul could tarry many days in, Acts 21:10, not 2 or 3 days, tracing Paul’s journey from Philippi to Jerusalem and counting the days to see if Paul went over fifty days from Passover to Pentecost. (Acts 20 -21:7) You don’t have to say many days mean 2 or 3.
Samson visited his wife in the time of wheat harvest, got mad at his father-in-law, and destroyed the wheat, along with the grapes and olives. We believe the Scriptures count puts the wheat harvest at the end of July, and that is when the grapes, olives, and wheat were ripe. Samson was attacking ripe wheat, grapes, and olives to get revenge. It would not have been as effective to attack the trees that were not bearing because they were looking forward to the ripe fruit that Samson had destroyed. There was no Pentecost in the third moon because there were no grapes in the third moon. Nature working, again.
Paul said, “After the way they call Heresy, so worship I the Mighty One of our Fathers.” Nothing can be found that goes against beginning the count of fifty days after the seventh Sabbath, except the tradition of men. Plenty of scriptures can be found to disprove counting from the first Sabbath.

     In closing, just as sure as YHWH is restoring His true Name back to His people, He is restoring His true Pentecost, and His true Sabbaths. Just like the first recorded Pentecost on the day the law was given to them written in stone there were about three thousand souls destroyed. (Ex. 32:28) In addition, when the law was written in their hearts on Pentecost years later they were about three thousand souls saved. (Acts 2:41) 3,000 on both Pentecosts.

     We certainly know that this does not begin to answer all questions pertaining to this very important subject so we reserve the right to add to or change as the eyes of our understanding are opened further by the Heavenly Father YHWH, and if we have to make any changes to correct we will do so as He leads us, as all honest truth seekers should do. When we become perfect, we will not have to change any more. We will be perfect as He is perfect, and He changes not. Feel free to make copies in part or all and share with others.

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