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Facts About the Sabbath

Facts About the Sabbath

Fact # 1

Everywhere the Sabbath is pinpointed by a date in the Scriptures; the 15th is one of them, like in chapter 16 of Exodus; the Sabbath was on the 15th in the second moon after they left Egypt.

Fact #2

The Sabbath was on the 15th in the first moon when the children of Israel were delivered from Egypt’s bondage. Deut.5:15 and Num. 33:3 this should end the debate about keeping the Sabbath every seven days regardless of the New moon. Because, it is impossible to have the Sabbath on the 15th two moons in a row, unless you are keeping the Sabbaths by the moon. It is impossible on a Roman calendar by counting the New moon as an ordinary workday.

     No one denies the Sabbath was on the 15th in the second moon (Ex. 16), but let us look at some scripture which proves the Sabbath is on the 15th in the first moon also, which kills the calendar count doctrine.

     You can pinpoint fifteen separate months the Sabbath appears in the Scriptures and the 15th is one of them every time, without exception. The first moon when they left Egypt was on the 15th, that day they actually got rest from Egypt bondage. Deut. 5:15 says “and remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, and that YHWH thy mighty One brought thee out (15th) thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm: therefore YHWH thy mighty one commanded thee to keep the Sabbath day.” Now ask yourself, what did being delivered from Egypt bondage have to do with the Sabbath day? Unless, it was on the 15th, a Sabbath.

     They were commanded to keep the Sabbath day because they were delivered from Egypt bondage on the Sabbath day, which was the 15th. (See Num. 33:3) Just as in the Creation Week, YHWH rested on the Sabbath day. It is a Memorial Day of rest, He now commanded the children of Israel to keep the Sabbath day as a memorial of the deliverance that took place on the 15th, and the rest that He gave them on both accounts were on the Sabbath day. (See Psm. 81:3-6) It teaches to blow the trumpet in the New moon and the Full moon on our Solemn Feast day (15th). “For this was a statute for Israel and a law of the Deity of Jacob.” This He ordained in Joseph (and I believe that Joseph taught Egypt the true Sabbaths of YHWH and had the power to see they were carried out and no one worked on the fifteenth day(Full moon) until another Pharaoh arose, who knew not Joseph. Verse 6 says “I removed his shoulder from the burden: and his hands were delivered from the pots.” (He gave them rest on the 15th, a Full moon Sabbath, also Num. 33:3 says that they departed from Remises in the first moon on the fifteenth day. Therefore, YHWH commanded them to keep the Sabbath day because He gave them rest on that day. (Deut. 5:15) Just as He rested on the seventh day at creation and that is another reason to remember the Sabbath day.

     More evidence that the 15th was a Sabbath in the first moon is if you count back through the plagues (three days of darkness, locus, hail, etc.) seven days you’ll find the father YHWH called the eighth day of that moon a Moed (or appointment) the same word used for weekly Sabbath in Lev. 23:3 and Gen. 1:14 where the moon is for Feasts. Sabbaths were on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th in the first moon.

     Ex. 9:5 is where the word Moed appears as a set time. Look up set in concordance (Moed). The father said that He would kill the cattle on a Moed (Sabbath) the eighth day of the first moon and if so the 15th was another Moed (Sabbath) they were made to rest from Egypt’s bondage, that is why He says to keep the Sabbath day (Deut. 5:15) because He Freed them on that day. Remember too, if everywhere else in the Old and New Testament the Sabbath was on the 15th, Why not here in the first moon? Another point to make is the Sabbath day is called a sign day between Him and His people. (Ex. 31:13-17)

     Well, in Ex. 13:1-9 the 15th is called a sign day. In Verse 3, Moses said, “remember this day (the 15th) you came out of Egypt.” (Verse 9) says, “It shall be a sign that YHWH’s law may be in thy mouth for with a strong hand hath YHWH brought thee out of Egypt.” Truly, the 15th was a Sabbath in the first moon as well as the eighth (Moed).

     Remember it is impossible to have a Sabbath on the 15th two months in a row using man’s calendar, because it will count the New moon day as one of the six workdays, which will throw the Sabbath off one day.

     Food for thought, Daniel was ruler in Babylon and had power to pass laws. The King gave orders to serve the Deity of Daniel, and that would include keeping the correct Sabbaths. Now do you think that a righteous man such as Daniel would allow the Lunar Sabbaths to be observed if they were not correct especially if He had power to stop them? There are Historical records proving the Babylonians calendar was by the moon,

     What about Joseph, he too was ruler in Egypt and had power over all Egypt to enforce a Lunar Sabbath with no problem. History records that Egypt at one time observed the Lunar Sabbaths. and that the Egyptians were the first to abandon the lunar calendar. We know that another Pharaoh arose who knew not Joseph, and the children of Israel were forced to abandon the rests of YHWH until the Father heard their groaning and once again gave them rest, and it was on a Sabbath (15th) when He delivered their shoulders from the burdens and their hands from the pots. (Psalms 81:3) Would not it make sense to restore the Sabbath that was lost under Egypt’s bondage on the Sabbath, whether Saturday, Sunday, or 15th?

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