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Another Reason

    Another reason the Earthly Roman Calendar can’t be right for Appointments is you have to have an Earthly starting point for the date (or Conjunction) where one date ends and another begins. If this is done on Earth instead of in Heaven you will have two dates or days in same day. Example the Intersection Date Line passes between Russia and Canada and Alaska, and on one side of the border (I.D.L.) it will be Saturday the 1st and on the other side is Sunday the 2nd. Now if YHWH has people on both sides of the street (or border) and they are commanded to keep the Sabbath day, one side keeps it on Sunday and the other would keep it on Saturday 24 hours apart according to the calendar. This is a fact that can’t be ignored.

     The moon has nothing to do with evening and morning or when a day begins. The sun controls this light and darkness. The moon is used to count how many evenings and mornings have past since it’s rebuilding or Conjunction, but has nothing I can see concerning the beginning or ending of a day. This happens regardless of the moon. A problem begins when we define rebuilding is it the absence of light that start on again whether we see it or not or is it the 1st light that could be seen if all conditions are right? Whether we see it or not? Both sides are accepting light that is growing whether it can be seen or not. Both sides are acting on Faith to some degree of knowing the light is there one side on Faith the old light or moon is gone and another is growing. The other on Faith the old light has gone and new light has grown to a point it could be seen if conditions are right, but don’t have to be seen. A command to do something should not be delayed if a new month is in the making the 1st evening and morning of that new moon whether it can be seen or not is the 1st day of the rebuilding. Why wait for a larger amount of light that could be seen from Earth, and it may not be seen either if conditions are not right? Where does it indicate must be light that can be seen from earth if conditions are right? Is Not a rebuilding a rebuilding when it passes the Conjunction regardless of the amount of light? This could explain why it speaks of the 10 days of the New Moon because it is still building only to larger light, but still not full, but this cant be true because Ezra 10:9 says on the 20th day of the New Moon, and the moon is not building with light, but decreasing, and m like scripture insist on an understanding of New Moon meaning a period of time (29 ½ days) from month to month and every month is a separate month from the other and simply means Lunation.

     You have 12 full Lunation or New Moons in one year. Every one is separate from beginning to end. Every month is New and separate from beginning to end, but it is the 1st evening and morning (or day) of the New Moon that is the Worship Day. Then 6 work days and rest on the Sabbath. So, New Moon is a space of time from Conjunction to Conjunction. A New Moon must last 29 ½ days (Solar Days). So New Moon New 29 or 30 days if 23rd is part of New Moon alone with every day then New Moon means New Month it is 1st day of New Month to be observed.

     You have two Sabbath keepers in the same day, watching the same sun up and sun down, but one is in Saturday and the other in Sunday According to the calendar, and they can see each other across the street having Saturday. They are both keeping Saturday by the Earthly calendar 24 hours or one day apart. Which one is right? Are they both right? Can you have Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd under the same even and morning which is called a single day in Genesis?

     This wont happen if you use the Heavenly Calendar for Appointments (Genesis 1:14) because both sides of the street are when the New Moon begins then the 1st even and morning (or 1st day) they are working then work 6 days then rest the seventh according to the Commandment (8th) and both sides of the street are keeping the Sabbath on the same day in the same 24 hours because their starting point is in Heaven and are found in Nature, not by mans calendar where Caesar booted out the moon in B.C.

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