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     People assume there is another way to find this Appointment without the use of the Great lights of YHWH without any Scriptural authority. After six workdays the next day (on the 7th ) YHWH rested from all His work, and they assume we are to continue a count of 1-7 to find the Appointment and ignore what He just said about the Heavenly Bodies were for Appointments. They assume it now is a continuous count only without the use of the Great Lights to regulate when to start the count each time for the Appointments. (New Moon day then six workdays) We truly do count to seven, but if He places an intermission (worship day) between the ordinary workdays, it automatically breaks up the workdays and the count starts over. Remember in the creation week the only Appointment was the weekly Appointments of the rest after six workdays, for they had not left Egypt yet (on the 15th) and the Moon is the only count for days in the Scriptures. New Moon = new count.

     So, it is not wise to assume the Great lights of YHWH are for yearly Appointments only, because the Scriptures doesn’t say this nor does it teach this. There is no example of anyone keeping any day without reference to the Sun and Moon. The 50 year Jubilee Appointment would be by the Sun. The monthly Appointment by the Moon, and there are four weekly Appointments in every Moon.

     Everywhere Sabbaths are pinpointed in the Scriptures they are always on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the Moon (without exception). This always makes the 2nd day of the New Moon the 1st workday and the 8th day of the Moon the 7th day of rest and YHWH did rest the 7th day. Gen 2:2.

     The example in Ex. 16th chapter teaches the Sabbath was on the 22nd day of the Moon and no manna given. If you count backward the 15th was a Sabbath. This was in the 2nd Moon and these are the facts.

     Deuteronomy 5:12-15 teaches us that they were to remember the Sabbath day because they were delivered from Egypt bondage and it was on the 15th and (Num. 33:3) teaches it was on a Sabbath or 15th also. (Psm. 81:3) teaches it was 15th and Time appointed is Full Moon, and a Solemn Feast day. Their hands were delivered from pots and shoulders from burdens on 15th a Sabbath in the 1st Moon. How could the 15th be a Sabbath in the 2nd Moon as Ex. 16th chapter proves? If you count the New Moon day as an ordinary workday and just count seven over and over through the New Moon then your Sabbath would fall on the 7th, 14th, 21st in the 2nd Moon, but the Scriptures teaches the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th are the Sabbaths in the 2nd Moon, which proves the New Moon day was not counted as a workday.

     If you count backward from 15th in the 1st Moon through 3 days of darkness, locust, hail, etc. you’ll find that YHWH appointed a set time to kill cattle (Ex. 9:5) and it was on the 8th day of the Moon, and He calls it a Moed (Strong’s 4150) same word used for weekly appointment in Lev. 23:3, Gen. 1:14, and Psm. 104:19. Look up the word set used here. It proves that the 8th was the Sabbath in the 1st Moon when they left Egypt. Very important Proof the weekly Sabbaths Appointments are found by the Moon is by comparing only three scriptures Gen. 1:14, Psm. 104:19, and Lev. 23:3. The word Feast in Lev. 23:3 (speaking of the weekly Sabbath Appointment) is the same word as seasons in both Gen. 1:14 and Psm. 104:19, and is saying the Moon is for Sabbaths just as sure as you are reading this book. (See concordance).

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