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The Creation

     YHWH did rest the seventh day, or after the six workdays, but from the beginning it was the eighth day. (ask for the free tape called the Sabbath in creation) YHWH created the Heaven and the Earth before He worked on them for six days, the Word teaches that they were with ought form  and void and that darkness was upon the face of the waters. All this was before the first work day . Then the Spirit of YHWH moved upon the face of the waters, and said, “Let there be light,” and before He divided the light, (which He calls day) from the darkness, (which He calls night), then the evening and morning were the first workday, but before that there was a dark earth and a dark Heaven   with a dark moon in it , and it is called in “the beginning”. ( a space of time before the first work day of the week the heavens and earth were created) The same Hebrew word is  used for the beginning of your New moons in Num. 28:11. Everything was dark on that day, and it is a worship day before the first workday of the week just as in the beginning at creation when the Sons of YHWH shouted (trumpeted) for joy and applauded His handy work. Job 38:7. Every where in the Scriptures where a New moon is pinpointed, the next day after the New moon day is over is always the first day of the week, and this is no coincidence . It just simply lets know how they counted for the weeks, and the Sabbaths. The New moon can never be the first day of the week no more than the Sabbath.   Ezech-46:1   The gates of His house were to be shut the six work days , and open on the Sabbath and the day of the New moon. Plane and simple, the Sabbath, as well as the New moon can never ever be one of the six work days. This is why we can pinpoint over sixty eight (68) weekly Sabbaths in the Scriptures, and every one of them is on the eight, fifteenth, twenty-second, and the twenty-ninth.  Simply because the next day after the New moon day is always the first day of the week.

     We are to worship on the beginning day and blow the trumpets to commemorate the creation at each New moon, and on the Sabbath to commemorate His rest after working on His creation for six days. (Ex. 20:11) For in six days YHWH made Heaven and Earth, the word “made” is not the word for “create” but, rather means “advanced upon”. Did you know the word that is translated “were” in the expression “the evening and morning were the first day”, the second day, the third day, etc., is hayah (Strong’s concordance, # 1961). as found in the in the 1st. Chapter of Genesis could, and should have been translated as “followed” ? 2 Sam-2:10 –Judah followed David. 1 Kings 21- the people followed Tibni. Now we all know that Judah was not David neither were the people Tibni. And if we all had knowledge of the moon Sabbaths and the dark space of time known as the beginning, before day one and that YHWH rested on the Sabbath as in all the other places you can pinpoint a Sabbath in the scripture, AND THAT IT WAS ALWAYS ON THE 8TH, 15TH, 22ND, OR 29TH of the moon. We also would have translated this word as “followed”. It would read like this, the evening and morning followed the first day (Yom in Hebrew meaning a space of time) showing the logical sequence of what took place . If the evening and morning followed the 1st day, then in reality it was the 2nd day you are on, the one that followed the first, - - - - and the evening and morning that followed the 6th day would be on the 7th day from the beginning, but would be the sixth work day and when He rested the next day, it would be a Sabbath of rest because of the six work days, but the 8th day from the beginning, or dark moon in the dark heaven The main thing to remember is the New moon is not one of the six workdays neither was the beginning, and from the examples in the Scriptures it never was to be counted as one, and after the beginning or New moon, the first workday begins, and the seventh day will always be the eighth day. Just like in Isa 66:23 “from one Sabbath to another” that is eight days with six work days in between , same as from New Moon to Sabbath is the eight day, but is the seventh day after six work days, and the eight counting from the dark moon.

     If you cannot accept this line of reasoning then let us look at one you might accept and that is if the sun and moon were created on the fourth workday, and that is when He established His calendar for days, and years, and for signs, and seasons. Would not it make sense for the heavenly calendar to reflect the previous three or four days? Example : the sun would reflect a forth work day of the year (from the Equinox) so the 1st creation year would have three hundred, and sixty five, and a quarter days in it the same as all the other years in the scripture instead of the 1st year having only three hundred, and sixty one days, or three hundred and sixty nine. The sun would be in a forth work day position in the sky. The same with the moon especially if it was to be for appointments, as the word seasons suggests. It would reflect a forth work day moon, between a sliver and a half moon the same as in all the other moons that can be pinpointed in scripture.

     Nowhere in the scriptures does it say YHWH created the Heavens and the Earth in six days. It does say for in six days YHWH made Heaven and Earth. The word made means advanced, not created. He worked, or advanced upon His creation for six days, and rested the seventh, which would be the eight from the creation, or dark moon.

     For those who believe the Sun and moon was created on day four, here is something to consider. The word appointed in Psm- 104:19 “He appointed (or made) the moon for seasons (Feasts or Sabbaths) is the same word found in Gen. 1:14. where it says “ He made two great lights” When did He appoint the moon for Seasons? When you make someone captain of a team, or appoint them, it don’t mean they were not already there. Remember you had evening and morning, evening and morning, evening and morning, before day four. You also had light, green things, night and day, creation of the Heavens, etc before He appointed the sun and moon for the calendar. Where do you think they were before He appointed them? In the Tanach, Stone edition, commentary by a well known Hebrew named Rashi comments on Gen-1:14 by saying “ The luminaries, which had been created on the first day, were set in place on the forth” there is no evidence what so ever to support the theory that the great lights were created on day four, but were appointed, or advanced upon for His calendar.

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