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Six Workdays Are Found by the Moon

If six workdays are found by the Moon, then the next day the 7th is also.

This is a fact. It is fact that all 6 work days in the Scriptures are by the Moon and not one is on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, or 29th.

Below are a list of pinpointed workdays, and all are found by the Moon.

Exodus 16th chapter- the days between Sabbaths are the six work days and are always the 2nd – 7th and skipping the 8th you have the 9th -14th. Then skip 15th, you have:
16th –21st then Skip 22nd you have the 23rd-28th.
Then there is an Intermission on the 29th and the day of the New Moon.

Point being that if all six work days are by the Moon, then it is an absolute that the Sabbath is also. And we don’t need the man made calendar. When Ezekiel said the gates of His house would be shut the six work days, these days were determined by the Moon and gates opened on the Sabbath after the 6th workday proving that the Sabbath was by the Moon also. Psm.104:19.

Can you show anywhere in the entire 66 books of the Scriptures where any of the six workdays were found or pinpointed any other way than by the Moon? If not then we are safe to say that the six workdays before the Sabbath that Ezekiel spoke of were by the Moon, which proves beyond a doubt that the weekly Sabbath day appointment was by the moon also. If the week is by the Moon and not mans calendar this explains why every time a Sabbath is pinpointed it is always on the 8, 15, 22, or 29.

People try to tell me the week is by the calendar, but everywhere I find a week (7days) in the Scriptures, it is by the Moon. Example- the Week of Unleavened Bread (7days) and the Week of Tabernacle (7 days) etc. are all found by the Moon not a calendar.

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