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Pentecost Harvest

     If Pentecost is the 1st fruit of Wheat Harvest, then Why should I keep Pentecost in the 3rd month when there is no evidence of a Wheat Harvest in the 3rd month?

     If Pentecost is a Chag (pilgrim Feast) Strongs 2282 Where they were commanded to go up to Jerusalem 3 times a year then why is there no Chag mentioned in the scriptures in the 3rd month?

     If the Pentecost in the book of acts was in the 3rd month how could they have been accused of being drunk on New Wine, when there is no new wine in the 3rd month?

Grapes are not ripe yet.

     If Pentecost is one of the 3 pilgrim Feast, where they were commanded to go up to Jerusalem each year Passover 1st month, Pentecost ? count, Tabernacles 7th months, all called a Chag feast, Strong's 2282. Why is there no Chag mentioned in 3rd month?

     No wheat, no chag, no grapes, no scripture for 3rd month. But, there is scripture for a 4th month wheat harvest. They are ripe grapes in the 4th month for new wine and there is a chag mentioned in the 4th month by the High Priest (Aaron) and it was exactly 50 days after the seventh Sabbath that he said tomorrow is a feast to YHWH. Will somebody please show me why I should ignore all this evidence and more to keep the traditional 3rd month Pentecost which flies in the face of all these scripture, or show evidence of a third month Pentecost in the scriptures, Blind leading Blind in vain do they worship by tradition of men.

     People cant count because tradition of men has impaired their ability to do so. The only one of the 3 Feast that is left up to a count, and look what has happened over the years. This is why He didn’t leave the calendar (Great Lights) in the hands of sinful men to corrupt but they shifted from the heavenly calendar to the Gregorian, so they could corrupt it. Calendar named after a man is a man’s calendar, not YHWH’s. Church named after man is a man’s church. His people are called by His name.

     Can anyone prove new wine is any other than fresh, sweet new according to scriptures? It is either in the cluster, fats, or hasn’t been poured into new bottles etc. if they can’t and we know that they were accused of being drunk on it at Pentecost, and that there is no new wine in the 3rd month then there is a problem somewhere.

     Can anyone prove form scriptures a wheat harvest in the 3rd month? Can anyone prove a Chag (2282) pilgrim feast in the 3rd month? If not, then why should we keep a wheat harvest chag in the 3rd month especially when there is several references to a wheat harvest in the 4th month and a chag proclaimed in the 4th month by Aaron on the 50th day after the seventh Sabbath from the waving of the sheaf, and they would be grapes for new wine in the 4th moon, but not the 3rd. in other words there is no wheat harvest or chag (feast) mentioned in the 3rd month or new wine, and all three are a must in light of the scriptures to have a Scriptural Pentecost.

     You have all three in the 4th month you have scripture proclaiming a chag feast in the 4th month. There are examples where new wine was present at feast of Pentecost in the 4th month no new wine in the 3rd , plus you have the Master Himself referencing a wheat harvest in the 4th month. In other words there were two high priests that pinpointed the 4th month for wheat harvest and a chag to YHWH. Ex. 32:5 and John 4:35.

     The numbering begins after the 7th Sabbath for the 50 days the same as numbering for Sabbath begins on the morrow after the Sabbath when the wave sheaf is offered. In other words you are to number 50 days or count 50 days after the seventh Sabbath. When do you begin your count for 50 days? From the morrow after the 7th Sabbath or after the 1st Sabbath?

     Then when 50 days have gone by you bring a new meat offering on the fifty first day. Same as a man that is to be cleansed of an issue, he shall number to himself 7 days for his cleansing and wash is clothes etc. and on the 8th day (after the 7 days have been numbered) thus and thus. See Lev. 15:28. “But if she be cleansed of her issue, then she shall number to herself seven days and after that she shall be clean, And on the 8th day she shall---“

     Scriptual numbering is not complete until the end of the specified number to be numbered. Ex. to keep the 10th day you number from the 9th day at even to the 10th day at even same as unleavened bread is form the 14th day at even till the 21st day at even and then you have numbered seven days and the 8th will be the 22nd. When you number 7 even Sabbath of years it will be forty nine years at the end of the 7th Sabbath and the next year will be the 50th year Lev. 25:8 the same is true when you number 50 days the next day will be the 51st day.

     Two scriptures that suggest that the wheat is harvested in the 4th month . John 4:35 where YHWH said 4 month to harvest and Nemiah 13:15 where wine and sheaves being worked on Sabbath both of these scriptures pinpoint a wheat harvest past the 3rd month One because of the words 4th month to harvest and the other because of the grapes being pressed. Both these are conclusive, but can any one pinpoint a wheat harvest in the 3rd month? Remember both these are conclusive as to a wheat harvest in 4th month.

     There is a scripture for a chag (pilgrim feast) in the 4th month is there a scripture anywhere for one in the 3rd month? No. Conclusion: There is no Scriptural wheat harvest in 3rd month. For Chag, or feast of Pentecost, but for a 4th month feast there is. Would a truth seeker be asking too much for proof of a 3rd month wheat harvest? Like the false solar week, we just thought it was there, but cant be proven in scripture. I can prove a 4th month harvest being mentioned, can anyone prove a 3rd month harvest? Same with Chag. We must learn to accept facts from scripture and not tradition of men.

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