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Do You Believe David and Jonathan

     Do you not believe David and Jonathan knew all week when the New Moon would occur, even all month and possible months before, as we do today? Don’t you know they were as knowledgeable about this particular event if not more so than men today, especially when it meant so much more to them? It was a life or death issue with them to know, because even YHWH’s people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. He wants knowledgeable people in the Kingdom. People without knowledge don’t fear YHWH because the beginning of knowledge is to fear Him. No lazy or stupid people in the Kingdom and it is He who gives knowledge, or predestination. You have to begin your count for the 1st Sabbath of the moon, from the 1st full day of the moon. You should have only one full New Moon day each moon, and it will e the 1st even and morning after the new rebuilding begins. Otherwise if you have 2 full days (even and morning) of the New Moon or after the rebuilding starts, then you would start your count for the Sabbath from the 1st day because there is only one full New Moon day each month. If Conjunction or rebuilding happens at 5:00 am and you acknowledge the 1st day which will begin at dark as the 1st day of the New Month then the Sabbath will be on the 8th, as the Word teaches. If you add another full day so you can have a sliver to begin your moon, or rebuilding then you r Sabbath will be on the 9th day of the New Moon, because you have 2 full days after the Conjunction or rebuilding, and the Scriptures speaks of only one 1st day of New Moon you cant have 2 1st days of New Moon. (Exodus 40:1) now this wont happen if you understand David said tomorrow is the rebuilding, or Conjunction, or New Moon, but it would begin after the day began and not officially the 1st full day after the Conjunction or rebuilding. This would explain why they kept a two day feast and the weekly Sabbath would be on the 8th day after the 1st official even and morning after the Conjunction or rebuilding. If you had two complete or official days after the Conjunction then your Sabbath would be on the 9th because if both days are official and complete days (evening and morning) after the Conjunction then you would have to officially count the 1st official day as day one and the Sabbath would be on the 9th. You can keep the day that the rebuilding begins in, but the 1st official day (even and morning) of that rebuilding begins the next evening after Conjunction. The New Moon Day can begin in the middle of a day, but will always end at the close of the 1st official day. You don’t need two official days after the Conjunction for New Moon. The day the moon begins in and the next official day after is sufficient, and this puts the Sabbaths on the 7th day after the official day or 8th day counting the one official day.

     If He spoke to Moses on the 15th day (Exodus 16th chapter) then there was only one day for the New Moon, or He would have had to say 16th if there were two full days of New Moon. Out of all the pinpointed Sabbaths in the Scriptures the 16th day is Never a Sabbath, and He counted the New Moon day in (Exodus 16th chapter) as one day which proves they didn’t move two full days forward (past Conjunction) and make it be on the 16th instead of the 15th. Nowhere is there two whole days after Conjunction as the New Moon Day, but the Conjunction beginning in a day and next day is 1st day of the New Moon.

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