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     Meditate on this awhile – In the beginning YHWH created Heaven an Earth and the Earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of YHWH moved upon the face of the waters. Stop. this all happened before He said let there be light, and before He divided the light from the darkness and before the evening and morning were the 1st day (the waters, the Heavens, and the Earth were all here before day one) in the beginning it was dark just like in the beginning of your moons it is dark and the next day after the dark (moon or beginning) is the 1st workday and the 7th day from then is the 8th from the dark or beginning. That is why the New Moon (rebuilding of the Moon) every month commemorates (memorial of) the creation of Heaven and Earth, and every 7th day after the beginning commemorates the rest of YHWH, after He worked on His creation for six days, and the 7th is always the 8th from the beginning or New Moon. The New Moon is a memorial of the trumpets.

     The trumpets (shouts) began sounding before light at creation. (day one). Read Job 38:7. The Father ask Job questions concerning creation and quote where were you when the sons (angelic beings) of YHWH shouted or trumpeted for joy? The angels began shouting for joy at the creation before He worked on it for six days; we need to keep this memorial to commemorate the dark beginning (creation) each moon. Then the next day is the 1st workday the same as 1st workday was after the beginning of creation or dark creation. Then, the 7th day would be the 8th day from the beginning or darkness. The new Heaven and new Earth will also have a beginning or New Moon Isa. 66:23 from one New Moon to another, one Sabbath to another all flesh will worship. It will start with New Moon then 1)2)3)4)5)6) workdays then rest on the 7th which is the 8th day from the New Moon or beginning (worship day) then 9)10)11)12)13)14) six more workdays then 15th is a Sabbath and so on.

     If we believe the New Earth has a beginning and the 1st day will be the 1st day of the Moon (New Moon), and it will be the 1st day of the year and on this 1st day they will be shouting for joy (blowing of trumpets) it will be a Holy Convocation (worship day) etc. Then the next six days it doesn’t say, but we know the next day after the six ordinary days will be a Sabbath (8th day intermission) if the New Heaven and Earth has a beginning on New Moon and it is the 1st day of the New Creation then how is it so hard to believe the Heaven and Earth that now is didn’t start the same way? (dark then six work days then rest on the 7th being the 8th from the dark day).

     The very fact that all pinpointed Sabbaths in the Scriptures are on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th prove this is the way they counted for the Sabbaths of YHWH and needed no man made calendar to show which days He has chosen for Appointments, or Holy days. The author of Genesis understood this. It was from one New Moon to another and one Sabbath to another as simple as that. No more special days should be added to His perfect calendar He said these are my feasts and laid them out. He tells you which ones they are, after six work days except for the exception He made for the 1st and the 7th moons. There is not six workdays in the 7th moon from the 11th through the 15th because He made the 10th day a Sabbath just like the weekly Sabbath except not to eat, and it is a worship day not a work day and you are not to count it as one of the six ordinary workdays in your count for intermissions. YHWH’s calendar (Sun, Moon, and Stars) is a simple calendar, it just takes obedience to observe it, and I know it is hard to let go of traditions and ideas of man. It is hid from the wise by simplicity.

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