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     The solution to when the rest and worship days are, is by forgetting everything you have learned about when the Sabbath starts. Start over, using only the Scriptures for instructions. Forget history, forget tradition of men, and forget everything but the Torah (law).

Here is how to start:

Find the workdays.

     Work days are ordinary days not associated with worship or special sacrifices. In order to find them, let the Father YHWH tell us in His Word which days are different or special and sanctified (set apart) for special use (worship), then we know the others are ordinary work days, the same way He lets us know which day we are to fast, by doing so then we know the other days we can eat or work.

     Now, simply look into the Scriptures and see what He says to do, and which days are His Feasts. No adding to, nor dismissing from.

     Does the Scriptures teach us the New moon day is different from ordinary days? If so, then how is it different? What can we do on this day? What are we commanded to do on this day? What does the Scriptures teach was done on this day? The answers to these questions are contained in other pamphlets; and it suffices to say that this is not an ordinary day. (See article on New moon).

     The Scriptures does not teach that day number two of the moon is special, just like the day after the fast day is not specified as special, so we eat. If it is not specified as special, it is safe to count it as an ordinary workday.

     Remember we will stay with the Word, speaking when it speaks, and being silent when it is. We all agree that the Scriptures teaches not to go over six ordinary days without a special day called Sabbath in Hebrew, but in English, intermission. This will go on all year long, year after year throughout the ages, unless the Heavenly Father breaks up the cycle of six ordinary days with another special day for worship and making it an unordinary day. He will instruct us what to do on every one of them. This is so simple a fool or wayfaring man cannot err therein. Just simply follow the instruction manual.

     Now, you know that the Father did choose some days to be special, other than the New moon and that is the day after the six consecutive ordinary workdays (Sabbath). Here are a couple of examples and you can figure the rest for yourself, only remember not to let any tradition, or anything outside the Scriptures influence you. Let Him speak and instruct you to which days are ordinary and which are special. Please do not add to or take away from the days He has chosen.

     One might say you count one thru seven through the New moon, and count it as an ordinary day or common day, when the Father made it special. What He has made special let us not call common or ordinary. Do not count it in with ordinary days, because it cannot be ordinary and special at the same time. The count starts over every time a special day is introduced and the next day is ordinary unless specified by the maker of the days, not man. The weekly Sabbath (intermission) starts the count of ordinary days over again the same as the tenth day Sabbath (intermission) in the seventh moon. We have made this whole thing so hard by not simply following instructions, and looking at history and tradition, when the Word was nigh us even before our eyes.

     Many people keep a seventh day, Heathens included, the Christians on Sunday, the Muslims on Friday, and the Jews on Saturday, etc.. Anyone can keep a seventh day count, but how many can keep a Sabbath of YHWH? How many are willing to forget all the traditions of men that they have inherited? The lies. “Our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things where there is no profit.” (Jeremiah 16:19) Follow the scriptures they are profitable for doctrine. (Tim.3:16)

     Most people do not believe all scripture is profitable for doctrine, correction, and instruction in righteousness. Everywhere the Sabbath is pinpointed in the Scriptures; it is always on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of each moon. The New moon day was not ever counted as one of the ordinary workdays, but as a special day of YHWH and all Scriptural examples are profitable for proving it. Prove all things.

     The Sabbath is a sign (beacon) for his people Israel, and when we start keeping the true Appointments, (Sabbath or intermission) we will shine forth as the stars, and beacon out for the world to see that we follow His Word.

     If the same account of Exodus, chapter 16 happened today, and if you count from New moon (special day) to the 22nd, it will be a special day today. Do you think any manna would be found on the 22nd of the moon today?

     Very important proof the weekly Sabbaths Appointments are found by the moon is by comparing only three scriptures Gen. 1:14, Psm. 104:19, and Lev.23:3. The word Feast in Lev. 23:3 (speaking of the weekly Sabbath Appointments) is the same word as seasons in both Gen. 1:14, and Psm. 104:19, and is saying the moon is for Sabbaths. (See concordance). If you used the Roman calendar to keep the Sabbaths, then your count for Pentecost would be based on the Roman calendar and not determined by the moon; as the other two major feasts are. The fifteenth of the moon, in the seventh month. Wouldn’t it be strange to find two of the three major feasts by looking at the moon, and one by man made calendar? Pentecost cannot be found without the Roman calendar. The other two major feasts can, by the moon.

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