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Define New Moon

     Define New Moon- It is a must to know when the New Moon or month begins, and to know this we must define the words New Moon. Is it when the light goes out and new light begins, like a beacon? Does it have to be seen? Or does it have to be there? Does New Moon mean to rebuild? At what point does it start to rebuild? At conjunction or 1st visible sliver? Could David have seen the 1st sliver when he said tomorrow is the New Moon. I will wait here until the 3rd day--- and on the 2nd day of the New Moon his place was empty? Could he have seen a sliver on the second day? If the answer is no light seen 1st day, but light seen 2nd day, and both days called New Moon days then the definition of New Moon can’t possibly be rebuilt light that can be seen. The Scriptures doesn’t teach this; neither does the example here support this teaching. This example does support the moment after conjunction as New Moon or rebuilding of the light whether seen or not, and in this case was not seen, and called New Moon so definition of New Moon is obviously rebuilding or moment after conjunction.

     Moses was told by YHWH to rear up the tabernacle on the 1st day of the 1st Moon Ex. 40:1 Now is the rebuilding of a new month starts at 3:00 p.m. moment after conjunction, (or old Moon gone), and day begins at even, wouldn’t the 1st even of that rebuilding or New Moon begin at dark? Wouldn’t this be the 1st day of the rebuilding that Moses would rear up the tabernacle? Wouldn’t the Sabbath be seven days from here being this is the 1st full day after the rebuilding? When does the rebuilding start? After old Moon gone, or when you can see the 1st sliver? Now if in Samuel when David said tomorrow is the New Moon was after day had started, say at 10:00 am then he could still say tomorrow is the rebuilding--- and wait till 3rd day because to keep the 1st day of the rebuilding, he would have to wait till the next day at even to have a full day, and the 3rd day would be the 1st full day of the New Moon, but the day before was when the conjunction started after the day began, and this is why the 2nd day feast of the New Moon. Nowhere in scripture does it speak of light that can be seen as New Moon all light can be seen. Where would you draw the line on seeing, from High Mountain, airplane, would clouds matter? Light that can be seen from where? Would they have climbed a higher hill if one close by? Would they have lifted them selves up in a hot air balloon to see over the horizon? If they had the means or went up in a plane? Or would they have known without seeing any light, as David did?

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