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The Debate

     The key issue is Was the New Moon to be counted as one of the six workdays when counting for the Sabbath? Everybody agrees that after 6 workdays, If so, then people would have a n argument for not using the lesser light (the moon) Genesis 1:14 and they shall be for days and Appointments. Now a person could argue either way and either could not prove anything one way or the other, because we were not there to keep the Sabbath with them. So lets look into the Word of YHWH and see how they did it. Did they count the New Moon as a workday or not?

     $1000.00 REWARD for anyone with scripture where the 2nd day of the moon was not the 1st workday of the week. Not counting your double New Moon Days every other month. Example I can show where the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the 28th were preparation days and the 2nd, 9th, 16th, and the 23rdis always the 1st day of the week without exception. The Sabbath or Intermission is after six workdays. Then you have another Sabbath and six workdays start again, and on the 4th Sabbath of each month at the end of six workdays the New Moon Day starts to rebuild and it is a worship day like the Sabbath so you don’t start the count of the 1st work day until after the New Moon.

     Very Plain

     The Scriptures teaches after 6 workdays rest and worship, except special days in the 1st and 7th moon and Pentecost. All we have to do is find the Biblical workdays. YHWH has His own calendar for workdays and rest days or Worship Appointments and is not left up to man for the times. There is Positive Proof that the New Moon Every month is not counted as one of the ordinary workdays (Ezekiel 46:1) so evening and morning after New Moon is 1st workday (Genesis 1). We believe YHWH had a dark moon (New Moon) in the beginning before day one or 1st workday. In the beginning YHWH created Heaven and Earth (Dark) before the light called day that was divided and called the 1st workday. This is why without exception the Holy Men of old kept the New Moon then worked six days and rested the 7th which is the 8th day of the moon every time and the 15th is the next Sabbath etc. this happened everywhere the Biblical Sabbaths appear in the scripture proving a new count begins each month with the New Moon just as the Scriptures teaches to keep the 7th month you have a new count for it each year instead of a continual count through the vernal equinox the count for months has to start with the New Year each time as count for days has to start with the New Moon each month. The Sabbath or Intermission day comes after six workdays and New Moon is not counted as one of them as all those examples prove.

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