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    Bro. Arnold


A Closer Look at Exodus 16

    For those who are leaning toward the Quails falling on the 15th (Sabbath) because of the words “between the evenings,” here are a few things we must consider.

     The only evening the Scriptures speaks of is the type in the book of Genesis. The evening and morning was the first day, evening and morning the second day. The evening (night) is what begins and ends a Scriptural day, and “between the evening” would have to be somewhere between dark and dark. Remember the light He called day and the dark He called night, and the evening (night) and the morning (light) were the first day.
Another thing to consider is the Father is going to prove them whether they will keep His law or not. Ex.16:4 states the Father is going to give them a certain rate of manna every day for six days, and on the sixth day, they shall gather twice as much (v.5) because on the Sabbath (22nd), in it there shall be none. (v.26)
When you are teaching your children right from wrong, you do not set a bad example that is contrary to what you are teaching. Raining down Quail on the Holy Sabbath for the children to gather on that day to clean and cook, and then telling them not to even gather manna on the Sabbath day is not what the Father did or taught. There is another understanding of “between the evenings” in verse 6. Moses and Aaron both said that in the evening (night) YHWH shall give flesh to eat (at night) and in the morning (daylight) (part of the same day) bread to the full.

     Note: He said morning (light) not morrow (next day) — two different words. Morning is the same day as the evening, which began the day (evening and morning); morrow is the following day (tomorrow). Read verse 13 — “And it came to pass at even, (dark on the 16th) the quails came up and covered the ground and in morning (light of the 16th) dew lay round about the host.”

     All this does not contradict verse 12 where the Father said I heard the murmurings (on the 15th) of the children of Israel: “Speak unto them, saying, at evening (between the evenings), ye shall eat flesh, and in the morning (still between the same evening at day light) ye shall be filled with bread.” Now you have a choice between two evenings, here meaning on the 15th Sabbath. One, making the Father work on the Sabbath and causing the children to work instead of rest. Or two, it is between the two evenings (the 16th and 17th a workday) the quail and manna occurred both on the same day (16th) as the word meaning infers.

     The lamb was to be slain on the 14th “between the two evenings,” and Deuteronomy chapter 16 says “at the going down of the sun.” Here is another specific time, as the sun starts its downward stroke after its Apex On the 14th. Another specific time “between the evenings” is the morning and evening Sacrifices where both lambs were sacrificed on the same day, the 1st one in the morning and the 2nd one at evening, (between the evenings). The time is specified as morning, and evening sacrifices and both are between the even of same day (evening and morning of the 16th.)

     This helps shed more light on the subject, and does not make our Heavenly Father break His own Law. It is known that the miracle of quails could have been an act of mercy on the Sabbath, but upon the preponderance of evidence, it was not. He would have waited for a few more hours until dark before He would break the Sabbath, especially considering the lesson He was about to teach them concerning the manna, not to be gathered on the Sabbath day and not only the gathering, but the catching, cleaning, and cooking of quails on the Sabbath.(15th).   If anyone does the math he will see the weekly that were made known Moses, were with out a doubt on the 8th15th, 22nd, and 29th. Of the MOON, NOT solar calendar.

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