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7 Day problem

     People who insist on an uninterrupted seven day cycle have major problems. One is when men began to multiply upon the face of the Earth after the flood. If they were keeping a solar cycle of seven days uninterrupted by the New Moon Worship Day each month as the Scriptures teaches Ezech 46:1 and Isa. 66:23, then their descendants would be keeping the Sabbaths on different days when they meet on the other side of the Earth. The reason for this is because people that travel east around the curvature of the Earth will meet the sun sooner than someone who stays put or travels west. They will be gaining a cycle or day. People who are traveling west will lose a day or cycle. They could not even fellowship on the same Sabbath day under the same sun. It would be pure confusion and we know YHWH is not the author of confusion. You won’t have this problem with YHWH’s calendar because when they meet under the same sun and moon they look up and keep same day when it gets dark. The Scriptures teaches a pattern of rest after six work days we cant leave the moon out because she marks the appointments (Psalms 104:9 and Gen. 1:14).Genesis 1:14 says They shall be for days and years and signs and seasons. The Scriptures refers to the sun as a he and the moon as a she so don’t leave her out of your calendar like Julius Caesar did (see encyclopedia under Calendar). If you do, you won’t have true time keeping according to the Scriptures. Remember, it is impossible to have a straight solar seven day cycle uninterrupted without having confusion years later as men spread over the Earth. (See International Date Line).

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