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OLD NEWS - 2002 Only
The following news is old news; it's completely untouched and isn't adjusted for grammar mistakes that I made in the past.

August 5, 2005
Two Years Later

It's now been two years since I've last updated this page. I'm very glad to see that this place is still generating some hits, even though much of the content is likely to be outdated. My clan is probably gone by now, as with all of the characters that I've ever created for the game.

So where I have been after all the years on the internet? I created a help page for neopets users, but have stopped updating since then. I've also returned to the world of blogging, so if you happen to have a xanga blog, you can easily reach me there.

As for me, I'm finally heading off to college. I've chosen to major in Journalism, but I may change it later if I find out that it's not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I also have to go to work often, which means that I'm not able to spend as much time on the internet as I was once able to.

Well, that's it for now. Don't know when I'll update this page again. But now you know where to find me...

August 4, 2003
New Changes/A Fair Warning

Today is my first visit to Dragon Court since my departure from the realms eight months ago. At this time, I do not have any intention to play this game again. However, I am very well aware that another upgrade to the game is in progress. If you notice anything new, please e-mail me at, and I may update this website again in the near future. I might return someday, but from the looks of things, it doesn't look like I will return anytime soon. The Sky Riders clan is probably dead by now, but if anyone is still in my clan, I would like to thank you for being so loyal. I wish that there were more people in my clan like that. In fact, the whole of Dragon Court would need people like that.

However, just because I am no longer playing Dragon Court DOES NOT give anybody the right to copy any information from my pages and re-distribute them. You are not allowed to re-distribute anything from this website without my permission, and even if you asked me, I still wouldn't give you permission to do so. I have spent a countless amount of hours building this help website in the past, and I'm not about to let somebody else take credit for all of my hard work. This is considered stealing, and I can press charges on you for that. So please don't do it!

Wow, 7,700 hits! Thanks so much for making this help website such a success.

December 29, 2002
Last of the Skyshroud Empire

If you haven't noticed already, clan Sky Riders has had a serious power drop within the past two months. The reason why is because I haven't played Dragon Court for over a month and a half...and I had a good reason for doing this. I am finally leaving Dragon Court, and I really don't apologize for not getting to your petitions within 3 days instead of 6 weeks. I no longer wanted to waste anymore time playing a game that was infested by beggars, cheaters, etc., so I have decided to stop playing 3 weeks ago without notice. If you wish to know why I am leaving, feel free to continue reading. It's very long, and it's probably going to be my last update to this website for a while. And if you manage to read everything, I also hope that you will either consider leaving DC, or try to do something that will make the game better for others.

Some of the main reasons that I am leaving is that many of the people who play this game are either rude, or often begs for items/weapons without even being thankful for those who are helping them with advice or items. Recently, there has also been an uprise of multi-players(people who own a massive amount of characters), which has also caused me to consider leaving. I mean, look at the top 24 list of today! What kind of clan could "magically" gain 4000 power points in one month? However, the main reason as to why I am leaving is because this game has been infested with cheaters. That is, cheaters who are always using massive amounts of Mandrake Roots, Enchant Scrolls, Ginseng Roots, and Blast Powders.

The Dragon Court upgrade in April 2002 has pretty much screwed up the game by allowing unlimited Mandrake Roots to be used, as well as increasing the maximum number of fame points to 50k, maximum skill to 10k, and maximum age to 2000. I thought that by doing this, the game creators would use this method to disable cheaters, but unfortunately, cheaters are running rampant more than ever. I thought that the game creators did this on purpose just to catch cheaters. Well, I guess I was totally wrong! They don't do anything about this at all, and I'm guessing that they never will. The number of cheaters are not, and most likely, will never dwindle.

I will play Dragon Court occasionally so that Sky Rider never gets reaped. You can still petition for the Sky Riders clan, although you probably shouldn't expect a response for either a very long time, or never at all. If you find a Petition to Join the clan, then you should never expect me to send you any weapons or provide advice, since I probably won't get to your note within one month (mail disappears after one month).

Anyways, all 600 of my rares have already been taken away by the Reaper, since I haven't played my storage characters since October. As for my remaining 120+ Silvers, those have also been taken away by the Reaper. I also somehow lost approximately 200 Silvers due to a mail bug two months ago. I would also like to say that I am glad that the Reaper took all of my storage characters away, since I wouldn't have given my rares or silvers to anybody else who deserved to receive them anyway, and it is such a hassle to send all of them back and forth to prevent rust, even though the mail bug in November has pretty much took 20% of my rares and silvers from me.

Now that I am leaving, I might as well bore you with the reasons of why I even made this clan. When I first created clan Sky Riders, there weren't as many cheaters in the game, and I was able to meet friendly people in the game. That inspired me to create the Sky Riders clan, a clan that I would soon realize to be a failed clan. During February 2000, it was a great month to create a clan. Very few clans were made up of multiplayers, and even if one was, it was very difficult to tell. The second largest clan had less than 350 members and 1800 power. Nowadays, this game has totally been infested by cheaters and multiplayers, and I for one am disappointed by this. It's even harder to find somebody to rely on, not that there are any that play this game anyway. All of the people who could have been deemed reliable have most likely stopped playing the game during the first day of play, due to the fact that they didn't know how to play. Thats another reason why I made clan Sky Riders. I even made this help website for everyone to use, even though I have yet to receive a "thanks" or anything like that. I thought that I could find somebody that I could rely on to something in this clan, but I was wrong. I could never find anybody reliable in clan Sky Riders to do something. I had to do everything by myself...the website, the forum, distributing the items/weapons, answering letters...and I had nobody to help me. I had to do this for 2½ years! Who else could have done this, and who else would have wanted to do this? And of course, who in the right mind would have wanted to do this for 2½ years in a game that was infested by cheaters and multi-players?

Even though I am leaving, DO NOT ask me for items, weapons, or characters. I am leaving my characters to be deleted by the reaper, simply because it is the right thing to do. My weapons will also be deleted with my characters, so don't ask for them.

There is also something that I would like to say...if it wasn't for the Sky Riders clan, I would have left Dragon Court long ago. And today is the day that I leave Dragon Court, even though I wasn't known by very many people, not even in my own clan. I would like to say THANKS to every single member of the Sky Riders clan who still remains as a clan member! Hopefully you will still remain as a member of the clan, even long after I have left Dragon Court. Feel free to use this clan website as reference to your quests, for this website shall stay to mark something that I was able to accomplish in Dragon Court--to create one of the best help sites in Dragon Court without ever asking for people to join. No other clan in Dragon Court can offer a help site as comprehensive as this one, and most clans would require membership in order to view help files. However, this one is free to the public, and I have one of the best help sites on Dragon Court.

And finally, please do not e-mail me about Dragon Court related material. This help website should have MOST of the answers that you are looking for. If not, you can e-mail me about it. Also, PLEASE e-mail me if the game administrators ever do something to stop multi-players and cheaters. If they do something to stop them, I just might come back. If you want to start some sort of petition to get rid of cheaters and multi-players, feel free to count me in. And if the game adminstrators ever fire their moderators, you can e-mail me about that as well, because I would just love to hear that.

Okay, thats pretty much all that I'm going to write. I'm probably not going to update this website again, unless of course, I actually have something to write about. If I need to be reached, you MIGHT find me posting in the Silver Assassins clan forum, even though that is going to be rare. If you wish to thank me for spending the many hours required to develop this website, feel free to e-mail me as well, for I have never received a thank you letter for my hard work. Although I have stopped playing Dragon Court, there is another online game out there that I am now playing at a daily basis. If you are lucky, you might find me playing this certain game, which I will not mention here. If it helps, my user name in this game is "skyknight920", and I currently have a job at the guild that I am in. And no, it is not StarCraft! I would also like to say that I was lucky enough to discover how great the Silver Assassins clan is; a clan that is one of the only pure anti-hacking clans in the game, and a clan where most of its members aren't rude. Silver Assasins is a clan that also dislikes multi-playing, which is another reason why this clan should be favored. If you are looking for a clan to join, consider joining them.

And please, DO NOT use up too much bandwidth if you are going to be browsing this help website, for I will be forced to shut it down if too much bandwidth is being used(and I will not even waste my time explaining what bandwidth is). I hope that Dragon Court changes for the better soon. It was great while it lasted, but I am certainly not going to miss any of it. I MIGHT come back to Dragon Court someday, and hopefully by then, things would have changed drastically for the better. And if things have only gotten worse by then, I will come back when I can actually do something to help stop it. As of now, I can't do anything about it. Have a nice day, and I hope that all of this hasn't somehow offended you.

October 25, 2002
Reason for Lack of Updates

Recently, I have been getting messages asking why this site hasn't been updated for awhile. There are a few answers for that. First of all, nothing much is going on in the realm of Dragon Court. Things are pretty much still the same as they have been since the previous upgrade 6½ months ago. The game hasn't been changed since the upgrade, and there are still plenty of bugs in the game that need to be fixed. Rust has been an increasing problem for many players, as there really is no sure way to prevent rust, not even by mailing weapons/items back and forth with the use of two characters. Since nothing much is going on in the realm of Dragon Court, this also means that there isn't much to write about. There are a few more tutorials that I could write, but I don't have the time to write them. And lastly, I don't have as much time to play Dragon Court than I previous could. When the next upgrade for Dragon Court occurs, I will try to write about it if there is enough information to write about. At this point, the only information that I have regarding the next upgrade is that it might occur in November 2002, which is only a month away. I certainly don't guarantee that this upgrade is going to occur in November, and I have no idea as to what is going to be changed in the upgrade. Of course, we could all hope for more silvers, new weapons, gold weapons, rust prevention, etc., but chances are, only the game bugs are going to be fixed.

And of course, I will be changing the layout for this website when I have time. For most, this new layout will make the links easier to navigate, but for some, it will be more difficult to navigate, since most of the links won't be linked on this index page anymore.

September 14, 2002
Important Announcement/New Updates and Guides/Member Records/New Layout Announced

Since school has started three weeks ago, I haven't had time to play Dragon Court, so service will be delayed for awhile. By now, I only play Dragon Court once a week to grant petitions and to answer requests. If you don't receive a response from me, don't be discouraged because I will get to it. Keep in mind that it may take as long as two weeks for me to answer your requests, and things are going pretty slow right now. We have now fallen to the #14 position, and we are still losing power at a very rapid rate. Don't let our "loss of power" discourage you, because for those of you who are new to the Skyshroud Empire, we usually have the worst number of power during the Fall season. Our "recover" session starts during the Winter season, and we have the most power during the Summer. Of course, these results were only based on our clan power over the previous years, and it has been proven to be accurate. Expect more decreases in clan power over the next few months.
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For the first time in over two years, I have decided to update the "Clans Tutorial". Before today, it was simply a basic tutorial that gave instructions on joining a clan. With this update, you will learn much more about clans. Other than that, I have uploaded some new guides for all of you to read. Check out the following new guides:
2.1 Billion Limit - Ever wonder why you keep losing your Marks after you go over 2.1 billion marks? Find out why.
Game Bugs - There are several bugs in the game that haven't been fixed yet. Read about the bugs here.
Increasing Statistics - Learn ways to increase your statistics, whatever they might be. Guts, Attack Power, Money, its all in here.
Top Weapons - The best Non-Silver weapons for each category, my opinions of course.
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Starting next week, each person who petitions to a clan in the Skyshroud Empire will have a "Member Record". This is one way for us to remember our past and current clan members, and starting in 2003, we will have more member recognition services that no other clan will provide! The Member Records are new to the Skyshroud Empire, and anybody who petitions for a clan in the Skyshroud Empire will have a record created within one month. The member records are proof that you are or once were a member of the Skyshroud Empire. The records will also include the date in which you first petitioned for a clan in the Skyshroud Empire, but not your join date, since I can't keep track of everybody who petitions for the clan. If you joined a clan in the Skyshroud Empire before September 20th, you'll need to e-mail me so that I can create a record for you. These records are only available to members who have joined after September 20, 2002.
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Expect another new layout to this website in a few weeks. This new layout isn't going to have as many changes as the previous layout, but it will be more organized than it currently is, although it will take up more space. This means that older updates will have to be pushed to the second page of news, which nobody seems to ever read. As of now, I am trying to figure out how the layout is going to be done, and this may take awhile.
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August 6, 2002
In-game Item Shops

A new guide has been added to the "Ingame" section today. The "Ingame Item Shops" guide features all of the shops inside the game, and includes every single item that is sold in those shops. Before purchasing any items from the shops, make sure that you look at this guide first! Many items that are being sold in shops aren't even worth purchasing.

The next update to the In-game section will probably be an updated list of all creatures in the game prior to the upgrade! This will take some time to finish, and only five entries have been finished so far. It is packed with information on each creature in the game, including weapons, items, strategy, tips, etc. Expect the "In-game Creatures Guide" to be released sometime in early 2003, or maybe around December 2002.
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July 20, 2002
Enter the Skyshroud Knights/Old Sections Updated #2

The latest clan to enter the top 24 has just been revealed. Who are they? The Skyshroud Knights! A new clan was created on July 3, 2002...and that clan is the Skyshroud Knights. Because the clan name "Sky Riders" is such a misunderstood name, I wanted to clear up any confusion the name may have had by creating a new clan. But do not fret, clan Skyriders is still here to stay. Besides, I wouldn't throw away a clan with 3 abilities, including 2½ years worth of clan work, wouldn't I? Not to mention the massive amount of history that this clan already has. We will remain a top clan as long as our members are willing to stay in the clan. The Skyshroud Knights will use this clan website, as well as our clan forums. Although it sounds rather confusing to have two clans share the same website and forum, think about the advantage that two clans led by the same leader can have. In the past, I have lead two clans at the same time as well. Now is the time to start a second clan, which may even be more successful than clan Skyriders in the near future. Overtime, the Skyshroud Knights may remain one of the oldest clans in the game, much as clan Skyriders have proudly stood for years. If the Skyshroud Knights happen to be so successful to the point in which they go over 3000 power, a merger may be thought through, which may make the clan the 3rd largest in the game.

Initially, the clan's first ability was supposed to be "Smith", which will allow you to receive weapons without the hassle of having to identify them. However, I have noticed that the Smith & Armor abilities were both not working, and whats the use of having clan abilities that don't work? Instead, the first ability for the Skyshroud Knights would be "Strong", which adds +10% Attack Points. Our second ability will be "Sturdy", which adds +10% Defense Points. At this point, I'm not sure if clan Skyshroud Knights will ever be as powerful as clan Skyriders once were, or even have as much power as clan Skyriders currently do. Please refer to the Skyshroud Knights clan FAQ, for the concept of this clan is very confusing and difficult to explain from here.
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The "Ingame Weapon Shops" has been updated with the weapons that are currently being sold in shop prior to the upgrade. Before purchasing any weapons from the shops, make sure that you look at this guide first! The "Questing Tips" section has also been updated so that they are compatible with the DC upgrade. At this time, there aren't any questing tips for the Dungeons, but there will be soon. Enjoy the updates!
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July 13, 2002
Stop the Scamming/Old Sections Updated

Our newest guide has just been released today. The "Avoid Scammers" guide provides helpful tips to avoid the many people who are scammers in the trading post. It also includes tips on how to make successful trades with other traders. Following these tips may drastically reduce the risk of being scammed, as well as learning to make successful transactions. This guide will make you more aware of what is happening in the Trading Post.
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The "Gems Tutorial" section has been updated for the first time in eight months. The new layout has been added to that page, and much more information has been added to that tutorial. Be sure to check it out, and learn all about the gems. A new tutorial is already being planned, the "Scrolls Tutorial", which is basically a tutorial that explains what the Scrolls do. This tutorial will be coming shortly. The "Ingame Weapon Shops" will soon be updated with the weapons that are being sold in shops prior to the upgrade. Although getting Marks has been much easier since the upgrade, you will still find that the weapons being sold in the shops are almost not worth it.
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June 21, 2002
Please Welcome our New Allies/Sections Updated!

As of today, we are officially allied to the clan "Pentagram", a very unique clan that stands for darkness, and seeks to eliminate other dark clans that have ruined the image of being a dark clan. Their goal is to build a strong clan that stands for darkness, and to avoid the neutral and light clans. One day, they hope to reach the top 24, and to defeat all light clans. Only then will they emerge victorious.
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Three sections have been updated today: "How to get Cookies", "How to send DC mail", and the "About Us" section. Significant information was added to all three of these sections, and the new layout has been included in these sections as well. Other sections, such as the Dragon Strategy Vault, will have major updates to them very soon. A more comprehensive guide to joining clans will also be made soon.
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June 7, 2002
DC2 Subscription Ends

As of June 1, 2002(which was a week ago), our subscription for DC2 has officially expired. I have only discovered about my working DC2 subscription sometime during December 2001, which means that I only had six more months to play DC2. However, the last time that I have even played DC2 was during the same month of December 2001. DC2 crashed on my computer most of the time, and there were plenty of javascript errors. Even after only playing it for about four days total, my strongest character was Level 14 and already had over 100 Guts, due to some bug in the game that can easily be executed with a slow modem. If you are really patient and have a slow modem, then you may want to try out Dragon Court 2. But if you have a fast modem, you won't be able to execute the tricks, but the game should be much faster and smoother than with a 56k modem.
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May 18, 2002
New Layout Finished!

After a COUNTLESS number of hours and minutes, the new layout is finally finished. Although a new layout was never announced(or planned for that same matter), I have decided to add a new layout to all of the updates. Just inserting the code on EACH of the updates has taken up much time, as well as an additional +50KB of space. This means that I will soon have to move the older updates into other archives so that this index page can load faster. I am currently deciding on how much each updates each archive should have. I am currently deciding on 40. Hope you like the new layout, because I think that it looks much better than our old one. You will have to wait awhile for all of the images to load, however, and if you are currently looking at a blue background, then the background obviously hasn't loaded yet. I also needed to fix the page width for the 1-7-2002 update, which took quite awhile to find out the problem. I also had the same problem with the 12-16-2001 update, but that one is fixed as well. Don't expect anymore major layout updates after this would just take way too long to do.

Another thing that I have added was the Blue Cursor. It was previously being used on our clan forum, but now it is also being used on this clan site. All of the new webpages that will be made prior to this date will have the Blue Cursor on it as well.
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May 14, 2002
Statistics Limits have Doubled

From what it looks like on the lists, the limits of how much Fame, Skill, and Age that you can have before you go off the lists have doubled. You can now have up to 50k Fame, 10k Skill, and 2000 Age. The 2000 Age limit is going to furthermore discourage clans from using the ability Unaging. Without the use of Aging Elixirs, you would have to play for almost 5½ years just to reach the age of 2000. Reaching 50k fame is only possible if you use every single quest to kill Dragons, and that you have plenty of Mandrake Roots at hand so that you can keep killing Dragons over and over again until you can get 50k fame, which is hardly possible at all. Reaching 10k skill isn't going to be an easy task either, and having 10k skill is somewhat cheap as well. If you have 10000 skill, then there are practically no monsters in the game that would be able to touch you. Of course, nothing has been changed to the Guild lists, since 2.1 billion is always going to be the limit for anything. I do not know if anything else has been made or fixed.
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May 13, 2002
Three reasons why clan Skyriders is saved in DCTest

Clan Skyriders has really been crippled these past few weeks in the test version, when we had dropped from 650 power to 450 power. We have been turned down by a lot of members because I wasn't able to keep up with the petitions. I apologize for that, but all of that is now about to change, because of three powerful reasons that are going to give us the edge:

I have just remembered that I still have the passwords to Papa Roach's characters. For those of you who didn't know who he was, he was the leader of the last clan to be #1 before clan Skyriders did. He has left Dragon Court since then, and I have access to all of his 30+ characters, most of them are regent. All that I have to do now is look for the papers in which I jotted the names and passwords down. We should be back at 700+ power in DCTest, and we might even break our all time record of 968 power in DCTest. Hopefully, the reaper hasn't already taken away his characters. And even if the reaper had already taken them down, there are still two other reasons that will give us the edge.

Yes, Summer is coming near, which means I will have more time on the computer. I will have to go to summer school to make up for some of the classes I've failed this year, however. Starting now, I will be playing the test version more often, almost as often as I was playing it two years ago. Whenever somebody sends a petition, I will now send a note that will give them the link to our clan site. We might be able to get more members to become more active within the clan as well, which is one thing that we need. Most members do not even know about our clan site.

Not only that, but Summer is coming up--a certain sign that our clan is going to do well. During Summer 2000, our clan became the #1 clan in DCTest. Just one month before Summer 2001, we had received our third ability in DC1. Last Summer, our clan went as high as 3400 power and 570 members in DC1. And maybe this summer, we will accomplish something new. I have a very good feeling about this, and we shouldn't have to worry about clan power anymore, or at least for a longer time anyway.

So there you have it, three reasons that are going to give our clan the edge in the test version. Even if one of our advantages fail, there will still be two others that will work out very well. It isn't very likely that all three will fail us, though.
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April 26, 2002
Rusted Weapons Can Disintegrate/Sections Updated

Many people probably do not know this yet, but if you have any Rusted weapons, you might as well polish them right away, whether or not you decide to use the weapon. Even if it is a weapon that polishing would have no effect on, you should still consider to polish that weapon. I started a new character a few days ago, and the Rusty Dagger that he had equipped had disappeared! I even peered the character before I played him, and after I logged out, I had lost 2 Attack points and 1 skill. Before version 1.2, weapons did not disintegrate, but now they do. Another reason to fear rust.
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Here at clan Skyriders, our goal is to bring you the most accurate information possible. I am currently updating all sections to make them compatible with the new upgrades. All sections with major editing will be put into the "Outdated Resources" section. There are still many sections for me to edit, but here are the ones that already have been done:

Detect Cheating - Edited Tip #2 to include the use of a Faceless Potion.
Forum Titles - The new changes in Forum Titles made two weeks ago are now updated.
RP Forum Titles - The recently released "Skyriders RP Battlegrounds" also has its titles.
Clan History - Rewritten to make it more understandable.
How to Get Cookies - A new way to get Cookies prior to the DC Upgrade.
Joining Pack - Weapons offered in the Joining Package has changed. Major Editing was made to it, but was not transferred to the Outdated Resources section.
Quick Ability Chart - Added levels 37 through 40, since it might be possible to achieve those levels legitimately.
Rent Cost Table - Added levels 37 through 40, since it might be possible to achieve those levels legitimately.
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April 20, 2002
New Option for Clan Leaders

As you can see from the picture, clan abilities are now automated. Before the upgrade, you had to e-mail to request for your clan abilities, but you no longer have to do that. You simply click on the box of the clan ability you want to request for your clan. Only problem is that you can click on more than one box, which may cause some errors. Choosing our 3rd ability 11 months ago would have been much easier with this feature, not to mention our 2nd and 1st abilities as well. Not many people know about this new feature so far, but since you read it here, you now know it.
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April 17, 2002
Experience Points Decreased/Another Subsided Dragon Court

It seems that the number of experience points received from monsters have mysteriously decreased to a very low level. Ever since the upgrade, anyone who was able to survive in Shangala or even the Abandoned Mines would have a massive amount of fame by the end of the day. But as of today, the experience points received from creatures have greatly decreased. Today I killed a Samurai and received only +619 Experience points, but before that, I gained around +3000 Experience just for killing the Samurai. Creatures are still as strong as ever, but you will be receiving much less experience for killing them, even less experience than before the upgrade. Because of this, you won't be seeing many top players with 25k fame anymore, unless they can actually survive against the Dragons with all of their quests, which is not likely. Weapon statistics are not affected as well, and those who are already having trouble surviving against creatures in a certain area are about to have even more trouble once they discover that they are losing massive amount of Fame, even if they complete all of their quests without being killed. Now that you know the news, you now know the reason why you are losing so much fame.
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It seems like Dragon Court is taking longer to load once again. Just a few days ago, they may have fixed some sort of error that kept on displaying .class files on the browser window, and now it is back in Dragon Court, which means that it will once again take very long to load. Of course, this isn't going to have any effect for those of you who have fast modems, but if you have a 56k modem or slower, you will have to wait impatiently for everything to load EVERYTIME you open a browser window. You might want to think twice before closing your browser window if you wish to play again, because you definitely aren't going to want to wait for it to load all over again.
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April 13, 2002
Clan Skyriders--7th Largest Clan?/More Upgrade Info

Rising above the ranks after having falling all the way to the #15 position during the past few months, clan Skyriders is now at the #11 position. But what is even more fascinating is that we are literally the 7th largest clan in the game. In other words, we are the 7th largest clan in terms of the amount of members. Just check out the picture below! Sorry about the gray columns though...the screen capture program that I use always saves it like that in .gif format. And if it were in .jpg format, it would be way too darker than normal.

Being the 7th largest clan is very awesome, even though we were once the 4th largest clan in the game. In other words, we were the 4th largest clan in terms of members. But nowadays with the many new clans rising in power, being the 7th largest clan isn't very easy to achieve. Just goes to show that members are more important than clan power. Without our many members, we wouldn't have this much power today, so congratulations and thanks to all Skyriders for making this possible!
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Some Upgrade Information was left out because I did not know about it! Well here are the additional pieces of information, and I will soon make a new section called "4/8/2002 Upgrade Changes".

-You can now use Food to heal 2 Guts, which makes Food more useful in the game. Before the changes, Food could only be used for feeding creatures. Either that, or you would spend countless days just to sell millions of pieces of Food in exchange for Marks equal to the amount you have sold...not worth it. Since you get around 6000 Food just for killing one Peasant, imagine healing up to 12000 guts! The time spent to use the Food, however, may not be worth it when you can just heal all of your Guts instantly at the Healers Tower. Food is especially useful for new players. Then again, it isn't so useful in battle, as you are limited to only 1 use during battle, unless you have used Ginseng Roots equal to the number of Food you plan to eat. Considering that you either most likely do not have the Ginseng Roots or that you wouldn't be so stupid to waste them just to use Food, healing 2 Guts during a close battle probably isn't going to be enough to save you.
-Your Backpack only consists of 60 slots, Storage capacity is now limited to 100. This of course, is a disadvantage for higher level characters, but as for new characters, it is a huge advantage, since before the upgrade, space was only limited to about 20 each.
-You can now use an unlimited amount of Mandrake Roots! This may be because cheating devices no longer work in the game, and the game administrators believe that no more items can be hacked.
-You are now limited to purchasing only 100 of each item. If you own 100 or more of any item, whether it be in your storage or backpack, you won't be able to purchase it.
-The Guild Bug has been fixed, you can no longer join the Guild for any less than 4000 marks. However, the button is still highlighted if you have less than 4000 marks.
-It appears that only Head, Feet, and Store Bought weapons can be polished if it ever becomes rusted. Weaker weapons, such as a Rams Horn or War Tusk can also be polished.
-In the TEST VERSION only, it now tells you that it is loading .class files on your browser, making the test version much more difficult and longer to access with slow modems. This also applied to the regular version, but was fixed within two days.
-High stat weapons that would seemingly be impossible to receive in battle can actually be found. For example, I found a +95a +38s Gladius yesterday, which is a very powerful Gladius. Much more powerful than most Masamunes in the game.
-The "Express Mail" bug has returned to Dragon Court, where you can now send mail back and forth in just seconds. This bug has been fixed recently, but still exists in the test version.
-When either storing or sending weapons with more than one attribute, it will ask you how much of that weapon you want to be stored or sent. Both handed weapons count as two attributes.
-If you successful kill a Peasant, you get 6000 Food. If you successfully kill a Gladiator, you get 4000 Marks. You also get 10000 Marks if you successfully kill a Hercules.
-For those of you who do not know, items can also rot, INCLUDING Marks. Especially for new players, there is nothing more frustrating than losing some of the Marks in your backpack due to them rotting.
-The Royal Court now has new NPCs(Non-Playing Characters), and new investments.
-The Field Mages have ridiculously low statistics. It is extremely easy to kill them and still gain a good amount of experience points for doing that.
-The Clan Hall picture no longer loads properly.
-The trick that allowed you to dump your backpack in order to purchase more items no longer works.
-Creatures now consume more Food/Fish.
And there could be more that I have forgotten...
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April 8, 2002
New Dragon Court Upgrade Finished!

Today at 4:00PM PST, Lawrence has finally upgraded the game. The upgrade to Dragon Court has been finished. For those of you who have not played the test version before today, found below is a spoiler list of all of the new features in this upgrade. A section for this spoiler will be posted soon.

You all know from our previous upgrade that a weapons list has already been compiled so that you already know what weapons you can find in the new upgrade. You can click here to a view a list of all possible weapons to find, although there will probably be some that were left out.

Though the game has added a code to disable cheats from being used, it is still NOT cheat free. This new code does not affect any characters that were created prior to the upgrade date. In other words, ALL players are now unable to cheat, but characters that already have cheated items/weapons/stats will still exist in the game. Well, I suppose it is better late than never.

You are now going to lose your notes overnight, in other words, your notes will vanish the next time you try to login. If notes are important to you, or if you are lousy when it comes to jotting down notes, I suggest taking screenshots of them. One method of preventing you from losing your notes if trying to send them back and forth, although I do not know if this trick works.

Most notable are the increased statistics of the Creatures in the game. As you level up, the creatures become more powerful as well, but it is only significant when compared to a low leveled character to a high leveled character. Even at 1450 total stats, you will still be facing Rats with only 20 guts in the Fields. And since the creatures become more powerful, no doubt will you gain more experience as well.

One feature that you will most definitely experience often is "Rusting", a feature of the game that was somehow disabled years ago. Well, it is now back, and there is currently no way to avoid it. Don't know what Rusting is? Read the "Rusting" tutorial under the Tutorials section.

The increased statistics of Weapons in the game are also very notable. It is also possible to have a rare version of weapons that previously had the same stats.

The statistics of Weapons are now easily predictable, as the statistics seem to go in a certain pattern.

There are now Silver weapons, weapons that have the name "Silver" in front of the weapon. Silver weapons will usually come with another rarity, which people will consider them to be either double or triple rares.

In your inventory, you can now see how much skill a weapon has. Highlighting a weapon and clicking on the Info button will show the normal statistics of the weapon, not counting Glow, Bless, Lucky, Flame, or Enchanted skill.

The Mail Room also has a new look. The field in which you write the name of the character who you are sending items to now appears on the bottom instead of the top.

A new item is being sold in the Magic Shop, a Faceless Potion. Faceless Potions cost only 3000 marks, and will reset your description, allowing you to change your description entirely. Before the change, there were only two ways to reset your description: Either mailing about it, or being ejected from a clan.

When visiting a shop, you will notice that the text has shrunk and that the text has become bolder. Thats because weapons and items with really long names (i.e. Snake Scale Suit) can be read and seen for the full price. Previously, you would only have been able to see the first digit of how much a Snake Scale Suit would have sold for. And since the skill of the weapon will also appear on the list, this change was necessary.

The Sphinx has a new picture in the game, as stated before in one of our December 2001 articles. The Castle Guards also have new pictures.

There are now Faeries in the game, and Bottled Faeries as well. Some creatures will offer you a Bottled Faery, and sometimes you might run into a Faerie yourself. Using the third option will capture the Faery, which creates a Bottled Faery item. More information on this can be found under the "Bottled Faeries" article in the Tutorials section.

There are now Enchantment Levels in the game. This means that you will only be able to enchant a weapon up to a certain amount of skill. Some weapons will allow you to enchant it several hundred times before it reaches the "Enchant Strong" level, and some weapons will allow you to enchant it a few times before it reaches the "Enchant Strong" level. More information on this can be found on the "Enchantment Levels" guide under the Resources section.

The amount of Experience to level up has now been decreased. It is now possible to go at higher levels with less experience. I currently do not know the formula for the new level up chart.

Because Worms were always able to eat Glowing weapons, all Glowing weapons now add an additional +2 Skill. This may encourage a few players to Glow their weapons when they no longer quest in the Mounds. Although an additional +2 Skill does not prove to be very useful, it is useful when all of your weapons have reached the "Enchant Strong" level, where every single skill point counts to raise your overall skill.

Still fear the Worms? Then you probably shouldn't put Flames on your weapons either. Worms are now able to eat weapons with Flames. For best results, only put Flames on your Right/Both handed weapons, since it is useless to put Flames on a different body part anyway.

Luck now adds a whopping +12 skill! It used to only add +2 skill, but it has been changed to become 6 times more effective. Use a Luck Scroll on all 4 or 5 of your weapons and you will have an additional +48 skill or +60 skill! Very nice.

Sure, those Worms can now eat your weapon, but don't let that discourage you from putting Flames on your Right/Both handed weapon. Right/Both handed weapons with Flames now add an additional +8 Attack, as opposed to the previous +4 Attack.

On the Battle Screen, you can no longer figure out how many times you can use a Berserk/Backstab/Trade/Hypnotize/Ieatsu. You must click on your Inventory during the battle to figure out how many times you can use an ability.

Whenever a person sends a petition to the clan, clicking on the Info button will display a message. Clicking on the Info button for a Grant to Join will also display a message.

If you are the leader of a clan, you can now send petitions that you receive from the mail to another character. It isn't going to be too useful, since only the character who has sent the petition can really use it.

When enchanting a weapon, Enchant Scrolls stay highlighted so that you won't need to continously highlight them in order to enchant the weapon again.

New treasures are being sold in the Jewelry Shop in the Mountains, including Dragon Scales and Tusks.
There are no more Nunchakus in the game. Targes are now only available in the Armoury, and is no longer obtained by the Gladiators.
The Gladiators now offer a Great Targe instead of the normal Targe.
It is now possible to have an unidentified Gladius.
You only receive one Serpent Scale for killing Sea Serpents, as opposed to receiving up to three from the Sea Serpents.
A Serpent Scale obtained from a Mermaid can now have unique stats.
Dragon Shields and Great Pikes can now have unique stats, and can be rare.
The Mystic Robes from the Mounds have been renamed to Magic Robes.
The Magic Staff from the Dungeons have been renamed to Mystic Staff.
You can now receive an Asaura with unique stats from the Peasants, where previously you could only receive one from the Ninjas.
You can now receive an Elf Bow with unique stats from the Snots, where previously you could only receive one from the Elves.
You can now receive a Mithril Mail with unique stats from the Snots and Elves, where previously you could only receive one from Orcs.
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April 7, 2002
Test Version Disables New Character Creation

As of Friday evening, Lawrence has disabled new characters from being created. You can still register for one, but you won't be able to get in. I do not know if this disabling will be temporary or permanent, but it will most likely be permanent, mainly because of the fact that there probably won't be anymore updates after this one. If this is true, the test version may be closed down if they find that there are no more uses for it. Lawrence has also stated that the changes will be done on Monday the 7th, but tomorrow(Sunday)is really the 7th. Then it is clear that the upgrade is going to occur either tomorrow or Monday. This has also been posted in the Bugs Forum by Lawrence, only except this time he says that changes will be applied on Monday.

It also seems that the game is taking much longer to load than before. When clicking an icon in the game, there is approximately ten seconds of lag. This probably will only apply to you if you have a slow modem(56k)like I do. Not only that, but clicking on a button outside of the game(such as the lists)will also have approximately ten seconds of lag.

If the character creation is going to be permanently disabled, and if they decide to keep the test version up, then the #1 position is most likely going to be ours forever. This also means that there will be absolutely no use for our join forums in DCTest, unless of course, an existing character decides to join the clan. Since there are absolutely no clans that are anywhere near our power, I am positive that the #1 position is going to be ours forever. However, this is not the first time. We have always been the #1 clan and no clan has ever had power near our power since we had become #1 in the game 18 months ago. The only way we can be defeated is if all clans in the test version merges into a single clan, although this most likely isn't going to happen anytime soon. Thats because most clans are not willing to merge into other clans.

And if there are any Skyriders out there who wanted to play the test version but could not, you can ask me for a character in the test version, that is, if they don't delete the test version first. I won't change the passwords, however. Since the characters were created in July 2000, the passwords are going to be easy to remember, since I had picked them myself. Character sharing is against the rules, however, so I may reconsider this in the future.
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April 4, 2002
Sections Updated

13 different sections on our clan site have been updated. There aren't any new tutorials, but these are just updates from the previous tutorials and resources, where new information has been added to them. Of course, we are devoted to adding new information whenever possible in order to offer you the most accurate information on Dragon Court. However, most of these sections only have minor updates, such as a change in font. Here are the sections updated:

Clan Abilities - Changed the font to the new font.
Dragon Court 2 Introduction - Added a few new words to the 2nd paragraph.
Dragon Strategy Vault - Added a new strategy for Knights.
Enchantment Levels - More information on the Enchantment Levels.
How to Send DC Mail - Additional information on sending DC Mail. New information that is compatible with the new upgrade.
Your Joining Pack - Added a new offer to members who petition for the clan in DC1. Offer starts when the Upgrade finishes. After the upgrade, this joining package will be the same as the one in DCTest.
Your Joining Pack - More information on your joining package in DCTest.
Level Raising - Made the information more understandable.
Questing Tips Guide - Added a new set of tips.
Rare Weapons Tutorial - Added new updates on the finding of rares.
Rent Cost Table - Fixed errors with the cost of rent a Cot.
Test Version Features - Added a new test version feature previously not listed.
Test Version History - Corrected a few HTML mistakes.

And with our ever growing number of tutorials and resources, I will soon have to reduce the size of the links to their previous size. More tutorials coming this week! And as for that still hasn't occured. It should happen sometime between now and Sunday.
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April 2, 2002
New Dragon Court Upgrade/New Tutorials and Resources this Week!

A week ago, Fred has announced plans to upgrade DC1. Sorry about not telling you about this before, but you probably would have known about it sooner if you had clicked on the link that was directly below the play screen. For those of you who have been playing the test version recently, you should know all of the new changes. For those of you who haven't, don't fret. I have posted a partial list of all possible weapons that can be found in the new upgrades. Why wait for the new updates to see a list of what weapons you can own, when you can get it ahead of time? However, the list of weapons is not finished, and there are still about 16 more weapons left that I will need to research on. The list may also never be complete because I do not specifically know the highest values for most of the weapons. The list of weapons is only based on what I have found, and I will try to include Silver weapons that I have found. When the upgrades have been implemented, I will include a full spoiler list of what has changed, although it isn't really necessary if you have been reading the clan news. Unless of course, you are VERY anxious to know what new weapons you can obtain, then you can either play the test version immediately or just click here for a spoiler list! Keep in mind that not all weapons are listed. After the updates are implemented, all outdated files will be replaced with the new files, so that you know what is going on. All outdated files will be moved to the DC v1.2 folder, where it can be viewed so that players in the future can see what DC v1.2 was like before the changes have been made. The folder hasn't been created yet, because I don't even know if the version number is going to be changed.
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Well it has been a VERY LONG time since I have last posted a tutorial or even a resource. There are still many tutorials and resources that I have yet to post, but sometime this week, I will add some new tutorials and resources. Of course, most of these tutorials are going to be based on the new upgrades, and current tutorials and resources may need to be edited, such as the tutorial for sending DC mail. According to the new upgrade, you are going to lose your notes overnight. In other words, your notes vanish the next time you try to login.
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March 16, 2002
Rebuilding clan Skyriders in the Test Version/Anti Hacking Policies/Rebuilding CO-ASH

After having granted at least 200 petitions, our number of members have rised by 20 members since two days ago when I have granted all of the petitions in the mail. However, all petitions sent before 2-6-2002 will not work, and will show up as Petition(1), a useless petition that cannot be granted. There is also a new bug in the mail, which will create a duplicate of any mail that is sent. However, you recieve nothing from the duplicate mail. This also deletes any mail that was sent by the same person, which permits us from sending notes to each person that has petitioned for the clan. About a week ago, I have sent a note to each person who has petitioned between 2-6-2002 and 3-5-2002, a note saying that petitions could not be granted due to the petition bug. Each Pen and Paper for some reason also counts as 2 Pen and Paper, so if you used 1 Pen and Paper, you lose 2 Pen and Paper. Rise in power has not been very significant so far, but our number of members should double from what it was two days ago by the end of today. All petitions that were sent BEFORE 2-6-2002 have been lost, and I'm pretty sure that we have lost over 100 petitions because of this. But even if I were to open all of those petitions, they would not have worked and would show up as Petition(1).
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Although this may have been posted on a certain section of the site, in order to make it easier for those who do not know our stance against hacking, I have decided to put up our stance against hacking and cheating today, along with the "Detect Cheating" guide, a guide that you can use to determine if somebody is a cheater or a hacker. More tips will be listed soon, but as for now, there are only 11 tips for you to know. The Detect Cheating guide will be listed under the "Resources" section, and the Anti Hacking Policy is now under the "Clan Info" section.
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While on the same subject of anti-hacking, clan Skyriders will help rebuild CO-ASH, which stands for "Coalition Against Spammers and Hackers". The original owner of CO-ASH has returned to Dragon Court, and has announced that we will help rebuild it by listing any cheaters and hackers that we encounter. However, I have yet been given any assignments. When given an assignment, I will send away the current list of cheaters and hackers I have found so far.
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March 10, 2002
Clock Added/Test Version Enchantment Levels

A clock has now been added in order to show a more accurate creation date of the clan. It tells EXACTLY the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds in which we have been a clan in Dragon Court. However, the loading of this clock may take awhile if you have a slow modem or even a 56k modem. The clock seems to be the last thing that loads. The text of the clock may also be in small print, so if you cannot see it, refer to the countdown below it, which is usually not accurate, since I do not update it every single day.
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It has been awhile since I have added something new for the test version, and now I have finally added a new Test Version guide that tells you all of the information on enchanting weapons in the test version. I have also listed at least 60 enchantment notes on how many skill a weapon needs in order to reach "Enchant Good" or "Enchant Strong". There are more notes to be written, so be sure to check back soon. The enchantment notes may prove to be inaccurate, but they are only the results that I have received for enchanting those weapons. The guide is far from finished, and I am currently only testing out the weapons that are bought from stores.
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March 6, 2002
Clan Links Relisted

Well, I did not learn how to correctly use frames, so I just thought of another way to list the clan links without having to take up the whole first page. With this new style of putting the links up, it may encourage more members to actually read the clan news. The print is MUCH larger than it previously was, and I may alter the size in the future if I learn how to do that. I may also have to edit every single page on this website to include all of these links, but because I have no time to do that, this list of links will only apply to the main page. No new sections have been listed for awhile, but I plan to update at least 9 sections when I have the time to do it.

And now, I am off to the clan forum to fix something there as well. Due to lack of time, this will not be posted in the Clan News Section.

February 20, 2002
Another failed attempt at frames

Looks like another failed attempt at frames. This morning I tried to get the frames to work, but most of the time, either the frames don't appear or nothing appears at all. Very frustrating I know, but I guess you will have to scroll all the way to the top of the page if you want to go to a different link. About half a year ago, I also made an attempt to make the frames work, but it will somehow appear twice for some unknown reason. If anybody knows how to correctly use frames, please email me. In fact, if you do, I will give you credit for it. Since this has nothing to do with the game, it will not be posted in the News Discussion Forum.

Sometimes I do get the frames to work, but the next time I view the page, it just results to a blank white page. Also whenever I click a link from the navigation bar, the site shows up on the navigation bar. Perhaps someday I will get this to work, but until then, you will have to use your mouse to scroll up.

February 17, 2002
Our Second Year Begins Today

Today marks our second year in Dragon Court, which isn't much use due to our recent fall in power. So far, this year hasn't been very good for us and we are already below the top 12 clan list. Nonetheless, this is something to celebrate. Everyone that petitions for the clan TODAY will receive 8 Masamunes and Koutetsus! I have now collected hundreds of Masamunes and Koutetsus just waiting for a new member of the clan to take them, and with so little people petitioning for our clan, I just thought that I might want to give 8 Masamunes and Koutetsus to the lucky members who petition today.
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February 3, 2002
Power continues to Drop/Possibly even worse news/Too late...

Please wait for the picture to load. It may take awhile with a slow modem.

As you can see from the picture above, we now have LESS than 1300 power. We are losing power at a very rapid rate, and pretty soon, we will fall off of the top 12 list because we are unable to compete with other clans. Although we have remained in the top 12 for almost 1½ years, we are very close to falling off of it. Clan petitions are also at an all-time low. We now only receive 0 to 2 petitions in a single week. According to past experiences, advertising in the clan hall does not help very much. But with the upcoming clan ad that will soon be posted here, this may help us with our power troubles, even though most of the events(such as the release of the clan newspaper) have been postponed.
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You may also notice above that clan "DragonSlayer" is listed twice. Normally this wouldn't affect other clans, but having played the test version in the past, a bug that shows a clan on the list multiple times is not a good sign for clans. This has also appeared in the original Dragon Court game a couple of times. The effects from this bug can really be more irritating than you think. Read this carefully. Any clan that either passes the clan that appears multiple times, or if the clan that appears multiple times passes a clan, the clan that does not appear more than once will now appear more than once, usually keeping a position below a clan that appears multiple times and a position where it is above the clan that appears multiple times. So you know what that means? If we gain more power, we will then appear twice. If the affected clan(DragonSlayer)loses more power and falls below us, we will then appear twice as well. And knowing what the people of DC are like, people will be angry about having their clans lose the position that they have earned.
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Tough luck I of now, we already appear twice on the list. That is because DragonSlayer is losing much more power than we are. This caused one of their positions to fall to the #15 position, and made us appear twice on the list. Lets hope somebody refreshes the list soon. Since it was only about one week since the last list refresh, I'm sure that this will probably last for the next few weeks.

January 27, 2002
Another all Test Version Update/Test Version Weapons Vault Opened/Test Version Join Equipment

Despite what happened yesterday, we will still be up and running with updates. Because the test version community is once again more active than ever, it looks like we will have to be more active about the test version as well.
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The test version Weapons Vault is going to be opened either today, or in a few days, featuring over 100 different high quality weapons in the test version, which are available to hand out to new members of the clan in the test version. A new section in our forum has also been created for this.
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There is now a joining package for those who join the clan in the test version! To get it, you will have to either send me a note with the items and weapons that you need, or just post on the forums asking what weapons and items you need.
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January 26, 2002
Updates once again deleted by Angelfire

I've just found out that most of the updates were once again deleted, due to an angelfire bug. Just like the last time it happened. I will try to see if I can restore it, but this will take as long as two hours to do. I have had it with angelfire...this is like the 4th time it has happened, and this clan site has been up for two years already. Luckily, I saved everything from before 12-30-2001, now all thats left to do is to restore the posts after that. I will now go to the news discussion forum to try to repost all of them. We are going to lose both the 12-30-2001 and 12-31-2001 articles, which are probably two of the most important and most longest articles ever on the site.

After trying to make a post in the stupid angelfire forums(which was very hard to find by the way), they said that my membership was expired. What the hell does that mean?! I guess I'm going to have to repost every single news update from the last 3 weeks, along with supplying the link manually. I really hope that this doesn't happen a fifth time, because if it does, I will be very angry. Angelfire is very unreliable, so if you are planning to make your own website, be aware of this.

I have now finished adding all of the lost posts, via the News Discussion Forum. Good thing I created the News Discussion Forum, or else we would have lost a months worth of updates. Anyway, the promised guides are not going to be posted today, since I wasted so much time copy and pasting everything, including the links, bolding the text, etc. I still have to put an extra space between sentences, because ezboard will automatically make it only one space apart.

Test Version Updates/Test Version Features guide posted/Test Version History

All of today's updates are going to be on the test version. Of course I didn't post any of the bug guides that were promised, but some other stuff that still needs to be posted.
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The Test Version Features Guide was uploaded, so that you can point out the differences between the test version and the regular version of Dragon Court. Because of the drastic changes that were made in the test version over a month ago, many things had to be modified before it could be released.
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And finally, I uploaded the history of the clan in the test version. It also includes the history of the test version before the limbo bug struck on May 5, 2000. These are just two of the many test version updates that will be posted here later next month.
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January 24, 2002
New Test Item - Faceless Potions

There is now a new item in the test version: Faceless Potions. They can be purchased for 3000 marks in the Djinn's shop in the Mountains, and they will probably be in the regular version of Dragon Court as well when the new code is transferred. But exactly what are Faceless Potions? Faceless Potions allow you to redo your profile. This means that you no longer have to be ejected from a clan to change your profile. I don't know if you will be able to change your entire profile, or only a part of it. I will soon put up a section of the new items and creatures in the test version.
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January 20, 2002
Clan Skyriders climbs back up to #10/Power will rise by at least 350 points

Clan Skyriders managed to take the #10 spot today, after having suffering through the #11 position for the past few days. Although it wan't such a big move, considering that we have fallen from #7 to #10, it is a start. The real reason behind this is that clan Satyre has lost over 3200 power in less than one week. I guess that we aren't the only clan with three abilities that are currently suffering huge power losses. Maybe we can snatch the #9 position as well...after all, only 39 more power is required. And it may just be possible, while rising up to 5 positions on the chart. Read the next article for more information.
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This morning I received an e-mail from "Knight Spycob". Knight Spycob was away from Dragon Court for the last four months because his parents couldn't pay for the internet bill. Now that he has the internet again, he will be playing his characters once again to reel in more power for the clan. Knight Spycob probably owns more characters than anyone else in the clan, with 42 regents. Thats 378 power! Since there is no change in clan power, I am only assuming that he has not played them yet. When he does, the clan will be able to enjoy an extra 378 power, which will make our clan rise up to 5 positions on the chart! It would be nice to be the 6th largest clan again, even if we would have approximately 900 less power this time.
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January 17, 2002
Clan Position falls to lowest point in over one year/Possibility of huge Power loss/700th day of existence!

Well we definitely aren't having a good 2002 so fact, most of our goals for the year will soon be shattered, or already shattered. Well today I have finally had a chance to update the clan site. However, it is definitely not an update that you will be happy to hear about. Clan Skyriders has fallen from the #9 position to #11. In fact, we are ALMOST at the #12 position, a position that we have never fell into for 1½ years! It seems that we are still losing power at a fast rate. Recruiting must be done soon if there is to be any hope of stopping this loss of power.
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Speaking of losing power, we will probably be losing WAY more power than that. My brother says that he will be taking away my computer if I am getting a D or an F on my next report card. My parents have also agreed on this. Of course, they are not kidding about this. They are not afraid to take away my computer, as they already had plans to sell it a few months ago. I know that I am not doing well in at least one class, and after taking the final exam for that class, I'm pretty sure that I have at least a D in that class. Looks like my computer is going to be gone in about two weeks. They said that they will also be selling my computer, so if this happens, clan Skyriders will be out for AT LEAST two years. Thats because I will have to wait two years to get a job and purchase a new computer.

And without access to a computer, how can I update this clan site or even grant petitions? Now, petitions shouldn't be such a big problem as we receive very few of them, but they do add up if they are not granted and sitting in the mail. I have never handed leadership of any Skyriders clan to anyone else in the history of the clan, so I will not be transferring leadership. Maybe I'll get a chance to grant petitions by using the school computers when nobody is looking, but my character takes way too long to load. But either way, clan Skyriders will lose way more power than this if I do lose my computer. I will keep you updated on this issue. If you don't see anymore updates after a few weeks, my computer was probably already taken away before I could make a new update.

Other than that, this clan site WILL stay up so that the newer players can learn more about the clan that had once existed, or was once a very powerful one. The resources and tutorials will still be up so that the newer players can also browse through them and learn more about the game. And of course, our clan forums will also remain, although I cannot guarantee that there will be much activity(as there isn't much already). And like I said, clan Skyriders will still remain in Dragon Court, if Sky Rider doesn't get taken away by the reaper. Since he's a Level 26 character, I will have to play at least once every 130 days to keep the clan alive.
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Today also happens to be our 700th day in existence in Dragon Court, although it may not exist any longer if my computer does get taken away.
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January 14, 2002
Plans to be Postponed/Healing Costs Chart Added/Most clan petitions in five months/Losing interest in Dragon Court

Looks like 2002 is going to be a bad start for us. It turns out that some plans will be postponed because it is taking longer than expected to complete. The clan newspaper, as well as the clan advertisements in the clan hall will have to be postponed to a later date. Dragon Court 2 updates will also be coming slowly as well. I haven't played for the last three weeks, and my slow 56k modem definitely can't handle the intense lag. I have most of the clan newspaper already typed up, but I don't even have the slightest clue on how to design the layout using HTML. I have plans for releasing our clan ad on February 17, 2002, which would be the 2nd year anniversary for clan Skyriders. Hopefully by that time, we will have the newspaper and guilds finished. Next week, I have final exams so I will definitely not be playing for a week.
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I promised to post the Healing cost chart last week, but I didn't have any time to post it. Lucky for you, I have just posted it today. You can now calculate the cost of healing with the chart! Look for it under the Resources section. Just to let you know, don't expect anymore resources or tutorials for awhile. You'll need a calculator to figure it out, but you'll also need the chart in order to figure out what numbers are required to calculate by.
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And finally, some good news. This week alone, I have granted 5 petitions for clan Skyriders, although I am not sure if any of them have used the grant. Five petitions in one week may not seem alot, but we normally get less than 3 petitions. To tell the truth, sometimes we don't even get a single petition in one week! 5 petitions is the most petitions we have ever received since September. I think that 5 petitions is pretty good for a clan that never even advertises often.
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Once again, I am losing interest in the game. Thats one reason why you won't be seeing as much updates anymore. I only came back two months ago after an extremely long break from Dragon Court. Although it was a long break, we didn't lose too much power. Because it was such a long break, there was 40 petitions in my mail. Clan power is expected to drop dramatically. Of course I will not be taking a break as long as my previous one, for I will logon to grant petitions about a rate of twice a month. That way, those that wish to join the clan will not have to keep waiting. I will not be turning over clan leadership or even disbanding it, for we shall stay in Dragon Court as long as it still exists. But because we rarely receive any petitions, this will likely not have much of an effect on the clan. And who knows how clan power will effect clan Skyriders? Probably the same way the older clans that still exist today suffered.
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January 7, 2002
Bottled Faeries

Bottled Faeries is one of the new items that can only be obtained from the test version. At this time, I am not sure if these changes have already been made to the original version of Dragon Court. Here are four exclusive pictures that include Faeries:

As you can see from the first picture, it is an encounter of a Faery from the Docks. So far, I have only encountered them in the Mounds, Docks, Forests, Mountains, and Dunjeons. Clicking on the third option to will make an attempt to capture it. The second picture is the screen received when you successfully capture it. You may gain Wits for capturing it. On the other hand, the picture below the first one shows an unsuccessful capture of a Faery. And finally, the last picture is the screen shown when you have died, and when the Faery flies you to the Healers Tower, without losing quests or any item in your backpack! When these new changes are made to DC1, this will most likely be an item that many people will attempt to hack in order to get millions of it. Although it saves you from losing quests or items from your backpack, you will still need to pay for healing in the Healers Tower.
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January 4, 2002
The Latest Test Version News/Skyriders Test Version is Back

It has been a few weeks since the last update on the test version. It looks like nothing has been fixed yet, but I will soon release the two unposted bug guides as promised before. On the other hand, it seems that the rutters have been "switched". The Rutter to Hie Brasil now works, but the Shangala rutter no longer works. Tomorrow, I will upload four pictures of the Faery, one of the new creatures in the test version. In fact, learn all about the Faery tomorrow when I upload the four pictures on it! If new changes are to be made to DC1, here are some of the changes that will be made to existing creatures and items:
1. You will now be able to either Attack or Capture a Faery.
2. The Faery Bottle is a new item that is received when you capture a faery. If you die, but own a faery bottle, you won't lose any of your equipment, or any quests. You will still be injured, however.
3. You can now find an UNIDENTIFIED Gladius from the Gladiators.
4. Gladiators no longer own a Targe. The now have a Great Targe.
5. Bottled Faeries themselves can be obtained from the Medusas at Hie Brasil.
6. The Castle Gate Guards will have a new portrait.
7. Items, such as Dragon Shields and Nunchakus can now become rare items.
8. As seen before, the Sphinx will have a new portrait.
9. Marks will have a new description.

Check back often for more updates on the test version!
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And once again, clan Skyriders is back in the test version. Although we are back, our power has been dropping. Perhaps I should log on to my character, but I don't want to run the risk of it being deleted. Also, because of the fact that the Storage was reduced to 100 slots and backpack 60 slots, that too will create another risk of logging on. The mail also happens to be screwy right now, so I won't be logging onto my character until something is fixed.
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January 3, 2002
Introducing the "Dragon Strategy Vault"!

The next and newest thing that clan Skyriders has to offer its members is the "Dragon Strategy Vault", a special vault that will best benefit new players, or players who wish to start new characters. Each strategy is basically a walkthrough of what to do, and has details on how to take advantage of using the strategy. It will take quite some time in order to see the real effect of each strategy. In order for it to be effective, you'll need to closely follow each tip. One wrong move and you most likely will get killed. For more information, check out the "Dragon Strategy Vault" under the "Resources" section. For now, I have only posted two strategies. More strategies will be posted soon. I would have posted a fourth one, but it would be merely impossible to go off with only 4 guts, 4 wits, and 24 charm. Heck, you'll probably in the Fields for a whole month or so, and you still wouldn't even advance to the next level. Remember that it will take alot of patience in order for each strategy to be effective. Start a new character and try it out for yourself! Now, for this ever growing list of tutorials and resources, I really do need to learn how to make frames.
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January 1, 2002
First Post of the New Year/Cookies Tutorial Posted/Questing Tips Guide Released

1-1-2002: The first post for the year 2002! This year, I am hoping that the clan will be way more successful than last year. For the past six months, we haven't been very successful at keeping the clan power up, and it is only getting worse by the day. In Early 2002, we should have the newspaper and guilds set up, and maybe some more stuff that is was not planned for. Indeed, 2002 will be a much better year than 2001, especially in its first few months where everything should be set up. Hopefully, clan power will not worsen while developing this.
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Have no idea what a Cookie is? Well, many have heard about the Cookie, but many have no idea what it is and how to get it. Our latest tutorial "How to get Cookies" will tell you everything that you need to know about Cookies, and it even includes everything you need to know about Kookies!
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Perhaps one of our largest releases of in-game strategy will be the "Questing Tips Guide". There are already over 75 unique tips for each questing location in the game. With this guide, you can quest smarter, and know what you will be up against. Follow these tips and you'll be perfectly fine! Best of all, this list is always growing, so be sure to check back for any new updates added to it!
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