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All of the fiction here is SG-1 for the time being - but expect some other stuff pretty soon... Or not so soon as the case may be :) BTW, [R] beside any of the titles means that it features Rhyanidd. Oh, and if you run into a sudden change of page format... Well, I'm getting there I promise.

Stargate SG-1


Rhyanidd [R]

Rhya - In Her Own Words [R]

The Gifts [R]

Choices [R]

Catspaw [R]

Degrees of Separation [R]

When Danny Met Melly

Journey to the Past

A Single Girl


Idol Pleasures [R]

Little People

Nano Nano

The Mayan Codex

Wanted: A Flea Collar

Elementary, My Dear Tau'ri


Holding Back the Tears [R]

If I Let You Go



She's Gone


One Night

While You Were Sleeping [R]

The Morning After

Doctor Knows Best

Mirror, Mirror


On The Other Hand




Revenge [R]

It was a Dark and Stormy Afternoon [R]

Drunkendisorderly [R]

Drunkendisorderly II [R]

Once Upon a Lunchtime [R]

What Do You Think? [R]

The Sale [R]

Whassit? [R]

Driving Lessons

I Never Wanted to be an Archaeologist... [R]

The Quagmire of Wrath [R]

SGC Adverts

More Adverts

Mr Rapunzel - A Fairy Tale

Sleeping Ugly - A Fairy Farce


Rhya - The Picture [R]
(No kidding, it's really a picture!)

Essays, etc...

Why I hate cleaning ovens

Fanficcing Across the Universe

Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of the JCAS

Minutes of the Not-So-Inaugural Meeting of the JCAS

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