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April 2011
Stalker in Turbo Porsche
I easily caught up to this $120,000 Turbo Porsche in the SR101 to I-17 transition lane. The driver, who saw me photograph him, and was a dead-ringer for Steve Wozniak, (co-founder of Apple), in a case of photo-road-rage attempted to follow me home. I assume that he, or his male partner, (probably holding hands) finally noticed I had an NRA bumper sticker on my faster-than-a-turbo-Porsche Cobalt and finally gave up their pursuit.
January 2011
Taurus vs. Saturn
Judging from the cars involved in this accident, I'd guess a pair of Illegal Aliens were making believe they were back in Mexico and simply ignored the red light at the intersection.
August 2010
Explorer vs. Box
What happens when you crash into one of those beige boxes next to the road
July 2010
DPS Giddyup
This DPS officer was driving very fast on southbound State Route 51 (the Squaw Peak Freeway) Thursday.
July 2010
Jackass Pickup
This guy was driving like a maniac on southbound State Route 51 (the Squaw Peak Freeway) Wednesday.
July 2010
July 7th, around 6:00pm we've got an accident on Cactus Road and 36th Street in north Phoenix, Arizona
July 2010
URL is What?
There comes a point when you really need to take a look at your company's URL.
July 2010
Fuji What?
I thought she said, "Fuji asshole!"
July 2010
Tatum Incident
South of Shea Boulevard on Tatum Road I saw this situation developing.
June 2010
Cutting Traffic
I got off the eastbound Pima Freeway at Tatum Boulevard and while waiting for the light to change I saw this DPS motorcycle cutting traffic so he could hang a u-turn and attend to an accident on the westbound Pima Freeway. You can barely make out his white-appearing brake light under the green dot.
June 2010
"And His Hair
Was Perfect!"
Here you can clearly see that a man is walking his werewolf. And, yes, his hair was perfect.

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London
(Geeze, I think the people sitting behind Warren may be Werewolves themselves and they don't find the song the least bit funny. Scary!)
June 2010
White Jet
Over at the Deer Valley Airport, oddly enough, on Deer Valley Road, I'm seeing plenty of these military jets. Sitting. Waiting.
June 2010
Front Seat
Ice Chest
Only in Phoenix, Arizona in the first of June, does one need to put anything cold in a styrofoam ice-chest for a twenty-two minute drive to work.
June 2010
Hey! Truck!
This proves that Phoenix, Arizona is not a one-horse town any longer. How could one horse eat this much hay?

And yes, I am one of those hay-seed yokels who yells at the top of my lungs everytime I see a truck loaded down like this: "HAY!"

May 2010
Adult Tricycle
We're going to be seeing a lot more of this, people on bicycles. The only real way to save money though is to get rid of your car, but if you owe payments, you'll end up paying for it whether you have it or not. In Europe, since fuel carries about $4 a gallon tax, & since their taxation is so high & so many people are on welfare, & unemployment is running about 20% (the U.S. is at 17% right now) many people ride bicycles.Memorial Weekend Obamavation

Pretty soon our leaders in Washington, in between flights on Air Force One, private jets, limousine rides and weeks-long vacations will be telling us how good it is for us to ride bikes & to 'downsize,' for both 'the children' and 'the planet.' Oh yay!

May 2010
Powder Prison
You're probably wondering why the powdered infant formula is kept behind bars, well, plastic bars, anyway. Number 1, since it is on WICs (a govt welfare program) it has tripled in price. It is also the perfect substance to cut (mix in with) cocaine so it appears to the buyer he or she is getting more than it seems. That's two reasons they often steal shopping-carts-loads of the stuff.

In Phoenix, AZ, I witnessed an incidence of this at my Albertson's on Tatum & Shea Boulevards late one evening. The would-be thief surrendered an entire cart stacked to overflowing with infant formula boxes, and since he didn't appear to be an Illegal Alien (with three anchor babies under the age of 2 1/2) we know it wasn't likely for home use.

Baby Formula Theft Ring
May 2010
Skater Dude
Skater dude waits for traffic signal to change at Sweetwater & Cave Creek Roads
May 2010
An ambulance goes by me while I'm on my way to work.
May 2010
Night Cop
May 13: Really hard to discern, but this is a Phoenix police department Chevy Tahoe heading east on Greenway Road, lights and siren, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with 'illegals' since according to news reports, they are no longer a source of crime in Arizona.
May 2010
Roll Top
Here's another great GM/GMC idea that they apparently didn't check to see that anyone would want to purchase.
May 2010
The People's
With gas price going through the roof (most likely), unemployment increasing, and three or four tracking GPS and computer devices installed in our cars, SUVs, and trucks, how long before we are all traveling like this?
Note: 'WE' would be on the bike. Possibly a midget politician or czar might ride in the enclosed carriage.
May 2010
The People's
Of course you think I'm nuts, but if, after my cataract surgery, I manage to retain my vision, and I have a little extra money, I'll probably be buying one of Wall Street
during Thursday's 
5/6/10  Plunge these motorized skateboards to get around on and during the coming De-Bama-Pression, when $4+ a gallon gasoline, along with stagnating wages, and the loss of even more jobs in private industry force me to save every penny I can.
May 2010
Greenway Accident
Thursday, May 6th, 2:21PM and another accident on Greenway Road near 44th Street in Phoenix, Arizona.
May 2010
Crotch Bat
I'm not sure what this guy is doing. Whatever it is, it doesn't look right.
April 2010
A-Team Van
With Murdock Driving?
This Jackass nearly swerved into me seconds before I snapped this photo. I was taking the back-way to work since the city was busy tearing up Greenway Road. A-Team MP5 I wasn't concerned until I took a little harder look at this matte-black vehicle and became convinced the driver packed both auto insurance, a valid driver's license and a machine pistol.

Oh, what was he swerving to avoid? A forty-four foot long yellow school bus with brake lights and turn-signal lenses the size of large dinner plates sporting a four-inch-wide red and white horizontal reflective tape strip running the width of its rear bumper. You know how those buses swerve in and out of traffic and are always unpredictable in what direction they may go next...

April 2010
This person has a lot of anger. Some of these bumper stickers appear to conflict with each other. KPHX radio is the new 'progressive' radio station that has less listeners than Cindy Sheehan would have at an NRA meeting. I love the 'evolutionists' because they love to hate the God they say does not exist.
April 2010
In the 21st Century the beauty of automobiles is being shunted aside as fools believe man is destroying the planet with his CO2 emissions. Seen here you may witness the GoreBama vision of what the (wealthy) workers of the world would be driving.
GM Laugh 2-Seater

But certainly we will never see the Nancy Pelosi's or any of our betters in D.C. carried by these wheeled coffins. One has got to know the universe has a sense of humor seeing the Japanese name of the vehicle.
April 2010
Caddy Fatty
This circumstance has been completely verified, codified and documented, (I think at Wikipedia), but for unknown reasons, the fattest of the fat-asses is always found in a Cadillac. And I don't know if I can afford one.
April 2010
Spying on MW
They are still mistaking your Mr.Wonderful for Tom Selleck. Here we have a helicopter I've not seen before, with someone clearly filming me as I'm taking this photo.
April 2010
Az Trucks 2010
AZ Trucks 2060?
The other day I learned the Obama Administration has mandated 33.5 mpg for American-made vehicles. On the border of the Town of Paradise Valley, Az, I looked up and saw these three 11 mpg trucks in the left turn lane.
1958 Cadillac--Castro came to power in 1959 in Cuba

I thought, reminiscent of Cuba, rather than being forced to buy union-built, govt designed, vastly over-priced, unsafe, Barbie-sized vehicles citizens don't want, we will simply keep what we have currently own while Detroit disappears into the dust of the 20th Century.
April 2010
Greenway Parkway
Another fatal accident on Greenway Parkway, this time at 32nd Street.

This link should get you to the slide show at that shows photos of the actual vehicles involved:
April 2010
Fighters Over Phoenix
I saw these guys flying over my community back on March 21, 2010.
March 2010
Taking a courtesy van-ride home from Courtesy Chevrolet (go figure) the other morning, I spotted Willie Nelson waiting for the cross-walk light to change so he might cross over to his favorite 7th Street Denny's, which was a favorite gathering after-show place for most of Phoenix's actors and actresses.
March 2010
I took a photo of the Cadillac Escalade on the roof of Coulter Cadillac and when I blew the photo up I saw I had captured another UFO
March 2010
Alero Jackass
Here's Thursday's Greenway Parkway Jackass, soon appearing in an accident near you. Kato was traveling 10, 15, 20mph over the limit for several miles. But, being he, or she, is a jackass, did not realize that the traffic signals are timed for 40-45mph, not 60.
March 2010
Four by Four Limo
Here is something you don't see everyday. A Ford Excursion four-wheel drive stretch limo. Only in Arizona. This particular one must be from Tucson where dirt roads are still quite common.
March 2010
Red Yellow Blue
After the rain on Monday the 22nd of February this beautiful rainbow was painted across the sky. It's too bad so many secularized citizens don't know the wonderful bible story about 'The Rainbow'.
February 2010
Some people just can't get enough of their minis. Talk about birds of a feather.
February 2010
In the summer, The Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, AZ) is known as the auto makers' hot weather testing center of the U.S. Lexus RX Mules jumping up and down so photo would be blurredI used to see all kinds of weird cars driving around with antennas so tall they almost hit the overhead power lines. Sometimes I'd even see a 'mule' that was covered in ductape and bondo to disguise what it was.

Driving home Thursday night, I spied these three vehicles that appeared to be Lexus RX series, only sporting Suburu emblems. With their reflective red and white taped bumpers, they're hard to miss.

February 2010
cake or death?
I thought the plate said 'coke' or death. Who knows what the heck they're talking about. Is this the anti-Marie Antoinette?
February 2010
Helo Spy
Here you can see the ABC15 helicopter spying on me. Again
February 2010
How do you re-end a city bus? It's not like they stop in a short distance or stop unexpectedly. Naturally, this accident took place on Greenway Parkway around 29th Street in Phoenix, Arizona.
February 2010
I see construction in my neighborhood is picking up again. Too bad, from what I know, I'd be willing to be the first occupants of these homes will be illegal aliens. What size of a mortgage payment can you afford if you have five adults living together, or three families? A heck of a lot more than a single adult male can.
February 2010
Plumber Jack Ass
The other day this dolt was following me westbound on Union Hills Road with less than a 12" pipe nipple's width between us. As soon as I hung the corner onto the westbound SR51 (the PeeOnTheStreet Freeway), it was as if I had flushed the toilet he was suddenly so far behind me. Of course, as soon as we got on a straight line again, he just had to fly by me.
February 2010
sons Osc
As government mandates, taxes and regulations increase, we will see more and more repairs not being done, more and more parking-lot pot holes.

Check it out.
My Albertson's held up 2/16/2010

February 2010
You made fun of me when I displayed photos of the 'District 9' housing project they are building near me. Well, now I am seeing all these prawns wandering about with arrows pointing towards it.
February 2010
4-Wheel Drive
Saw this guy at the Best Buy parking lot. The vehicle looks like it's straight out of 'The Road' movie. Gotta love the dog tied to the grill, eh?
February 2010
True Believer
Here is a big Obama true believer turning into the Ace Hardware parking lot to pick up some single-edge razor blades. Not sure if they would be used to scrape the decals off, or to slit wrists.
January 2010
Redux: Un-Safeway
Photos from an accident on a Greenway Parkway sited Safeway Grocery store.
January 2010
Sky Harbor
On the way out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport last Monday, January 18th, this Jackass was about eight feet off of my rear bumper running about seven miles per hour over the posted speed limit. But that's okay, because it had just started to rain.

Fastrack Airport Parking
Bus #317   AZ LPN CD97727
10:44AM 1/18/2010
January 2010
Cowboy or Cabalero?
On the way back from Sky Harbor Airport last Monday I spied this gentleman and was soon choking in the metallic-onion smelling fumes from his Dodge.

To many, this might appear as a cowboy driving a Daytona, however, to us skilled in art of sniffing-out illegals, the mighty curl on the brim and the car obviously not meeting emission standards labels the driver as a cabalero.

January 2010
Banana Sauce?
For the life of me, I cannot figure out why these bottles were on the clearance shelf. Why, just the other day I was snacking on a banana and wondering where my sauce was.
January 2010
Going Green
Some Phoenicians are really going green, not by using battery-powered cars, but by mounting hay-consuming beasts. Judson Tower
Town of Paradise Valley, AZ
circa 2000

And yes, I do know how to ride a horse. Not nearly as well as the ex-Mrs.Wonderful, or my Judson-school trained oldest boy, Mr.Wonderful Jr.

January 2010
With Phoenix winter low temperatures in the middle 40 degrees farenheit firewood sales is a booming business. Here we see a flatbed running down Cactus Road with a zillion cords of wood on it.
January 2010
Porcupine Posts
So sad that a classy store like Fresh & Easy has to protect their building from white trash and illegal alien crash-and-bashers by placing so many posts the front of the store resembles a WWII Normandy beachhead.
January 2010
Gas Prices
Just for the record books, here's what $10.00 (€ 7.08) will buy at the gas station in December of 2009. 3.93 gallons equals 14.9 liters.
January 2010
With the winter auto auctions in Scottsdale we're seeing vehicles we don't normally see. I've been told this is a Porsche 550 Spyder, the same model of car that James Dean, through no fault of his own, perished in. The '130' is the number Dean had painted on the side of his car. values this car at $800,000 or more.
January 2010
Job Application
When I was at Kierland Commons the other day, I felt moved to apply for a job at this store. I think it's got something to do with the alphabet.
January 2010
Pizza Fiend
I don't know how many people know that the Zhu Zhu pets run on AAA batteries and pizza.
January 2010
Dirty Dude
When I was drag-racing in the late 1960s, I sometimes drove my 1964 Plymouth 'race car' to work. Tell you what, I was never beaten off a light.

Looks like this guy races his truck on the weekends and is forced to drive it during the week. That, or he's a poser.

January 2010
Wrong Way
At first glance it looks as though this Chevy truck is going the wrong way. It isn't.
January 2010
Minnesota Mangler
There is a single right turn lane when Greenway Road meets Greenway Parkway at approximately 18th Street. So when I saw these snowbirds in this gray Chrysler 300 pull up to my left, I somehow knew they would turn right from the left-turn-only lane. And they sure did as they paralleled my turn only to almost get rear-ended by an east-bound speeding white mini-truck.
January 2010
Snottsdale Wheels
You can always tell when you're closing in on Snottsdale, Arizona because you see the newly purchased Mercedes out and about.
January 2010
Parking Space
for Who?
Somebody call George Noory. The result of E.T. and human breeding is common knowledge in Phoenix, Arizona. Why they have their own parking spots!
January 2010
Osco Fatty
Last Tuesday I spent probably 20 minutes in line at my Albertson's-Osco pharmacy. It wasn't the pharmacists' fault, it was the dumb-assed customers. So this hog-body (which is my goal to become), on her electric mobility device, gets up to the counter and gobbles up her four prescriptions: "Ambien" (for sleeping), "Prozac" (for depression), "Seroquel" (for bipolar disorder) and "Prilosec" (for heartburn). Can you say? "Lose some effing weight fat ass!"

What was your Mr.Wonderful picking up? His levothyroxine a prescription for his thyroid disorder of unknown causes, but probably from eating bushels of raw broccoli when I was on The Atkins' Diet years ago when I lost 43 pounds.

January 2010
Yellow Chevy
Back in the late 1960s high school buddies, Kelly, Harry & me all drove cars that were manufactured before we were born.

1948 Chevy

While your Mr. Wonderful drove a classy 1950 Desoto sporting a cut glass cover on my interior domelight, Harry and Kelly drove pedestrian 1948 Chevys. I feel pretty certain that yellow was not an available color in the post World War II era.
January 2010
Here's an airplane you don't see very often, a PC-12 Pilatus, manufactured in Sweden.
January 2010
This tailgating loon followed me for several miles down Greenway Parkway on the last day of the year 2009. This moron was one car length behind me with no hope of stopping without hitting me had something happened. Any wonder why Greenway is accident central for Phoenix, Arizona. As I type this there was a fatal accident at Greenway and 51st Avenue.
Dec 31, 2009
District 9
District 9 Sign After having seen the 'science fiction' movie District 9 last night I easily recognized the yellow modular forms that will be used to erect housing for the prawns in north Phoenix, Arizona.
December 2009
Fitness Center
With the New Year coming and resolutions on the mind, here's a fitness center I could belong to.
December 2009
Whale Tail
I saw this 1975-era Porsche roaring down Cave Creek Road on Christmas eve. Actual whale's tail In the 70s that wing on the back, called a 'whale-tail' was quite outrageous. The Turbo version of this 911, labeled the 930, cost as much as a 1975 Rolls Royce Corniche and was at the time, the fastest and most hard-to-drive car around.
December 2009
Edge Idiot
This winter visitor just had to get in front of me to turn right. more Scottsdale tourists
"They don't know it's not Scottsdale" No, go straight. No, turn left.

I'm probably just jealous that I haven't been outside of Phoenix since 2003, when I flew to Texas to beg my ex-wife not to divorce me. And boy were my arms tired!

Stacey Kent sings
"I Wish I Could Go Traveling Again"

December 2009

Christmas !

MB Beast

I saw this beast of a Mercedes truck westbound on Greenway Parkway and 64th Street. Apparently, he saw me taking the photo because he set off his locomotive-sounding horn array. Ouch!

December 2009
Juan in the Lane

Tuesday evening, I went by the Jack in the Box on 32nd Street & Cactus Roads to pick up 16 tacos and a couple of chicken sandwiches. Man on Bike
in JITB drivethru We found this gentlemen in line behind us in the drive-thru lane. On a bike. In the rain. With a dog. Never mind that all the restaurants have a notice at the window stating they will not serve walk-up customers.

December 2009
Nuther Crash

Big surprise, Greenway Parkway Crash
December 19, 2009 another crash on Greenway Parkway just east of 64th Street. I'm seeing only one vehicle, so I'm assuming the other one took off. Driven, most likely, by one of our few remaining illegal aliens working at the bankrupt Food City for the Bashas' boys.

December 2009
Flying Orange

Looking like a poorly designed children's toy, this Robinson 40 flies over my workplace.

December 2009
Street Light Primer

I am so tired of writers and others not knowing the difference between metal halide light, light from high pressure sodium and the light from low pressure sodium. Metal halide light is bluish-white, while high pressure sodium light is slightly orange, with low pressure sodium lamps, always housed in long rectangle-shaped fixtures, emitting a rich orange light that renders all colors beneath them either gray or black.

visit Lamptech for more information
about lamps than you need to know
December 2009
Hamster Spell

The other day, when I thought I was alone, I cursed the Cult of Global Warming and Algore changed me into a gawdamned Syrian hamster. El Wiztard Maxiumus
21st Centuri Lord
Algore Privatejet

Son of a bitch! I spent the day burrowing into my sawdust, scoring un-salted sunflower seeds from a huge hand that descended from the sky, and running and running and running in my purple treadmill. However, I did finally get down to my fighting weight.

December 2009
Arnold's Hummer

Here's an H1 Hummer (the Arnold inspired one) pulling what looks to be an ex-military wood-slatted trailer. How Hummers have fallen, hell, even the company was bought by the Chinamen and is soon to be moved to the land dog-meat miso, Mandarin, and Mao.

December 2009
Breathing Battery

This driver was apparently told that, for better performance from his rented Altima Hybrid, he should leave the trunk open. In the left hand lane note the child's-carved-bar-of-soap-shaped-looking Prius.

December 2009
Road Branch

The afternoon of December 7th high winds knocked down this tree branch onto the road. You can see at the yellow dot to the right where the branch might have come from, the other yellow dot shows the branch. The red dot on the police car exposes what looks like a damaged rear bumper; almost as if he ran over the branch.

December 2009
Sheet Rain

The night of December 7th some of the hardest rainfall I'd ever seen in Phoenix hit. Since it came down in sheets, and I had to slow my vehicle to 20mph to even see this good, I'd call it sheet rain. All my Mexican friends could say was, "Sheet! Rain!"

December 2009
Sunset 101

Back in November, I took this shot while westbound on the 101 and found I had captured another wonderful sunset caused mostly by the 'pollution' the EPA wants to rid from our Arizona skies.

December 2009
Schizo Crossing

My son spotted this schizo (yellow dot) whose jerky string puppet-like movements indicated he was under distress and in need of immediate care or hospitalization. As our social services re-route more and more of their resources (our tax dollars) to able-bodied, functioning adults (and millions of illegal aliens) we will witness evermore of those truly needing help wandering the streets and populating our prisons.

December 2009
Private Jet

The Sunday after Thanksgiving I watched fifteen of these private jets lift off from Scottsdale Airpark. Only in America.

December 2009
Pocket Rocket

As I left for work Sunday I saw this guy riding his miniature pocket rocket up and down the street. Hard to find a funnier sight.

November 2009

The red Spectrum driver was all upset because I turned left onto Cave Creek Road before he could enter the intersection and turn right. So, the Jackass just had to pass me. Now, see the motorcycle in the center lane? Well, the rider also had the gall to turn onto Cave Creek in front of the Speculum driver, however, he had the horsepower to keep ahead of this pinhead.

159 - XSX
November 2009
Military Helos

I heard these two guys coming from a long way away. Not sure what they were doing.Sky blue AH64? The inset photo is some sort of AH64 helicopter painted sky blue. The picture is so poor because they were aiming their video scrambling weapon at me.

November 2009
Greenway & Tatum Accident

Yet another accident on Greenway Parkway. This one at Tatum Boulevard and Greenway on Monday, November 9th, 2009

November 2009
Prices on
The QT

Here's the price as of November 22, 2009 of gasoline in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

November 2009
Dusk Falls
on the 101

Wednesday, driving Mr.Wonderful III home from his retail job at a discount business, where during the recession of 2007-2012, merchandise Same spot on freeway
December 7th, 2009 is flying off the shelves, we saw this Arizona Highway Patrol truck helping a driver with his, or her, mechanical troubles. As I've stated before, I believe this highly visible public service is one reason many of us encounter our Arizona Highway Patrol (State Police) with less fear in our hearts than we do our municipal police.

November 2009

Mirage Auto Sales, a literally fly-by-night used car dealer, has flown. However, the other day I think I saw one of their 'Mirage-Mobiles' drive by.

November 2009

Back on the first Tuesday in November I spotted this accident aftermath on the northeast corner of Cave Creek Road and Union Hills. Far shot of
accident victims I imagine the individuals on the fence are waiting for La Migras to pick them up and cart them off jail.

November 2009

Can you see the light-gray exhaust plume coming out of the tailpipe of this white Ford Crown Victoria driven by a Food City customer? Many vehicles driven by Food City customers do not meet any emission requirements, but you cannot physically see how they are polluting our Arizona skies. I'd guess that this particular POS is pumping out enough garbage to negate the 'non-pollution' of around 100 Toyota Prius.

(For those of you not in Arizona, the only people who shop at Food City speak one language and it isn't English.)

November 2009

Here we see one of those green Prius Discount Taxis that no one hopes they'll get picked up by, for they enjoy the comforts of Escalades and Tahoes.

November 2009

Greenway Parkway never lets me down for witnessing morons driving like idiots. These two winners were flying down the parkway at 55 or 60mph like they could actually beat the traffic lights timed for only 45. To prove they are real hot-shots, the co-pilot must hang his arm out the window.

November 2009

Greenway Parkway never lets me down for having accidents to photograph, this one from Friday, November 6th, at 11:07pm.

Cop car 11/6/2009
As a matter of fact, I've got a much worse accident from November 9th at Tatum Boulevard and Greenway Parkway still in the camera.
October 2009

I saw this "420" scratched on my mirror in the hovel apartments I live in. Sure it was the graffiti of a killer gang from Guadalupe, Surprise, or possibly Mars, I prepared to write about it.

420 scratched on mirror
Telling my daughter of the "420" mirror-scribe she informed me that it was simply the bragging of a pot-head. Why "420"? Because supposedly there are 420 chemicals in marijuana.
October 2009

This Piaggio Avanti is a rare sight. My Jane's airplane book states there were only 120 manufactured. You can hear this aircraft Piaggio Avanti coming quite a ways off. My pocket camera is too small to get a decent photo, so I've included a photo I borrowed from the AirSpace web page.

October 2009
Cave Creek

On my way to the closest Bank of America branch Wednesday evening

Phoenix police vehicle blocking left 
turn lane onto Cave Creek Road south

I saw that Cave Creek Road south of the weird Thunderbird-Cactus intersection was ribboned-off indicating one or more people died tonight. No more worries for them, mate.
October 2009

I keep telling everyone that I live in an especially dangerous neighborhood. I think this is proof of that in triplet.

When is the last time you've had three Mormon missionaries come to your door? I will bet you one is fluent in border-Spanish.

October 2009
Cell Scam

I received this message the other day. The first thing I did was to check my two credit cards and neither of them had these numbers. The next day I phoned the 877-539-1561 and found the number was not working. Plus I have no idea what "CU West" is. Must have been some kind of scam.

October 17, 2009
Happy Halloween

Still want to move to The Valley of the Sun, Hotshot?

Speed Racers

Every afternoon and every evening I putt down Greenway Parkway Lamborghini
Gallardo on
Greenway Pkwy at exactly 4mph over the 40 or 45 mile per hour speed limit (64kph) because I know, and rightly so, that Phoenix cops will ticket at only 5mph over the posted limit.

So Saturday night at around 11:15pm on my way home, I heard these two racing before I saw them. Being the traffic signals are timed, I knew it wouldn't be long until I caught up with them. What was surprising was how loud they were, and how slow they were.


I simply just haven't been seeing that many things of interest lately.

However, I still appear to be of interest of the paparazzi's at ABC-15, as their helicopter overflies my gatehouse several times each day. For all I know, I may be on a reality show starring me. And you all know  how much I would hate that.

Safe Axle

As those of you who know Mr.Wonderful also know that I raced off-road motorcycles for 21 years.

MW Barstow
to Vegas

You might not know that I totally destroyed two full coverage helmets and lived to tell the story. Of course, now in later life my brain is certainly paying for it...where was I?

Apparently the motorcycle rider in the photo is more concerned with protecting his rear axle than his head, and, if he voted for Obama, this is a good thing.


The other day, this dork on a three-wheeled motorcycle went screaming by us. I guess they are approved for use by waterheads. I especially loved the 1935 Indianapolis 500 helmet.

Cheese Paper

I've been working between 8am and 1pm moving for the past three weeks, pretty much rushing from my apartment to the office, then back home again to sleep, and to then wake up at 8am and start packing again and transporting boxes to my new location while emptying and cleaning up my old abode.

So as I was eating my homemade ham and cheese the other day at the shack, I kept ending up with a wad of paper in my mouth. After the second spit-wad, I pried open the sandwich and saw that I'd forgotten to pull out the paper that was between the pieces of my real cheese before I included it.


I'd heard about the new Dunkin' Donuts on the corner of 32nd Street & Cactus Road in Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix Police
red & blues going I'd just not been able to pick it out of the crowd until they put the huge coffee cup on the roof. But someone else beat me to it. I wonder if they used lights and siren?

Hybrid Vegetables?

Someone over at my Tatum & Shea Boulevard Albertson's is confused on so many levels. And no, I did not move the sign. My reality is actual reality, especially after nine or so Heinekens.

Not Safe Way

Another car crash on Greenway. It's no wonder the Phoenix police ticket people for going five miles per hour over the 45/40mph speed limit.


A rare half-a-rainbow came out the other day.


Yah dumb-phucks. What will it take for you loonies to slow down, not tailgate, and pay attention? Does your life have to be forever altered, or even ended (or rear-ended) before you drive like you have a brain in your head?

Here we have a three-vehicle pileup. Morons.


Driving west on Cactus Road around 30th Street, I saw the aftermath of this accident on Saturday,Phoenix police
28th St & Cactus September 12th, 2009 around 7:30am.

So many people in Phoenix drive as if they are Super-Heroes, when they really aren't, we have these crashes quite often.


At the end of summer, at Kierland Commons, I watched a grandmother take photos of her progeny playing amongst the ever popular dancing fountains.

As I was standing there, watching, wishing, an older guy, as he walked by said to me, "We wish we could be doing that too."


I saw these two Segways running down the street. In the lead we see the "Single-handed-soon-to-crash", racing up behind is the "Red-topped-sidewalk-mite."

Sheriff Joe's

Don't know much about helicopters, but I can hear Sheriff Joe's coming 45 seconds before I see it, before it flies over my guard shack about three times every day.

Dumb Sh*t

On Friday this moron came screaming up behind me and stayed about three feet off my rear bumper for many hundreds of yards. I actually thought he was going to rear-end me. After he passed me and accelerated to around 60mph, 32 blocks later I easily caught up to him stopped at one of Greenway Parkway's timed traffic signals. An idiot endangering us all: Arizona LPN 676ZCP.

Spiked Crosser

I spotted this, construction worker Rooster w/
spiked hairdo crossing Scottsdale Road at Greenway Parkway proudly wearing his rooster look-at-me hair-do. If anyone tells him what a goof he looks like, they don't do it to his face.

Double Trouble

I saw this the other day on the drive to work. This would be fine if it were 1920 in Chicago, but in the 21st Century this kind of thing is illegal on probably a dozen counts. You don't really think the County Health Inspectors inspect these wheeled-salmonella buckets? Who also don't possess a business license or, most important of all, collect sales tax.

While the comical Arizona Republic newspaper lists the results of health inspections at food servers who pay thousands of dollars a month in rent alone, these guys, because they are the favored 'migrants' push their carts under any and all radar.

Journey Junk

Here is one of the latest vehicles from Chyrsler, and although too early to have been designed by the Kill-American-Life communists in Washington, D.C. I'm sure they approve of this butt-ugly pregant Caliber-looking thing called the Journey.

1958 Cadillac Convertible
a car black people used to
be proud to own & drive

Like I've been telling you my neighborhood has more cops than most have fire hydrants. And that is a good thing.

Helo Photography

Every time a helicopter flies close enough to my Sheriff's Helicoptergatehouse to be able to be clearly captured on my sub-compact pocket camera, I leap out of the air-conditioned confines of my office and snap a picture.

If you look at the guy in the rear window, he looks like he's taking a photo of me, while I'm taking a photo of him. It's not easy being a dead ringer for Tom Selleck.

Repo vs. Repo

You know times are tough when the 'Repo-man' is repoed hisself.


I got another photo of one of these unlicensed gasoline engine-powered motorbikes.

The engine appears to be off of some sort of powered hand tool with the final output a tiny wheel that pushes against the rear tire. It's not loud at all and if the engine doesn't apply enough power on the uphills, the rider has the option to add his pedal power.

With Obama's plans on Cap & Trade, with its imaginary limits on unmeasurable emissions of carbon dioxide, and his belief that gasoline should be selling at more than $4 a gallon ($1.06 per liter) anyone making less than around $30,000 a year (£18,400) will for certain be riding one of these.


I heard this beast a dozen minutes before I saw it. At first, having a flash-back from all the Vietnam War movies I've seen, I thought it was a HUEY coming in to rescue me, the last survivor at our forward lookout point, but when the HUEY didn't show, I went back to work killing gooks.

I'll have to look this peculiar and quite-large beast up in my Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide, and the closest helicopter it resembles is Bell AH-1 SuperCobra. (8/24/ of my son's has informed me that it is a brand new 'model Z' of the AH-1)

Just what you need flying over your city, eh? Right, if you're in Afghanistan.

Apartment Fun

Coming in the back way to my apartment complex Thursday night, as I pulled around front and into my covered parking space (that the drunken illegal alien decided not to use) I saw two Phoenix police cars and four officers talking to one of my neighbors and took this photo at 800asa. Thank God for the cops.

And this time, when they left, they even switched the rolling gate back on, meaning it closed after they drove off. Being a gate guard, I'm concerned about things like that; that and whether living in my car, it would be more comfortable to sleep upright in the front seat, or sleep laying down crunched-up in the back seat with my hand wrapped around my Browning .380 auto.


Here is today's idiot. Of course I'm fairly sure the driver was an illegal alien and they aren't intelligent enough to be even called an idiot.

In any case while the traffic light was turning yellow, on its was to red this moron cut in front of me right before the intersection, right when I might have accelerated to 'make the light' resulting in an collision. Illegals, gotta love 'em. There isn't a place in Phoenix that isn't better off because of illegals.

Hot Dog!

I saw this little yellow thing coming at me the other morning. Hot-dog-like car It took me a while to figure out it's a hot dog vendor cart that can be unfolded when it gets to its destination. They've been using this in India for decades. As America descends further into federally-driven destitution, many more of these will be seen. We'll all end up selling hot-dogs to each other. What fun. Pass the mustard.

Bare Back

While Mr. Wonderful is chronically griping about everything and everyone, I am not blind to how very, very fortunate I am.

As we passed this wheelchair-bound fellow, the dash outside temperature gauge read 108F (42.2C) degrees.

Turtle Race

Saw these two extremely attractive Prius's on the way home the other morning. The one on the left is an earlier model, while the right-hand one is a later version. Course the newer Prius driver had to show us how much faster his car with a 144 pound (65k), $5,000 battery was than the older version.

Neither of this nitwits realize that there is no country that comes close to our level of restricting auto exhaust emissions, Exhaust of typical
3rd World vehicle and that there are hundreds of millions of vehicles in India and China, of which the tailpipe exhaust of only one negates the efforts of twenty Prius drivers. And then we have our own illegal aliens careening around in decades-old unregulated minivans that pollute 100 or more times than a single Prius.

Corner Moron

Brandy was tail-gating me many blocks northbound on Cave Creek Road, and then we came to the right turn onto Greenway (just 'Greenway', no 'Dr', no 'Blvd', no 'Parkway') which I took at my normal pace. After my turn, looking into my rear view mirror I saw this VW EOS, no longer tail-gating, but about eight car-lengths behind my Chevy POS.

Of course, then she had to fly by me once on Greenway Parkway, only to end up at the next traffic signal, as I knew she would. Brandy, "Any moron can tail gate, you need to learn to drive in other than a straight line."

Fling Free

Billy-Bob always a-feared to be trapped upside down in his truck and drowning in one of the many lakes inside the city of Phoenix. Or being burnt to a pork-rind if he dun rolled his chariot on the way home from the Wagon Wheel and it caught on fire, so he jess yanked them doors off-on his ride so that he'd be flung free of the vehicle in any kind of traffic altercation.

VW Worktruck

With all those 'flamethrowers' on his roof, I'd guess this guy does a lot of work at night, eh?

Didn't even think a VW could pull a trailer.

The Meth-Head,
The Box,
& The Bike

The other afternoon as I was leaving my apartments, I saw this odd sight. I had my camera settings wrong, so the photo is just a little too bright. But this adult meth-head (or maybe he's on the starvation-life extension diet) appears to be carrying a huge box full of stuff on his really cool bicycle.

My daughter, who has experience with these addicts, told me that this box may be full of worthless items, personal worthless items, that this meth-head, in his messed-up thinking, will be worth massive dollars to someone. Somewhere.

Police Action

On Cave Creek Road, south of Bell Road on Sunday, August 9th, at approximately 11:19:21 hours, I witnessed the officer in the police car behind the red truck waiting for backup.

The taillights you see to the far left in the photo is his backup officer arriving, at which point the officer got out and approached the red truck. Later, as I drove home, I saw a Phoenix Police Tahoe also racing to the scene.

Things are never boring when you live amongst the illegal aliens, meth-heads, felons on parole and security guards.

June Bug

Just to prove that I'm not entirely scared of all members of the order coleoptera, here is a June Bug (fig beetle) on my finger. I found him on his back in the 105F degree (40.5C) heat. I brought him into my office and revived him and set him free again.

When we were kids we always knew, even without the National Weather Service's 'Excessive Heat Warnings' when summer was here because it brought out the June bugs.

Beastly Beetle

On the wall is a palo verde borer beetle that chews the roots of palo verdes and various other desert trees. Like it's not hard enough to survive in the less-than-six-inches-of-rain-a-year-desert already.

Derobrachus geminatus  grows from 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) long, and while frightful looking in repose, these beasties in flight, coming at you with their 6" plus wingspan, look like ravenous vampire bats, only without their cute little mammalian pointy-teeth bat-smile.

Cold Snap

With day-time August temperatures in here in Phoenix, Arizona not even hitting 105F degrees, and nighttime temps dropping into the low 80's, I wasn't surprised the other afternoon when I poured filtered tap water into the funnel stuck in my custom, one-off, 'Mr.Wonderful Signature Series' re-fillable water bottle and it came out the small end frozen.

No Fear

Scottsdale Photo
Radar Van Most of us fear the all seeing omnipresent photo-radar guardians of Phoenix, however I seriously doubt whoever is driving this Ford Expedition worries much.

Blowing the Light

Trying to ignore the racket of the usual ghetto bird as accompaniment, I was outside taking some photos of books this 113F degree afternoon. Then I heard the loudspeaker begin booming as if God were talking to me, however, when I looked up I saw the police helicopter audio barrage was not directed towards me. Cop blowing red light
at 24th Street & Cactus Road I went outside onto Cave Creek Road and took multiple photos that will be soon be available  for viewing. In the meantime I left my barrio to go visit a Bank of America branch safely located 5 miles to the east, and witnessed this Phoenix police car, 'lights & siren', blowing the red light at Cactus Road & 24th Street. I believe he was headed towards my very own ghetto.

July 2009
Em Are

days Having been in the electrical industry from 1966 until 1991 I could never understand a business having the name of 'M.R.' Electric.

I remember the first electrician who showed up at my gate in an MR Electric van. I asked him why anyone would name a company 'Mental Retard Electric', he really didn't seem to appreciate the question. Then again, maybe I should have spoken slower?

July 2009
to Phoenix

A welcome to Phoenix, Arizona via the Scottsdale police department.

July 2009
Bee Swarm

Once you know what bee swarming looks like you can spot them in an instant. Here I got into my car after work and my headlights lit up this blob of bees. Apparently they weren't 'killer bees' since i got pretty darned close and did not get attacked. Of course I held my breath the whole time.

July 2009
Fake Cop

I know police departments have to sell their old vehicles, but how many dodos out there would pull over if this ex-police car signaled to do so?

Black & White

Here's another idiot (or possible serial rapist or killer) in his 'Black & White' ex-police car. He drove like he was a real policeman so I let him pass me so I could take this picture. The dolt doesn't realize that the major cities in Arizona haven't used 'Black & Whites' since Broderick Crawford starred in the TV series, 'Highway Patrol'.

July 2009
Hot Mom

It is gawdamned hot here in Phoenix, Arizona. Today it was 112F (44.5C) degrees. It's so hot the birds simply give up on flying and land and sometimes die. I find many more dead avians on my summer patrols than during any other season.

Here you can see a hot quail mom with her two young chicks beneath her just giving up and sitting on the asphalt next to the fire-department-red painted curb at 9pm. I think they usually hatch around eight to twelve, so the other birds and the evil roadrunners probably ate these two brothers and sisters popping them into their mouths like we eat Milk Duds.

July 2009
Today's Idiot

Actually, this is not 'today's' idiot, but last week's idiot shown today. This moron was cutting across all three lanes in order to get ahead of everyone else so he or she could have the privilege of being first in line to merge onto the always-constipated Squaw Peak freeway south.

Of course the dolt will never understand that the traffic lights are timed to encourage morons like him to drive the speed limit.

July 2009

Okay, fine he's not naked, but this motorcycle rider might as well be if he falls riding his scooter. And even Evan can fall.

July 2009

For those of you who don't believe Arizona is rapidly becoming a part of Mexico, here we have an unabashed Mexican taxi. Not Mexican-American, but Mexican.

July 2009

A not often told story of three vehicles: An H2 Hummer, a Smart4Two and a minivan.

July 2009
Road Side

Ever wonder who pulls down all those advertisements for garage sales and get-rich quick signs posted on utility poles? The Road(side) Warrior does.