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Oct. 1, 2006
1950s Electric Car
Even though gasoline prices continue to plummet, your Mr.Wonderful went out and bought a vehicle that runs on electricity. And, listen to this Honda, Toyota and GM, it was made in the 1950s!
Oct. 9, 2006
Unleaded Gasoline
From October 1st, 2006, this photo demonstrates that unleaded gasoline prices continue to fall. It's like the 'oil minister' of Italy said the other day, "Oil is one-half the price of Coca Cola." And we spoiled American's don't even consider is that no one actually needs  Coca Cola.
Oct. 12, 2006
Campaign Signs
It's election season in The Valley of the Sun and we've got the red, white and blue signs to prove it. Propositions from banning testing of vital and life-saving drugs on animals, to prohibiting smoking within 1,000 yards of any nitrogen molecule, populate the Arizona voter's menu. All I know is that if the Liberals take control of Congress, I'm adding another weapon to my gun collection and massively buying into burqa futures.
Oct. 15, 2006
Media Sharks
A photo from October 3rd, MW fighting off shark attack where Mr.Wonderful spied a bee swarm of reporters (whose van-mounted Jack-in-the-Beanstock-tall antennas literally blocked the light of the afternoon Scottsdale sun), crowding near his tony Town of Paradise Valley digs. My heart thudding, thinking they had discovered where I lived, I sped by. Later, I learned they were there to interview high school officials, and the resident Kevlar-wearing, Scottsdale police officer, about a text-message threat from one student to another.
After the Mark Foley I.M. (AOL Instant Message) congressional-page scandal,  those of us who have been using the Internet for decades now understand, according to our astute, erudite and far-left class of 'Media & Print Journalism Professionals', that Eye-Emming and E-mailing are the same as actually perpetrating the act. I can't wait for the P.C.-Police to show up at my door to behead your MW for the thousands of hateful statements mixed amidst the 156.4 megabytes of my Mr.Wonderful web site.
Oct. 16, 2006
Orange UFOs
Looking almost like a midnight photo of two Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns taken at an angle, these two actual U.F.O.s paced MW's patrol vehicle for the entire length of the Art Bell Show. During the fourteen minutes of commercials and news each hour, they turned into television monitors and played re-runs of "I Love Lucy". I always hated "I Love Lucy." I never loved Lucy.
Oct. 17, 2006
Angry Harry
When you see a giant hairy scorpion in this stance,
it's best just to walk in the other direction.
Oct. 18, 2006
Rock Circle
Past midnight on October 8th, I saw this totally inexplainable sight in far north Phoenix. I'm certain that judging from its location and the intricacy of the design it could have only been made by visitors from outside of our solar system. I could not designate it a 'crop circle' so I coined the term 'rock circle'.
Oct. 18, 2006
Shell Price
Gasoline prices continue to fall, although not as fast as in the past. $2.13 per U.S. gallon is about the lowest in Phoenix, Arizona. OPEC is threatening to restrict production of oil but this shouldn't have any effect because even at sixty dollar a barrel oil, those thieves are spending money like a Ted-Kennedy-drunk Republican Congress, and they need every dollar they can grab.
Oct. 21, 2006
Here's something you don't see everyday.
A Honda Civic with a pick-up bed.
Oct. 22, 2006
Glowing E.T.
It's been awhile since an extra-terrestrial has exposed himself to me. confiscated UFO artifact Here you can view an individual that emerged out of a dark as pure as Madonna's heart. He entrusted me with an artifact. An artifact that the NSA/CIA/FBI and the Manatee County Chapter of the Rare Fruit Council International, Inc. immediately confiscated from me. (How do they always seem to know exactly where I am? Couldn't be the E911 service on my Verizon LG cellphone, could it?) Currently my squadron of ad hoc, per diem and pro bono lawyers are attempting legal means to retrieve this enormously valuable device of extra-terrestrial design and manufacture.
Now I realize that foolish doubters among you may claim that this incredible image is simply a purposely-out-of-focus photo of a glowing Halloween skeleton hung on someone's front porch. Friends, do not for an instance believe that.
Oct. 24, 2006
Hunter Hawks
A couple of raptors are seen scoping out their next meal. There's plenty to eat in far north Phoenix and these guys have no fear of starvation. They are big birds, but the barn owls that come out at night, and sound like a bedsheet flappiing in a stiff breeze when launching themselves off of these same light poles, dwarf them.
Oct. 26, 2006
Jack Rabbit
Something that, ten years ago, in the Arizona deserts, used to be a common sight. A 'Jack Rabbit'. A hare. These are different from the worthless bunnies that are smashed by vehicles and transformed into 'flabbits', in that they can run as fast as a pregnant cheetah and sport ears that stick out farther than actor Will Smith's do. Taken at night, with the hare trapped against a fence, look beneath the red dot to see the endangered Jack R. Rabbit.
Oct. 27, 2006
Serpents from Hell
Using special filters on my camera 'borrowed' from Area 51, you can see the first ever photo of a serpent(s) from hell. Being it casts, like an evil rainbow, ruinous havoc in all directions I took the photo and ran like ... well ... Hell. Observe the yellow line running at a forty five degree angle near the top right of the photo. This is the actual crack in the Earth's surface that leads to Hell. One of the snakes is seen crawling away from the camera, the other towards it.
Oct. 28, 2006
Rare Honesty
In an extremely rare display of 'transparency' (honesty) the State of Arizona actually reveals how much they profit from each gallon of gas each driver purchases. Can you even imagine how much money the state collects from just this single tax?
To see a list of many of the invisible taxes we pay visit:
Mr.Wonderful Talks Taxes
Oct. 31, 2006
Scooter Doofus
Here we witness the too-common and too-affluent 'scooter-doofus'. Spotted by your Mr.Wonderful squatting on an ill handling pseudo-motorcycle that probably cost more than a two-year old Prius. Note his ball-cap helmet, his steel-toed sandals, his Tom Selleck-style shorts, and his tear-resistant silk shirt. While drawing no more notice than the crushing of an empty soda can on our rubberized-calmed streets, this dork is certain to be squashed by one of Scottsdale's many cement mixers, dump trucks, or one of the battalions of mustard-yellow school buses carrying the progeny of north Scottsdale millionaires. However it is excellent that we get these people out of the gene pool A.S.A.P.
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