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Feb. 02, 2006
Money Talks
Here is your Mr. Wonderful's greatest fear. Well it's not my GREATEST fear. My greatest fear is that they discover tequila causes cancer. But, this is my second greatest fear and that is I get in an accident that is not my fault, but yet due to my $25,000 State Farm Insurance collision deductible, I have to drive around in a damaged automobile until I can save up enough money to get it fixed. How awful.
Feb. 03, 2006
Normally I 'smudge' out the license plate number of any vehicle I use on my web pages. But, in this case, I'm leaving it loud and clear. This SOB ran the red light west bound at Paradise Lane and then blithely scooted south on Scottsdale Road. He/she must have thought they were driving a real Jaguar, not just a Jag body on a Mercury frame. The only excuse for this kind of A-Hole driving could be is, if at the time, they were drunker than your own Mr. Wonderful. Doubtful. Doubtful. People like this give drunk drivers a bad name.
Feb. 04, 2006
The FBR Open golf tournament not only draws 200 million dollars to Scottsdale, it also draws 200 million cars ... oh yeah, and one UFO. What can I say? They follow me around.
Feb. 05, 2006
Aztec Rock Pile
While risking my life in the Arizona deserts, I located this rock pile, that indicates it was placed by Aztec's taken away by UFOs in the 1500's, and returned to the planet in the 21st Century.
Feb. 06, 2006
While having a late lunch at Reata Pass Restaurant in the Bermuda Triangle between Troon and Troon North, we spot real cowboys. Right.
Feb. 07, 2006
U.N. Jeeps
While most citizens of north Scottsdale believe these picturesque Jeeps to be filled with wealthy tourists, your Mr. Wonderful knows them to be filled with disguised U.N. Troops practicing disbursement to their appointed sites. Appointed sites which are delineated by codes written on the backside of everyday highway signs.
Feb. 08, 2006
U.N. Missile
At great personal risk, your Mr.Wonderful snapped this photo of a U.N. mobile missile launcher being raised to its upright and locked firing position. Hugo Chavez President of Venezuela While, to some of my less observant readers, this equipment may look like nothing more than a very large gravel truck dumping its load (which is kept covered beneath the red tarp) that is exactly what they want you to think! While pretending to be an illegal immigrant and by using my rudimentary knowledge of the Spanish language, I conversed with the U.N. guidance control specialist, who was from Venezuela. He confided to me they were practicing aiming the weapon at downtown Phoenix from various GPS designated locations north of the Valley.
Feb. 09, 2006
Unleaded Regular
Gasoline prices remain stubbornly high at $2.439 per gallon for unleaded regular. But not as high as they could be if your Mr.Wonderful had not given away his gas-hog 1980s vintage Chevrolet Suburban. And that was when fuel was only a dollar gallon and it ran forty dollars to fill it up. In any case I don't see anyone changing their driving habits of flooring it from stoplight to stoplight. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of MW's camera and perfect Aryan face.
Feb. 10, 2006
Blue Accident
Pima Road
North Scottsdale Taliban LeadersWhile south bound on Pima Road, above Pinnacle Peak Road, and risking getting rear-ended by some selfish, tunnel-visioned, Xanax-dosed member of the North Scottsdale Taliban, I snapped this scene of yet another accident on the north bound side.
Feb. 14, 2006
Driving home from the Reata Pass Restaurant I spotted this dweeb on his cell phone in his overpriced Maserati Quatroporte. From her higher perch in her Excursion, note the lady behind him admiring his wheels.
Feb. 15, 2006
Red & Blues on the 101
Driving along the 101 Freeway north at 5:30AM on the Pima Road exit ramp, I saw these two highway patrol cars, lights on, with a pulled over maroon Ford Focus station wagon in front. When I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s, it was very rare to see a police vehicle with its roof lights blinking. Now, even in the Town of Paradise Valley, I am shaken awake nights & early mornings by the screaming wail of fire, ambulance and police sirens.
Feb. 16, 2006
Red Biplane
As only the closest of my friend's know (and now you are one) after waking up from my wild Samuel Taylor Coleridge-like dreams (only, since mine are inspired by tequila, they might be called Frito Bandito-like dreams) I sometimes write them down, before they fade like the memories of last night's sweaty and steaming ecstasy (too bad the summits always seem to occur when I am by myself). In any case here is an impossible photo from a dream of a scene from World War I picturing a biplane flying overhead, while Snoopy and I dive into the trenches.
Feb. 18, 2006
Idiot in Yellow
I've mentioned before, that as traffic merges north from the 101 onto the I-10 heading towards Prescott, it often slows to a crawl for three or more miles. While it may appear not unusual to see this yellow Corvette over the solid white line, know that the idiot was swerving back and forth. Back and forth in traffic that was solid for miles and miles ahead. Like maybe he thought 'we' were all in his way and somehow he deserved to be in the pole position. Prior to snapping this photo, this Kyle Busche wannabe was indeed in his proper lane, however at that point he was quickly snapping his steering wheel back and forth causing his ride to jump back and forth in his lane like a Nascar racer trying to dry out his tires after a downpour at the track.
Feb. 19, 2006
the Perfect Number
What to do after you stab your wife seven times in front of your seven children? Jump in your vehicle, drive twenty-seven blocks on the 101 Freeway East, leap out at sixty-seven miles per hour, slam your head into a thirty-seven foot tall highway pole and close the highway to 77,777 fellow drivers.
Feb. 20, 2006
Bird Brain
Like a human fingerprint, this avian, after hitting the glass as hard as a purposely thrown ball, left behind only his body-print.
Feb. 21, 2006
Ultimate SUV
Tuesday, at Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard I witnessed this massive SUV. Notice how it dwarfs the Mercury Navigator to its rear and almost takes out the traffic signals. Your Mr.Wonderful, being an evil Conservative Republican who hates the environment, rejoiced as the vehicle lurched forward while a plume of black, sooty, diesel exhaust stabbed the light blue afternoon sky.
Feb. 22, 2006
Helicopter Crash
Wednesday a guest told me he had been watching a white helicopter flying over north Scottsdale when he heard it, "Phhht, Phhht, Phhht!" and then fall nose first from the sky into a backyard. As paparazzis often overfly my gatehouse hoping to get an exclusive photo of the reclusive Mr.Wonderful, from my file of November of 2005, this could be a picture of the same Robinson R22 two passenger helicopter
Feb. 23, 2006
Plus 8
Here's something I've never seen on the road before, a Morgan Plus 8 roadster.
Feb. 24, 2006
Using the same services as your Mr.Wonderful does (most times I just can't compromise on quality) Jenna Jameson's Bentley is seen next to the Mighty Hyundai. Due to the sensitive (and illegal) recording and photographic equipment kept in the rear of the Korean Silver Streak I had to artificially black-out my rear window.
Feb. 25, 2006
Did He
Walk Away?
Here's something you don't see everyday.
Feb. 26, 2006
Union's Gotta Love 'em
A Teamster on a Honda motorcycle. Go figure.
Of course it was made in the U.S.A. Of course.
Feb. 28, 2006
Silver Streak
With its right turn blinker alit, a $300,000+ Porsche wings by Mr.Wonderful on his way home on the 101 Freeway on the final day of February 2006.