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Jan.1, 2007
Gassing Up
I thought that on this first day of year 2007 I would lay bare one of the cheapest gasoline locations in the town of Phoenix, that of the Circle K on the northwest corner of 19th Avenue and Deer Valley Road.
Now that the Democrats are firmly in control, I'm certain that gasoline prices will drop back to $1.00 per gallon, Muslim terrorists will find the prayer rug out on the Capitol lawn and unemployment will drop from 4.5% to 0.00%.
Jan.4, 2007
Say Hello to Green and Yellow
Gape at this horrendously awful pedestrian bridge over the I-17 in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. No doubt its design and color scheme were approved after consultation with the hundreds of Illegal Alien-non-citizen-non-taxpayers who might use it yearly. It was most likely erected (at a cost of approximately $1,500,000 = 300,000,000 pesos or 1,200 pounds of marijuana) because our migrants are so unbelievably ignorant of a civilized world, i.e., one with vehicles that can exceed 40mph, that they were crossing the freeway at this point, as would rabbits, snakes or tarantulas and getting crushed as would rabbits, snakes and tarantulas who also, coincidentally, speak as much English as our misogynistic, patriarchal, and quite often dangerous, visitor's from the south do.
Jan.6, 2007
O Hunter
Here's a vehicle you don't see everyday. As a reminder to our Mecca-leaning residents, we need one parked in front of every single Saudi-sponsored Wahabbi mosque in America ... mounted with a twin .50 Caliber machine gun.
Jan.7, 2007
Insight Outside
Here's something you don't see everyday: a planet hating conservative driving an electric car. Come to think of it, I haven't seen but a few of these Honda Insight's lately. They are motivated by electricity generated by coal-burning power plants located upwind from the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. Go figure.
Jan.8, 2007
The Curb
The Knife,
& the Malt Liquor
How much fun is living in the actual Town of Paradise Valley with 'illegals' from all nations and home-grown American White Trash? On New Year Year's Eve I arrived home at 6:30am and was greeted by these accoutrements of crime a mere thirty feet from my apartment door: A jug of the cheapest malt liquor outside of an Arkansas still and a steak knife. Wonderful.
Jan.9, 2007
Alien Invasion
East bound on Shea Boulevard the other morning I spotted this fine example of your typical Illegal Alien vehicle. Naturally it was proceeding at a speed far above the limit. Notice the fine rear tire, the body being sprung above the rear door, the custom paint and the most likely stolen plate.
Tell, me Senator McCain, President Bush and Governor Nappy: are Illegals made legal going to magically be able to afford auto insurance, license tags, and autos that a Cuban wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in?
Jan.12, 2007
City Deer
Driving in north-north Phoenix I rounded a turn and saw this deer standing in the cul-de-sac. Sorry for the quality of the photo as it was pitch dark.
Jan.14, 2007
Beaver Country
Here is one county sheriff who has more volunteer deputies than he knows what to do with.
Jan.17, 2007
Cloud Writing
Here's something I haven't seen for decades. Although skywriting was popular in the 1950s and 1960s, oftentimes done by bi-planes, it is very rare these days.
Jan.19, 2007
Rain Landing
A private jet, shrouded within rain clouds, roars over the tony Town of Paradise Valley apartment of Mr.Wonderful
Jan.26, 2007
Idiot Lanechange
In heavy traffic I watched as the brown van (under red dot) swerved in and out of the solid line of vehicles only to end up in the 'wrong' lane and intent on squeezing into the right lane. Another Abandoned CavalierJudging from the year and the color of the van, I'd bet a pallet of tortillas it was one of our 50,000 Illegal Alien drivers who clog up every single road in The Valley of the Sun. If they're not fouling up the driving lanes, they are either in an accident, or have simply walked away from a non-operating vehicle left it on the side of the road for the taxpayer funded tow truck to haul off.
Jan.27, 2007
Heading home Saturday morning I was passed by this cool hot rod based on some 1940s auto. I'd imagine the body is fiberglass rather than actual WWII steel.
Jan.28, 2007
Ocho Perros
At my Albertson's grocery store (which I prefer to the monster-sized Fry's across the street, packed with surly Union check-out clerks assisted by the nicest Down's Syndrome baggers and surrounded by a Cardinal stadium-sized parking lot) I spied this Escalade EXT whose bed was populated by seven canines with another pair inside the cab. These critters are so well trained, the owner, looking like a WWF wrestler, can leave them out front for other customers to ponder and pet, while he wanders the compact aisles of Henry Guest's store.
Feb.1, 2007
Black & White
While driving patrol the other night I thought I was watching a plastic grocery bag rolling in the wind down the street. However it turned out to be a skunk walking in the weird way they do.
Feb.6, 2007
STOP Crime
How bad is Illegal-Alien-generated crime in southeast Phoenix, Arizona? (think 40th Street and Baseline Road). It is so bad in this, the nation's fifth largest town, that the City of Phoenix doesn't bother replacing stop signs because they will soon be tagged over again with gang territory spray-painting.
You'll note the picture is a little blurry and that is because I did not want to stop and be beaten for the crimes of being 'White' and a citizen.