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December 2007
Duh Sign
Because of wonderful lawyers like John Edwards, municipalities are forced to install signs like this that state the obvious.
December 2007
Pretty easy to see what happened here. Of course I was about rear-ended as I took this photo. Morons! Slow down. You are missing so much of life.
December 2007
Gas Price
Gasoline prices remain above three dollars per gallon, and U.S. citizens continue to drive their 8,000 pound SUVs' as if they are delivering a transplant organ to the heliport. All the while complaining about high gasoline prices, of course.
November 2007
Ghost Dog
In a first ever photo, here you can see the much rumored five-legged ghost dog of the north, north, Valley of the Sun. In the distance behind him, you can make out a coyote too stunned to howl.
November 2007
With late November temperatures dropping into the high forty degrees (F), Mr. Wonderful has started to add anti-freeze to his normally Rocky Mountain river-pure bloodstream.
November 2007
First Santa
November 18th, and I already have my first Santa sighting at a remote loading dock. This pretty much proves he does not "do it all" in one single night.