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Sept. 1, 2005
Babe on
Many times, real life just is not like the media portrays it. Here we see a once sexy babe crushing the south bound 101 at 75 miles per hour.
Sept. 3, 2005
Gas Prices
In far north Phoenix on the Carefree Highway a Chevron station proudly displays its gasoline prices. Soon gasoline will be as expensive as bottled water.
Sept. 4, 2005
In Anthem, Arizona, a Saguaro cactus dies because he was the tallest tree around when lightning came calling. I could still smell the burn.
Sept. 5, 2005
C.T. Truck
What Crash-Test Dummies drive off the job.
Sept. 6, 2005
Here we see a lawn mower that had leapt out of his owner's truck at a busy intersection being retrieved. Expect to see more of this as Phoenix transitions from a city of computer programmers, bankers and engineers to landscape maintenance men.
Sept. 7, 2005
Death in
the Desert
Exoskeleton predator versus feathered predator
Sept. 9, 2005
God's Gecko makes the GEICO Gecko look like wilted day old lettuce. Just like State Farm Insurance, a real insurance company, makes Warren Buffett's GEICO (Government Employee Insurance Company) look like an operation run out of the trunk of a 1986 Caddy.
Sept. 10, 2005
Boat Accident
While driving to work at 6:30AM Saturday, your Mr. Wonderful noticed an SUV far up on the landscaping of the Pima Freeway, facing traffic and accompanied by a Highway Patrol car. Shortly, I came upon (1) the boat, (2) the truck and trailer missing the boat, (3) and the officers closing down the south bound lanes of the 101/Pima Freeway in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Sept. 12, 2005
Ford GT
Pulling out of a gas station (naturally) here is the new Ford GT, that MSRP shows a price of $140,000 and dealer's are demanding, and getting, over $200,000 for.
Sept. 13, 2005
Death Circle
Sensing the imminent passing of Dr. Malamud,
the turkey buzzards begin their downward spiral to pick his bones clean. And why not? everyone else has been doing that for decades.
Sept. 14, 2005
We all see the spectacular flashes of the lightning and, with somewhat less enjoyment, the following earth rattling rumble they cause as they shatter the sound barrier as they were thrown from Thor's fist. (Wistfully, your Mr.Wonderful recalls, the once required, grade school reading of the fable of Rip Van Winkle, where it was revealed that the thunder was caused by the gods bowling in the heavens.) Here we see an ancient saguaro cactus reduced to cinders as his placement on the edge of a wide four lane expressway sealed his fate as an organic green lightning rod.
Sept. 15, 2005
Found this grumpy desert tortise, obviously not without reason, hobbling down a road north of Phoenix. Using my Leatherman multi-tool I removed the horrible cactus and placed this true Arizona native far from any highway.
Sept. 16, 2005
You love your four-wheelin', but you got no room inside to put your spares, and they certainly cannot fit underneath the carriage like some thin and delicate factory rubber . . . what to do, what to do? You construct an elaborate exoskeleton of electrical conduit on the outside of your Jeep Cherokee simple so ya got a place to strap your pair of gnarly tires. (Photo from May of 2004.)
Sept. 17, 2005
Natives of the Valley of the Sun can easily tell when summer is over, because, out of nowhere, like a September storm, bums, tramps or 'the homeless' are seen with crudely lettered cardboard signs imploring help, on every highway on-ramp and outside every Starbucks. These dirty denizens of America, many insane, most felonious, seem able to find anything but a job.
Sept. 21, 2005
Late September and it is still not cooling down. Are we going to bake through Thanksgiving?
Sept. 22, 2005
Southwest Gas is laying new gas lines up Pima Road in north Scottsdale. In this surrealistic photo (because I forgot to take my camera off of its manual settings) you can see why I found the operation quite interesting. Apparently, they even bury the pipes in specially trucked-in red-sand-stuff-filler-dirt.
Sept. 23, 2005
Here is the tallest Ford F250 four by four, I've seen in awhile. I understand this north of Phoenix owner had it brought in by mule train. I also hear his neighbor's are really pissed off about him parking it outside on this street of intensely inflated homes now worth at least one million dollars. But it obviously won't fit in the garage.
Sept. 24, 2005
Red and
Around 5:40 AM this morning while driving the I-17 north, looking off right to the Carefree Highway exit ramp, my eyes were perked up by this scene of two lit-up Department of Public Safety vehicles and several crashed cars. My Powershot SD200 Canon camera froze the flashing 'red and blues' in their blue state along with an eerie reflection bouncing off my hood. (Eerie? Yes, I'm getting ready for Halloween.)
Sept. 25, 2005
Everyone has heard of 'crop circles', which are believed to be messages from extra-terrestrials who are so intelligent that they are beyond communicating to us mere Earthling's by using the predominant language of the planet, i.e., English, and instead they transmit their vast knowledge through pressing down the crops of farmer's resulting in intricate designs. In Arizona all of our fields have been paved over (like Joni Mitchell predicted) so these E.T.'s are left with leaving us messages on our black asphalt parking lots.
Sept. 26, 2005
Out of
Getting off early this 104F degree Monday afternoon, I thought I'd swing by the Sam's Club gas station that is situated north of the Frank Lloyd Wright and 101 interchange. However to my surprise, I found the entry intentionally blocked by this gasoline tanker truck. How convenient. Had to pass on the gas. But I'll tell you, the next time S. Robson Walton requests entry at Mr.Wonderful's gate house he will get an earful. Not. I can't risk the loss of my Sam's Club card, it is the only way I can afford to feed both my Cuervo Gold and Sweet & Low addiction. Not that I mix them together. But, you know what I mean!
Sept. 27, 2005
As I was performing my pre-dawn morning patrol, I noticed this mini-boulder trailing a path that could have only been manifested by its own movement. Apparently, this magical mystery rock could and does self-propel, powered by some unknown and most likely, unknowable source. I thought to phone National Geographic Magazine and the scientists at Arizona State University (remember in the old black and white movies where they would always phone "the scientists" at the local college? "Operator: Give me Bellview 6256, I want to talk to Dr. Lurie. Hurry!") but duty called, and instead, after checking for sleeping scorpions, gila monsters or elves laying underneath, I grasped the five pound rough-hewn stone and utilized it to prop-up a fallen street sign against its designated post.
Sept. 28, 2005
At 5:22AM, as I was performing my moonlit patrol, I noticed this little bitty baby rattler trapped in my headlights while crawling across the road. He was maybe eight inches long. I instantly remembered the story of the man who picked one up by grabbing it behind the neck, but not quite close enough to the head and the venomous pocket pit-viper turned and bit his thumb. He almost died. This is because, so I am told, that the baby rattlesnakes (like teenage boys) cannot control the amount of venom they inject, so they inject all they have with a single bite, leaving them non-poisonous for hours. I had to piss him off to get him to coil for this dramatic shot <grin>.
Sept. 29, 2005
Circle K
According to internet sources at this Circle K, a little east of the 101 on Shea Boulevard has unleaded regular gasoline as cheap as Sam's Club and no waiting; especially at 4:45 AM. Price is still a shock though.
Sept. 30, 2005
Photo Radar
Rather than showing a picture of a roof rat that today was a victim of an auto accident, i.e., an auto accidentally squashed him, I've dug into the archives. Defend the Roof Rats ! From February of 2005, the last month it dropped below 100F degrees in The Valley of the Sun, I bring you Scottsdale's photo radar van, which seems to be at more locations than McDonald's. I am upset that city officials will not just come out and admit that this means of 'traffic enforcement' is vastly more about money than about the public's driving safety, but since they set the 'photo-flash' at the legal speed limit plus 11 miles per hour, I do not think that is unreasonable. However, they must realize that they will not slow down the 50,000 unregistered and uninsured vehicles piloted by ILLEGAL'S shod with 'borrowed' license plates tied to false addresses, with each one polluting our air as much as an 18th Century coal-burning paddlewheel steamboat fighting its way upstream on the muddy Mississippi River.