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Mar. 1 2006
One-O-One Stall
In the fifth largest city in America, what you want to do is to drive your thirty year old P.O.S. Chevy truck out on the freeways during rush hour so that you can back up thousands of drivers when it craps out on the four-into-one uphill merge lane. Don't people have any brains at all?
Mar. 2, 2006
Secret Signaling Device
Here, at the top of a forty foot tall power pole, on the southwest corner of the Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Road, you can see a super-secret U.N.-administrated black helicopter antenna.
Mar. 3, 2006
Number One, Number Two?
I had to smile when I read this license plate frame on a plumber's truck.
Mar. 4, 2006
Lunar Biplane
I'm outside so often I've come to recognize the sound of biplanes flying overhead. Here it appears this WWI-vintage dual-winger is headed to the moon ... Alice. Sorry, couldn't help that.
Mar. 7, 2006
Eastbound One-O-One
Typical traffic on the eastbound freeway 101 in far north Phoenix, at 6:30PM on a Wednesday, in the fifth largest city in the United States.
Mar. 8, 2006
Drought End?
Scottsdale, in the midst of the Sonoran Desert is clouded over in the hopes of the first measurable rain in one hundred and forty-one days. While water did fall from the sky, since it did not drip into the rain gauges twenty-five miles to the south at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport we move on to day one hundred forty-two without measurable precipitation.
Mar. 9, 2006
Cardinal Overseer
Here you can see a Chinese Communist red cardinal instructing proletariat working quails and doves to collect seeds for him.

This page will never be seen in Mainline China. Thanks to the "Do No Evil" Google-boys. Of course, if doing evil will keep Google in the Chinese market, that's okay. Because it's okay to make money from individuals enslaved by a Marxist regime only if you are a liberal. It is also just fine and dandy for Larry Page and Sergey Brin to show their dimwit worshipers how they are saving the environment by simply driving a Prius. Yet while in the Arizona desert near Tucson, a Boeing 767 is being transformed to luxuriously seat ten versus the three hundred people like you and me that it usually packs in. What kind of milage does a 767 get? About four hundred gallons per hour. In other words, as is typical, these 'Save-the-Environment' liberals have one face for their idiotic sycophants and another face for their fellow billionaires. In this case their 'billionaire-face' consumes more fuel in one hour than does Mr.Wonderful's Hyundai during almost 11,000 miles of driving. I remember the founder of Wal*Mart, Sam Walton, who, comfortable in his own manhood, regularly drove around in a twenty year old Chevrolet pickup. Sadly, it probably produced more emissions than a 2005 Prius ... so that, makes him evil. Even in death.
Mar. 11, 2006
Desert Drops
Friday evening, after one hundred and forty-three days without measurable precipitation in the Valley of Sun, rain (and thick snow, no doubt due to global warming ) finally descended. In this photo, taken from Anthem Country Club north of Phoenix, the actual 'Valley of the Sun' begins on the far side of the mountains and extends thirty miles beyond.
Mar. 12, 2006
White Mountains
Sunday afternoon, while merging from the north bound 51 to the west bound 101, I was greeted with this beautiful and breathtaking view of the snow covered mountains north of Phoenix. I have lived here since 1951 and have never seen this before. Damned 'global warming'.
Mar. 13, 2006
2007 FJ
While sitting on my crapper a few days ago, I first saw this vehicle, inside the pages of my Popular Mechanics magazine. It is a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser. It's both retro and new and looks even sexier in person. If it weren't for stubbornly high gasoline prices, I would consider buying one of these beauties. Note the State of Michigan plate on this Japanese automobile.
Mar. 14, 2006
Your Mr.Wonderful has a pretty sad life when an out-of-state visitor drags a nicer vehicle behind his million dollar motor home than what I own. In any other country in the world, the pilot of this stainless steel bus would be a member of government or royalty or both. While in America he could be someone who figured out a better way to recycle pallets.
Mar. 15, 2006
Yellow Volvo
I've seen Volvo trucks, cars and butt-ugly SUVs, but I had never seen a Volvo 'Bobcat-type' tractor before. This would make a fine addition to the driveway of any north Scottsdale resident. There is no doubt that this is the safest Volvo made.
Mar. 16, 2006
Two Up
Here we see two motorcyclists properly outfitted riding a proper motorcycle. Properly outfitted because they both are wearing full coverage helmets, form-fitting leather jackets, and boots; although, the denim pants would not provide much protection in a lay down. A 'proper motorcycle' in that it weighs less than a 1970s Honda Civic, makes less racket than a pregnant cement mixer crawling up a 14% grade, and can be leaned over so far while making a corner, that the footpegs throw off sparks like a POS Harley dragging a tailpipe with a broken weld down a glass smooth, arrow-straight freeway. Oddly enough, behind them is the building which houses Dr. Bruce, my excellent D.O.
Mar. 17, 2006
Yellow TT
At the Sam's Club in north Scottsdale I noticed this Audi TT whose color was just a little too close to the industrial 'warning' yellow paint used on the post it sits behind. I went inside and purchased a 144 unit package of 9-volt batteries, a block of Colby cheese the size of a living room couch, a fish-tank sized bottle of Jose Cuervo and a frozen box of Jimmy Dean egg & sausage biscuits that would feed a convoy of truck drivers for a week. All for $167.37. God bless Sam Walton.
Mar. 19, 2006
Black & White
At my 2200 hour shift change, while driving home I pulled up behind this Town of Paradise Valley police car. They've gone back to the traditional black and white color scheme for their vehicles. Although I doubt this particular Dodge Intrepid could catch a fleeing felon behind the wheel of a sparking Prius, it still looks cool.