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April 2009
Dog hires Man
Dr.Doolittle Some of you know that Mr.Wonderful, like Dr. Doolittle, can indeed talk to the animals.  And, in 'charking' ("dog chatting") to this giant Doberman pinscher at another time, I found out that he actually hired this man to protect him!
April 2009
High Gas Prices?
Again and again on the news I hear that gas prices are averaging well above $2 a gallon. July 2008
Prices Why are we not seeing those prices here in Arizona where every gallon of gasoline is either trucked or piped in?

What the hell is going on? It appears someone is attempting to make things seem worse than they are. It certainly seems that way, as I've now seen gasoline priced at $1.79 a gallon on April 28th, 2009 which is equal to .4729 cents per liter.

April 2009
Devil with the
Blue Dress
Caught last month, here in Arizona, the original "Devil with the Blue Dress On", sung about last century by Mitch Ryder (who is apparently based in Germany these days.)
April 2009
Let's Boogie
Two comments: Here is a form of transportation I approve for others and (2) There can never be too many of these kinds of buts.
April 2009
Ah Shucks Audi
Just because you make it off the freeway, do not assume you did not still earn a speeding ticket.
April 2009
Blustery Day
Friday, on the corner of 64th Street and Greenway Parkway, the wind was blowing just a little hard for this umbrella.

. . . And, I think Pam's hormone shots have gotten out of hand.

April 2009
World Traveler
One day we saw this gentleman in Surprise, Arizona, the next day, my daughter saw him almost twenty miles west of there. He's moving out of the summer heat of the Valley of the Sun into the northern coolness or Prescott or Flagstaff.

Note, that he's not expecting a ride, since he's walking against traffic.

April 2009
Anti-Photo Radar Plate
When I first saw this license plate, I thought I seeing it through an anti-photo radar cover. But no, the plate is black because it has been burnt black.
April 2009
Back in March, when I was visiting Surprise, Arizona with my daughter and my grandson, aka: "The Beast" we discovered these rare rock hieroglyphics on a wall near the Barnes and Noble bookstore.

It didn't take us long to decipher what they said. Obviously engineered by the long lost Hohokam Native American Tribe, even though they had lasted centuries, the next time we went by them some anal-port had destroyed their intricate structure, and they were lost for eternity.

April 2009
The CarTruck
While Government Motors is trying to build an battery vehicle that Al Gore and all the Greenies approve of Segway/GM PUMA
P  unish
U  s
M  obile
A  mericans
    click, see more

Yankee Ingenuity builds her own mode of transportation, one that would cheerfully crush the absurd PUMA-Steven-Hawkins-transport device.

April 2009
Bus Stop?
Joe Arpaio-designed school bus
visit my March 2008 page! Just west of the Kierland Commons shopping experience on Greenway Parkway, after seeing way too many cars go flying by public school buses stopped to let kids out, I wondered if even  another public school bus would stop. It did.
April 2009
Easy Rider
If you're gifted and a flamboyant wheelchair star, what do you do? You become a "dynamic advertiser" on the side of some street and make the big bucks.Wheelchair Advertiser

When I first saw this, I thought "No way! The person isn't even moving." But then, after I circled the block to get another photo, I was thinking maybe it wasn't such an off-the-wall idea. It got me to come back.

April 2009
Easy Money
If you're a gifted and flamboyant pro-ball player, what do you drive? Well, here's one answer, a Bentley Transcontinental all decked out in a body kit.

You're thinking, "Must be nice." These people are just like you and me pal. Except with more money. A lot more money. click to enlarge And two or three months off work each year. And, usually more personal problems than you can shake a ball bat at. Personal problems fertilized by ... money, lots of money. But I imagine Obama has an answer for that too.

April 2009
Egg Money
In these sad times, even the Easter Bunny has to work some overtime and odd jobs to gather up the extra swag to purchase her eggs, distilled water and dyes.

Here you can see her working her tail off on Cave Creek Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

April 2009
Car on Fire
This vehicle went flying by me so fast that it caught on fire.
April 2009
Troop Transport
Back in March, this heavy-weight, capable of ferrying 25 soldiers, flew over the old workplace.
April 2009
Driving east on Bell Road the other day in Sun City West, this bird brain in the white Ford F-150 pickup, driving at 45 mph was tailgating me so close that had I hit the brakes I would've had a Ford emblem tattooed on my ass.

I finally jerked into a left turn lane to allow the MF to scoot pass and then pulled behind him as I reached for my Smith & Wesson .40 auto. But then I remembered my 18 month old grandson was with me, and this might be a little soon for 'The Beast' to see what havoc old grand dad can visit on morons.

April 2009
Three Cops,
Six Wheels
The other day, while I was in Glendale dropping off my car to get fixed at Loomis Tire and Auto, the last mechanic who doesn't remove your testicles along with your wallet, I did a little walking around my old neighborhood. Or should I say barrio?

In any case I felt much relieved when these guys went by. Never did find where the Glendale bowling alley where I hung with Marty Robbins in the early 1960s went to. Wonder what ever happened with that idea I had about a cowboy falling in love with a Mexican girl?

April 2009
Friendly Forklift
Looks like at Johnson's TrueValue Hardware, up in Wickenburg, Arizona, that the forklift drivers really get along. Really.
April 2009
The Mailbox
Please! Do not put mail to Mars in this mailbox.
April 2009
The Driver
If you're like me, you've probably wondered what kind of people pay $18,000 for these shopping-cart sized Smart cars. Well, here, I caught a driver shortly after leaving his vehicle.
April 2009
Convertible Hood?
If any United States citizen, being he, or she, an evil 'white' or the more politically correct brown or black-skinned person tried to drive a vehicle like this we would be pulled over by the police, told to walk home, and wave as our POS vehicle was towed away.

Typical vehicle employer of
Illegal Alien rides in However, if the person driving this vehicle is in the country illegally and works at one of Mac McGruder's McDonald's, (or another one of our traitor-citizen who feels obligated to hire minorities only from other countries so that he can pay them less than everyday U.S. citizens and provide zero benefits, treat them like garbage, and work them like greyhounds at the track) then it's just fine and dandy.

March 2009
Secret Volt?
With President Obama having fired Rick Wagoner, the former CEO of General Motors, (soon to be known as Government Motors),Super Secret GM
Test Vehicle painted
with eye-confusing
camouflage paint
spotted near Aguila
Arizona in March 
of 2009 I'd guess the engineers at the company, eager to show the ex-community organizer, now Car-Commissar Obama, how close they are to manufacturing a viable electric car, they rushed this proto-type Pontiac into testing.

I don't think it's any coincidence that the vehicle is green, either.

March 2009
Scary Bus
With President Obama's plan to set free known Muslim terrorists in these United States,Scary Bus it isn't much of a stretch to imagine one of these rarely-seen buses, assigned to the largest agency in the United States, pull into middle-class neighborhoods and load up its law-abiding citizens to be relocated to isolated camps out of the view of any $15,000,000 per mile-constructed-light-rail passenger, and far out of the range of any electric-powered vehicle.
March 2009
Gonna Die
If this guy keeps doing this, he's gonna die. The redhead in the crosswalk looks pretty hot until you blow up the photo and see the stretch marks criss-crossing her protruding belly.

And of course in the midst of this relative wealth we can find the bums hiding less than 100 yards away. 2 bums Cave Creek Road
Cactus N/W corner It is certainly my fault that these men are forced to live like feral animals. I wish I could take time out of my 64 hour work-week as a security officer to help them. Oddly enough, come 100F degree weather, these sad sacks will somehow migrate to a cooler climate. Thank God.

March 2009
March 19th
Speaking of 'Global Warming' (which is about as real as my foot-long phallus) here it was March 19th, and it was already 93F degrees. Imagine what temperature it will be around August or September?
March 2009
Goose Wedge
Due to global warming, no doubt, we are seeing more and more Canadian geese down here in southern Arizona ... wait a second. If there is global warming, and it is warmer in the southwest during the winter, wouldn't the geese not have to fly this far south to keep warm? They could stop north of here say in Colorado, Nevada, or New Mexico, eh?
March 2009
Wild Horses
Again on Arizona State Route 74 I caught the original version of horse power.
March 2009
Weird Bike
You can see all kinds of weird things on Arizona State Route 74, here we've got a three wheeled motorcycle with the two wheels up front.
March 2009
Surprise! DPS
Yes, the D.P.S., aka: Highway Patrol, give tickets the old fashion way, they follow you, and clock your speed. click for full-size photo Notice how this Department of Public Safety enforcement vehicle has no lights on its roof to give away that it's a police car. Best thing to do on State Route 74 is not to go over by 9mph the posted speed limit.
March 2009
Surprise, Police
Yes, there is a town called Surprise in Arizona. It used to be way out in the middle of nowhere, No idea what this is about but now it is full of people looking for affordable housing that isn't available closer to Phoenix. Sadly it is also full of illegal aliens.
March 2009
Kierland Accident
Yet another accident photo-set. This was around 11:00pm. I always get so nervous of the police attacking me every time I take a photo, I sure didn't do such a good job with this accident scene. But the camera is amazing shooting photos in near darkness.
March 2009
First Herd
This is my very first herd sighting of Segways. Single Segway Usually I'll simply see them one by one. I think there were actually five Segways, but the first one got startled and quickly rolled off.
March 2009
On my afternoon drive to work, while traveling north on Cave Creek Road, I spotted this motorcycle, oddly enough, (sporting a Wisconsin license plate), that looked like something out of Flash Gordon feature, or the Woody Allen movie "Sleeper."

My friend Tim advised me it is an Arlen Ness modified Victory brand motorcycle, the Victory Vision Tour Premium model.

March 2009
Mad-Dash Moron
After we had gotten past the 'conduit colossus' (below photo cell) this moron, who had tried to pass me on the following uphill, on the driver's side, while ignoring the no-passing stripes and signs, as I was doing 72mph in a 65mph speed limit zone, and at the same time, watching the vehicles to my right merge into my lane as their's went away, this mental midget almost crashed head-on into east-bound traffic before he honked and then swerved behind my car.

Arizona License Plate Number AAV3188

March 2009
Conduit Colossus
On Wednesday, February 25th of this year, I marveled at one of the largest pieces of machinery I've ever seen, being gingerly transported westbound on Arizona's State Route #74.
March 2009
Hog on Hogg
Fine, the gentleman on this Hogg tricycle isn't really a 'hog' but I had to come up with a catchy title.

In any case, when you're honest enough with yourself to admit that you don't belong on a two-wheeled motorcycle, you move to a tricycle. A little more palatable sight, 
a crusin' Chrysler Viper This is a 'Hogg' brand and is powered by a choice of Chevrolet V-8 engines, hence, probably the fastest vehicle on the street at any time.