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January 2009
M.C. Cop
The other day, on my way out to Wickenburg, Arizona, while I drove five miles per hour over the speed limit, I wondered why traffic wasn't flying by me on the I-17. Sure enough, in a few minutes the free-for-all broke out after this DPS motorcycle officer flew by me.

California dickhead in BMW
Once in Wickenburg, I ran into the above pictured California Dickhead rocketing through town as if he was in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Real impressive. What a moron.
January 2009
H(2)O Boat Lane
Special interests always seem to have more pull than the common men.

In Phoenix, Arizona, believe it or not, (since we live in a desert that receives an average of 7 inches of rain per each 12 months) we have a huge lobby of pleasure-boaters who insisted that the I-17 remodel include a 'water-lane' for their water craft.

This is getting just a little ridiculous, isn't it?

January 2009
Gasoline Theft
We all know that Illegal Aliens, as a group, aren't the smartest people in the county, and here we see proof once again of it. Apparently, they thought that by stealing the above-ground gas pumps they would also be harvesting the thousands of gallons of gasoline stored beneath the earth.
January 2009
Graffiti Train
Out near Surprise, Arizona, heavily populated by Illegal Aliens, if you want your locomotive engine painted, simply park it overnight.
January 2009
The Rough Life
This $300,000+ motorhome sits somewhere in the desert in Arizona. This is roughing it, is it not? To left-wing green freaks, this may appear to be a waste of non-recyclable materials and fuel, however, upon spying the solar panel, all will be forgiven.
January 2009
As I was driving to work the day of the Cardinals vs. Eagles game (shouldn't an eagle have decimated a cardinal?) I spotted this helicopter way off course for a landing at the Scottsdale Airport, about one mile to my east. Helicopter coming in
for hotel port landing But no, it was landing at the Westin Kierland Hotel in tony north-north Phoenix, Arizona. (Most people would swear it's in Scottsdale, but no.) I figured, since the area around the University of Phoenix arena is so crime-ridden and desolate (I know, my brother-in-law lives out there) the affluent (and who else can afford to attend these big games?) stay in resort areas and then jump a helicopter to the game.
January 2009
The Controversy
Here's what all the hubbub is about. Arizona Department of Public Safety movable photo radar vans mailing out $150 tickets at a clip of dozens per day.
January 2009
They Ride Horses
Don't They?
In an area that it was once common to see cowboys and horses, now it is a rare site and only for the wealthy. Here's a group of horseback riders north of State Route 74.

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona even your Mr.Wonderful used to occasionally ride rented horses out of Cactus or Cactus Rock Stables, one of which was near where The Hilton Pointe at Squaw Peak is today.

January 2009
Global Warming?
January in Phoenix, Arizona
January 2009
Squatter Wash
Here's what the looking-for-work Illegal Aliens are doing in my neighborhood. They confiscate a normally do-it-yourself-carwash and charge for the washes they perform.

click to enlarge

Above, you can see a weirdo-freak from the mountain homes at the west end of Sweetwater Road on his lazy-ass recombinant, $5,000 bicycle. I don't know if he's taking it for a wash or not.

January 2009
an Apache brave: 
the Red Man 
thrived for centuries
in an environment today's
White Man would find
absolutely intolerable!
    read more at: The first Monday in January, I witnessed this obviously military Apache helicopter landing at the Scottsdale Airpark in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I imagine it was one of a contingent of National Guard copters brought north to quell the predicted violence when all the White People of northern-eastern Phoenix and Scottsdale riot on January 20th, 2009, as Barrack Hussien Obama is made President of the United States.

January 2009
Out in Sun City, Arizona the other day, I was so excited to see two F-16 jet fighters flying out of the nearby Luke Air Force Base.

Being raised in the 1950s, none of us 'Desert-Rats' will ever forget the sonic booms made by F-104s breaking the sound barrier. F-16 taking off from Luke Air Force Base First there would be a dead silence with the air seemingly pulling your eardrums out and then the ba-boom that shook the ground and sometimes broke windows. The gummers living in the then new Sun City, Arizona, convinced our government that their right to die in silence trumped the defense of the nation.

During the 1962 Cuban Crisis, Luke Air Force Base was targeted to be destroyed by a Soviet nuclear based in Cuba.

January 2009
Like I think I've mentioned before, it seems I cannot make the round-trip from my barrio-based apartment to my tony workplace without seeing several of the men-in-blue in action. Last night, when I got home (do you call it "home" when you live in an apartment smaller than your former master bedroom?) the police were there waiting for me.

Phoenix police car in apartment parking space

These were my first photos taken with my new Cannon PowerShot SD1000 pocket camera at its new 1600 ASA equivalent setting in almost total darkness without flash.

Cannon PowerShot SD1000

January 2009
Horrible Waste
As you all know, I am no Eco-freak, as a matter of fact, if I see a penguin around here I shove a wad of plastic grocery bags down his gullet hoping he'll choke to death. Being in Arizona, I simply don't see that many penguins. But, I do feel a little guilty about rinsing out an empty Diet Coke can before crushing it and tossing it into my recycle box. I hate to waste any water knowing that 100,000 individuals on the Earth will probably perish this day due to shortages of, or the dangers living in their local water supply.

Here we can see why certain water filtration/softening systems are banned in some localities. And that is because many gallons of water are used in the process and then simply flushed into the sewer system, allowing the many brown boats inhabiting their underground Venice-like waterways, to more quickly reach their ultimate docking point.

This being a commercial system, it most likely flushes thousands of gallons of water into the sewer system daily.

January 2009
Horrible December
Phoenix Air Pollution
As predicted by an Arizona legislator thirty years ago, when the Environmental Protection Agency came to town and, in an effort to lessen air pollution, were proposing a new multi-story office building be allowed only a few parking spaces: "...the EPA will not be satisfied until pure oxygen is coming from the tailpipes of all the vehicles in Phoenix." Phoenix air pollution
shades of Highlander fraud?

Here is a photo taken minutes after a 'bad-air' warning was issued for Phoenix. The McDowell Mountains that you can barely see are over 80 blocks away. That means you are viewing horizontally through ten miles of incredibly filthy non-EPA approved Phoenix air. I realize that some forms of pollution are invisible, which makes it easy for the Government Goons to keep their jobs and power by continuing to claim high-pollution whether that is the case or not. Who's gonna know?

January 2009
McCain Fan
Here is one of the younger McCain voter's I've seen. This is the first one who didn't use a walker. (By the by I voted for McCain.)