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January 2008
Spying Sky
Your spying eyes It isn't true that you can never 'quit' some U.S. Government agencies. You can quit, its just that they never let you out of their sights. Here, just to remind me that they are watching, they fly one of those 'Black Helicopters' (that don't exist, and are distinguished by their single blade rotor) over my car.
January 2008
Drunk Cactus
So what happens when a saguaro cactus has too much to drink? He falls down drunk just like a person or an Illegal Alien after his nightly 18-pack of Corona. Sadly this gentleman fell in the street and was hit and killed by a vehicle.

What was really cool was that as I pushed him with my foot out of the roadway, he sloshed just like a huge water bottle. He was entirely full of water. This angle doesn't show his actual length, which was somewhere around eight feet.

January 2008
Batman's Other Car
I couldn't whip it out fast enough, my camera that is, to get a photo of Batman, but I did get one of his other car. If you doubt this is his, look at the width of that rear tire. Awesome. (I've since discovered that this is a 1950 Chevrolet.)
January 2008
Rain = Crash
Well it rained all Sunday so naturally when I tried to head north on Cave Creek Road, it was closed, probably due to a fatal car accident. So I was forced to use 7th Street and saw the aftermath of this accident on Union Hills Road and 7th Street.
January 2008
Tree Chain
Tree thefts have gotten so bad in this north Phoenix community, homeowner's have taken to chaining their trunks to Mother Earth.
January 2008
Not Right
You know how some mornings you wake up, look around, and things just don't feel right?
January 2008
Burning the Midnight Fat
Only in America. If The Barrelthere is a way to make money using ingenuity, hard work and niche marketing techniques, an American will find it. The only problem is, he's already got competition in the well-established rendering companies that have been collecting liquid waste for decades. Capitalism, that's why, even though the rest of the world hates us, we are the economic-motor that keeps the whole thing spinning.
January 2008
What About It?
Sometimes, once on the vehicle, that vanity plate that looked so snappy on paper, turns out to be just a little too  snappy.
January 2008
Filling Station
Ever wonder what those "trash cans" hanging on the old fashioned telephone poles were for? They contain helium so that the helium filled balloons that carry the micro-cameras (supplied by Microsoft ) that will keep an eye on every American to see that he or she obeys the law and more important, with 'National Health Care' in the wings: eats properly. Here you can see both filled balloons and balloons waiting to be filled.
January 2008
See Plane
With the nearest ocean about eight hundred miles away, it's not often we see one of these guys at the local community airport.
January 2008
Two Men?
I am so naive. This discovery was almost as disappointing as when I "found out" about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Senator Larry Craig.
January 2008
A Real Whiz
I can't help showing off that my prostate medicine has me letting go like a ten year old again.
January 2008
M.C. Copper
For someone born in the middle of the 20th Century (that would be the '1950s' for you Public School educated kids) seeing a police officer on a sleek motorcycle like this Honda, is like witnessing scenes from science fiction books I'd read as a kid come true.
January 2008
Vanishing Sidewalks
Just as I had feared, that with the Olympics in China, and then next in England, their building booms would cause a severe concrete shortage in the United States. Here we see evidence of recent concrete thefts.
January 2008
Never Turned
I imagine this Wisconsin van had its right turn blinker on since a little bit west of Milwaukee.
January 2008
Happy Plate
He wants to pump you up.
January 2008
Bush Hater
Don't know much about this character, except that he really hates Bush, has a truck whose noise puts loud-ass Harley's to shame, and sometimes drives like he's delivering a new liver to his mother at the hospital.
January 2008
Here's a little something you don't see everyday.
January 2008
Radio Display
Sometimes the radio display simply isn't wide enough to show the entire name of the song being played. That or I accidentally tuned to the new homosexual station in town: KFAG.