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Nov.1, 2006
Time Travel Penny
You know, like most of my readers, I used to think the people claiming time-travel on the Coast to Coast radio program were nuts. However, since I found this penny embedded in the asphalt outside my tony Town of Paradise Valley Apartment, I have my doubts. As you can clearly note, the date on the coin reads "2070" or something like that. Wow. Time travel is possible.
Nov.2, 2006
How Smart?
Today, outside my Albertson's I saw this death trap. It is one of the Smart Cars that gets superior mileage, while sacrificing everything the American driver desires; starting with safety. Rather than allowing exploration for oil within the boundaries of the U.S. our Liberal leaders would have us driving these $13,000 eighty-mile per hour golf carts. Of course our 'Leaders' would still be tooling around in their Escalades, Navigators, Yukon XL's, Hummer - H2s, Expeditions and G500 Mercedes. And when we're not looking, they would be flying around the country in their 200 gallon per hour consuming private jets.
Nov.3, 2006
Raised Butt
Your Mr. Wonderful was out saving yet another tarantula the other night. This one thought it would be nice to take a nap in the middle of the road. This was a little one, maybe the size of the top of a can of soup. His ass is up in the air because I was pushing him on the butt to get him moving. Looks like he may also be missing a leg, of course, when you're born with eight of them, this isn't such a big deal.
Nov.4, 2006
Secret Burial Ground
Most people do not realize that, like elephants, commercial waste bins, as they feel the end of life approaching, silently wander off to a secret burial ground. A secret burial ground that your Mr.Wonderful stumbled upon.
Nov.7, 2006
Winter Bum
Your Mr. Wonderful was out and about at his Staples store when he spotted this suspicious looking person most likely just returning from the polls after voting for Harry Mitchell. Turns out he is one of our 'winter bums' who can't stand the winter cold and somehow, being homeless and all, makes his way to The Valley of the Sun and soft touches. Of course he was begging right outside a store that had a clearly posted "Help Wanted" sign. One little retail person I knew, who could look out onto the parking lot of the complex she worked at, told me she once felt sorry for these creatures. That is until she saw one of them reach past an open car window, pick up a pair of Foster Grant's laying on the seat, put them on, and saunter off.
Nov.8, 2006
Barrier Crash
We have all been warned not to drink and drive or to leave the scene of the accident even if we are behind the wheel of a non-polluting vehicle.
Nov.11, 2006
Triangle Shaped U.F.O
The other day I was remarking to a friend that with the proliferation of all the cell-phone cameras and pocket-sized digital cameras it would not be long before a clear photo of a U.F.O. would be taken. Too bad this one chose to fly over at night while I was driving to work. I'm not sure what the bigger light to the right in the photo is. I took the photo aiming up through my windshield without focusing so I imagine it could be a street light.
Nov.12, 2006
Chupacabra, not chulupa
While on patrol Sunday night in far north Phoenix, your Mr. Wonderful stopped his vehicle to closer examine some recent road-kill. I managed to get this one photo before the creature regained consciousness and flew off into the desert. Yes 'flew off.' All I can figure is that it must have been a chupacabra.
Nov.14, 2006
No Crime Problem Here
What happens when you hire thousands of 'migrants' to build your homes is, Doing jobs Americans won't do.
Driving cars Americans won't drive! that since they have no conception of law, ownership or even right or wrong (but they do know where to find the cheapest cervezas) they tend to come back at night to steal what they installed during the day. Below the red dot you can see the pair of video cameras that watch this particular street day and night. I would assume the monitors back at headquarters are motion-activated so that when something moves within range of these vidcams the frame is enlarged and brought front and center for the operator to examine.
Reminds me of the time I helped catch three of these non-English speaking Hispanic thieves. Due to shifting court dates, I forfeited three hundred dollars in overtime and was made to feel like a piece of sasquatch shit while testifying. My accomplishment, which had never occurred in the over forty year history  of the security company I work for, was not rewarded in any manner. It was not even mentioned in the monthly company newsletter, even though my direct manager was the editor of that publication. As a matter of fact, only days later, due to an error in e-mail judgment on the part of the property manager I worked with at the time, I was threatened with termination. And you people wonder why so many of the security officers you meet are such stellar citizens?
Nov.15, 2006
World War 2 Fighter Aircraft
Here you can see the second of four World War Two fighter aircraft turn in the skies above north Phoenix.
Nov.17, 2006
UFO Crash
Your Mr.Wonderful sights another UFO.
This one crashed without anyone noticing. Unbelievable.
Nov.21, 2006
Mazda Crash
Here it looks like an inexperienced driver, probably a high school student at the nearby Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, did not fully comprehend that one must drive around traffic islands.
Nov.22, 2006
U.F.O. Closeup
I'm beginning to think that I'm never going to get a clear photo of an actual flying saucer. The problem is that I often see them at night, when photography under low light is always poor, or they are so far away they are hard to be identified. I guess that's why they are often called unidentified flying objects. I managed to get up close to this one. The inside part was slowly spinning clockwise while the outside was spinning counter clockwise. It kind of appeared like a blow-up front-yard display for Christmas, but don't you believe it. This was real.
Nov.25, 2006
101 Westbound Accident Scene
(From Wednesday 11/22/2006) Another accident on the 101 Westbound. Probably due to driving at 75 MPH and following no more than a cigarette length from the car in front. Idiots.

"DPS deploys weapon to capture tailgaters"

Nov.26, 2006
Gutter Bomb
Finally the Department of Homeland Defense has allowed me to release these photos to the general public. At the end of October, while on patrol, I was hurtling after a terrorist (who had cleverly disguised himself as a common skunk) when he dove down into this street gutter ...
Nov.27, 2006
Fatal 101
From November 24th, 2006 we have my pictures of a monumental day-after-Thanksgiving traffic jam. This one took about forty minutes to wade through. The entire westbound and eastbound Loop 101 was closed at Cave Creek Road and at 7th Street, respectively, because this time people died. And I will bet you a dollar to a peso that Illegal Aliens were involved as either causing the accident and/or becoming its victims. Just think, if they had stayed in Mexico (or points south) they would be alive today.
Nov.27, 2006
Christmas Store
When Christmas comes around, all kinds of seasonal stores pop-up. I'm not sure what service or product this store offers.
Nov.29, 2006
Missing Link
Okay, so fine, maybe this isn't 'The Missing Link', but it certainly was something I had not seen before.