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Dec.3, 2006
Gave Up
The Arizona Department of Transportation has finally gotten smart and accepted the fact that Arizona drivers are such ill-trained, idiotic, wannabe stock car racing drunks that they have installed rear crush-panels to many of their vehicles.
It's amazing that everyone, EVERYONE, drives a vehicle in this state, but virtually all high schools in Arizona have dropped mandatory Driver's Training classes. Lincoln High WoodshopBut that is the way government works, when there are cutbacks they always end the most critical services like police, or fire, or driver's training. Services which are paid for by the same people who receive them, rather than touching any social or welfare services (whose major beneficiaries are illegal aliens) which are never funded by the people who receive them. Arizona spends something like $13,000 per student, per year and they can no longer afford woodshop, autoshop or driver's training like we received in the 1960s? Adelante High Auto Shop (If schools were actually allowing the students to learn rather than brainwashing them with One-World, American-is-the-One-Evil-Superpower bullshit, they'd have the time and money for imparting knowledge the students desperately need in the Real World they will enter soon enough.) I lift the hood on my son's car and he stares blank-eyed into the shadowed darkness as if he's gazing into his first piece of you-know-what.
Dec.4, 2006
With all the talk about following too closely on Arizona freeways, your Mr.Wonderful provides photographic proof of how bad it has actually gotten.
Dec.6, 2006
Evil Santa
For you zillions of non-illegal-aliens trying to get by on the license plates you wore in your state of origin, because Arizona Registration runs as much as one month's apartment rent, here is the 'Evil Santa' from the Arizona Department of Transportation to give you a five hundred dollar ticket for Christmas. You will find the unwrapped present under your driver's side windshield wiper.
Dec.10, 2006
Arizona Azteks
Would anyone in their right mind ask this person for advice?

From Mr.Wonderful's 2001 web pages, more Aztek Photos.

Dec.11, 2006
Lawn Pig
The other morning, about one hundred yards distant, I saw what I thought to be a dog sauntering down the sidewalk. When I didn't see an owner nearby, I drove to the spot and lit my six-d-cell Maglite® to probe the darkness. And there, like a Home Depot-purchased yard gnome, frozen by the mighty beam of my 30,000 candlepower black wand, shivered a stinky javelina, (below red dot) hoping that this  predator wouldn't see her.
Dec.12, 2006
Ice Robot
Perhaps one day, Art Bell will devote an entire five-hour show to me like he did for the Left-Wing, but engrossing Nick Begich. Home cooking, Bachelor-style Until then, I assume that I will continue to both view and be visited by aliens (and their transports) from other worlds. Here, what I term an Ice Robot, approaches me to ask where he could get a bag of Reddyice Crystal CubesTM. He rewarded me for the information by leaving behind several cases of frozen Hungry-Man Classic Fried Chicken. How he knew that was my favorite, I know not.

As long as I'm on the subject ... this horse-puckey about flying saucers, extra-terrestrials and even 'Big Foot' (oh my gawd) being from other dimensions is exactly that, i.e., 'horse puckey!'

Ignoring the gaia and buddhist rants and tilts, which is fairly easy, read The Dancing Wu Li Masters which, in a language understandable to you mere mortals, author Gary Zukav explains the actual theory of these 'other dimensions' absolutely relied-on by so many of the freaks, frauds and phonies interviewed on the Coast to Coast program. The size of these dimensions are measured in atoms, not miles or light years, thus pulverizing many of these claims of 'travelers from other dimensions'.

Dec.13, 2006
Well, I just don't know what to think about this Christmas light display. I guess I could say: "Do you see what I see?"
Dec.14, 2006
This product of the public education system can't spell, but I guarantee your tax dollars have indoctrinated him to believe that:

1) America is colonizing the world.
2) America was founded by evil, slave-owning, selfish, wealthy, White men.
3) America is a racist nation, where people of color will never have a chance of getting a 'piece of the pie' without federal government help.
4) Slave owner George Washington was also a deist.
5) F.D.R. alone saved the nation from the Great Depression. Click to Enlarge
6) J.F.K. was assassinated by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald.
7) What Bill Clinton did in his personal life should remain private, and lying to a federal judge in a deposition is okay because W.J.C. was a Democrat.
8) America is the sole source of global warming, global pollution, the destruction of the Rain Forest and general global unfairness.

Dec.15, 2006
Roadway Safety Tee
After a two week journey, literally by horse and buggy, my Amish friend arrived from Pennsylvania wearing this t-shirt
Dec.16, 2006
Patriotic U.F.O.
I'm beginning to learn firsthand why there aren't many decent photographs of U.F.O.s. At night one needs a camera that will run at the equivalent of 800ASA or higher. My current digital runs a 'too-dark' 400ASA. I would have sworn I got a decent photo of this red, white and blue object that was literally hovering two hundred feet above the ground. I can't say it was totally silent, but it was pretty quiet.
Dec.18, 2006
Unseen Passenger
While on patrol the other night, as I was slipping my Cannon PowerShot SD200 3.2 mega pixel, ultra slim camera back into my shirt pocket, the flash accidentally activated, filling the cab of my vehicle with lightning-bright illumination. Blinking back stars in my eyes, I thought nothing of it ... Until the next sunrise when I reviewed the photo data file for the previous shift. Unknown to your Mr.Wonderful, apparently a pair of extra-terrestrials were doing an unauthorized and unannounced 'ride-along' that shift. I can't tell you how frightened I was when I saw this.
Dec.20, 2006
R.J.'s Ride
We go from short green fellows (of course you couldn't tell from that photo they were green, but they were) to the vehicle of a gentleman six feet ten inches tall who can toss a baseball at 100mph. For personal safety reasons, I don't share my photos of celebrities (being I am one) with the general public, but I'm fine sharing photos of the cars of the celebrities. Here, momentarily parked outside of a local coffee emporium, is the Bentley of former Diamondback's pitcher Randy Johnson. Except for the wheels and grill, it appeared almost identical to porn star Jenna Jameson's black Bentley.
Dec.22, 2006
Apartment Excitement
Whenever you have teenage boys you will have trouble. And we've got teenagers at my tony Paradise Valley apartments. Here you can see three Scottsdale Police with their handcuffed perp. Where the cops stand is the City of Scottsdale, where I stood to take the picture is the Town of Paradise Valley. We are crime-free in P.V.
Dec.23, 2006
No More Mobile Homeless
In literally a sign of the times, this notice in a nearby Walgreen's parking area, warns that stolen shopping carts will cease to function if removed from their lot. We have given up the formally given, and that is the assumption that people shouldn't steal. We assume they (Illegal Aliens, bums) are going to steal the carts so we make the wheels lock-up tighter than Hillary Clinton's lips in a deposition when they do. So sad.
Dec.24, 2006
Electricity & Water, Shocking
On Saturday, December 23rd, we had actual rain here in The Valley of the Sun. Since mixing electricity and water isn't a good idea, I'm certain that these electricians are retreating to the nearest warm bar.
Dec.26, 2006
Snowbird Blinking
On Monday, December 25th, while driving home from another sixteen-hour workday, I noticed this Ford Crown Victoria sporting out-of-state plates ... with its left turn signal, no doubt, having been blinking like a quasar since New Mexico.
Dec.29, 2006
Eating Garbage
I ran across a family of javelina the other night. They have learned to tip over wheeled commercial trash cans and then eat the bounty dispensed. Under the red dot you can see one of these four-legged garbage pickers.
Dec.31, 2006
Mystery Solved!
I thought that on this final day of year 2006 I would lay bare one of the greatest secrets of the 21st Century, and that is, how to pry the lid off of a KFC 1/2 gallon MEGA jug ...