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October 2007
Turban Squash
When I go to the store I am continuously amazed at all the choices our free enterprise offers us. Look at this guy, called a Turban Squash. Unreal.
October 2007
Taurus X
Through an exclusive deal with Ford Motor Company, Enterprise Car Rental get the latest Fords, months before they show up for public purchase. Here you can see (below blue dot) the 'totally new' Taurus X crossover which looks a lot like the old meager selling Ford Freestyle crossover.
October 2007
First Winter Bumdrop
In the Valley of the Sun, Arizona it is sometimes hard to tell when the seasons change. One sure indicator is that the bums from back east show up on our streets and the idiots who know no better, like the lady in the car in front of me, give them money.
October 2007
B & S
Well, there is still hope for the "Big and Stupid".
October 2007
Don't know what it is about these Easterners who move out here and immediately must cover their property with Michael Moore-sized boulders. Here we see a tractor trailer loaded with them heading for Scottsdale and points east or north.
October 2007
On Your Marks
Lowered Mark VIII You've got to know if you drive a lowered Continental Mark VIII eastbound on the Arizona 101 Loop during morning rush hours you are going to get pulled over.

Especially if you're a White fellow, because they will know it is a stolen vehicle. Use your head guys.

October 2007
Detroit Iron
Thursday night after I picked up an insane-to-assemble shelving unit at Target (that advertised 'No Tool' Assembly) and spent No Tools book shelf monster some recovery time buying more paperbacks at Half-Price Books, I saw this beige relic in the parking lot. A huge two-door 1980s Chevrolet pre-Tahoe Blazer. A vehicle to be reckoned with by other drivers. Manufactured before plastic bumpers, air bags, fuel injection and computer controlled glove boxes, this was a vehicle a man could lift the sheet-steel hood on and actually work on the engine. Change a spark plug, advance a distributor or replace a faulty radiator thermostat. The hood, as big as half a bedsheet and as heavy as a twin mattress that would be held in place, not by a coat-hanger-thick sissy rod that snaps in place and out of site when not in use, but by a pair of coil springs the size of an athletic girl's calves. This was back when men drove manly trucks.
October 2007
Leisurely Lunch
Lots of wealth in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here we see the lucky few automobiles enjoying the limited parking in front of the 'Zinc Bistro' at Kierland's upscale shopping center, where many members of the Troon and Troon North Taliban convene. Granted the final vehicle, the CTS Cadillac is driven by a phony, as it can be purchased by anyone with $399 a month to spare. But the other two vehicles are expensively sweet and entirely unnecessary.
October 2007
Here is a real idiot, riding his bicycle (which probably cost as much as any three Illegal Alien's cars) on Cave Creek Road during morning rush hour traffic. This is such a stupid idea, I simply have nothing else to say.
October 2007
Ride & Ridden
Probably somewhere on Cactus Road near 32nd Street in Phoenix, Arizona we see two ways to get around on motorcycles. One, the fun way ... and then, the other way.
October 2007
Almost Dunn In?
Driving home from north-est Phoenix, Arizona via the permanently under-construction I-17 ("Black Canyon Freeway") the first Sunday Brooks & Dunn tractor trailer
Click & Enlarge morning in October, and, naturally the only driver obeying the construction 'Speed Limit' signs, I was smoked by a tractor-trailer labeled only with "Brooks & Dunn". I quickly surmised these were Brooks & Dunn's techies and knew that they always traveled in pairs, so I got my camera ready. It's a good thing I had the lens set for the widest angle because the second Brooks & Dunn trailer almost took my rearview mirror off. All in fun, I'm sure.
September 2007
Well I finally ran into a "Ron Paul for President" supporter. He was a bearded adult who I waited in line behind at the inside counter while he paid for a pack of Marlboro's entirely with change.
September 2007
Black Helo
Just because you hear them rarely mentioned anymore on the George Noory, Coast to Coast radio program, doesn't mean they aren't there anymore. Here is another 'black helicopter' (that typically follows me around) although they rarely come into my direct line of sight. I guess when you have the kind of inside knowledge I have, 'they' keep an eye on you.

But know this: Mr.Wonderful does not pen suicide notes.

September 2007
Bug Bat
The other night, I finally captured a bat collecting bugs under a street light. I didn't even know I'd done it until I got home and loaded the data onto the computer.

My ancient 3.2 Mega Pixel Cannon PowerShot SD200 ELPH is a simply amazing piece of engineering.

September 2007
Sweatbird Moron
As opposed to 'Snowbirds' who have the sense and the wealth to visit during our winter season, 'Sweatbirds' are the poor and disenfranchised who visit during The Valley of the Sun's three-digit-high's of our Photo Radar Van six summer months of April through September.

In any case your Mr.Wonderful, having seen the City of Scottsdale photo radar mini-van earlier, and knowing the speed limit drops from 45mph to 40mph about one hundred yards prior to where the photo radar was set up, slowed down. Well, Roger Ramjet, in his rented Chrysler 300c, not being able to tolerate my lessor velocity swerved around me and almost got a 'flash' from the $75,000 photo-radar wheeled contraption. But then this same idiot moved to center lane from which at the 70th Street intersection with Shea Boulevard he turned right. A true moron.

September 2007
Black Beauty
Here's God's 'black beauty', every time born with an orange birth mark. Pun intended.

After dealing almost daily with manic, charging, stinging scorpions and venomous always-angry (like Lesbian Liberals) Western Diamondback rattlesnakes, I cannot believe that many decades ago, Crazy Brother Pat and I ever  feared hunting these ladies down.

I'll always remember the time when a very young Mr.Wonderful III opened his hand, and as my heart rate soared and my vision began to fade, showed Daddy the live spider he had just caught. Of course it was one of these girls. No harm done, for he too is a 'Wonderful'. Naturally.

September 2007
Baby Rattler
A baby rattler for a dollar? That wasn't made in Communist China and coated with heavily leaded paint? Oh yeah.
September 2007
For some reason this blue Plymouth Neon just had to accelerate to 75mph in order to cut in front of me while we were entering the I-17 I-17 & 101 Loop southbound to 101 Loop east transition. Of course, once in the turn the vehicle slowed to 50mph, not because that was the suggested speed limit, but because the driver was your typical Arizona moron who cannot control the vehicle unless it is traveling in a perfectly straight line. And then I began to look for the 'moron' behind the wheel. There was none. I believe this was an robotic-driven satellite-controlled N.S.A. vehicle, one of many, that is assigned to tail your subversive Mr. Wonderful all over Arizona.