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February 2009
My almost 30-year old daughter got so excited when she saw this what she called "Deathwagon" on highway 60 destined no doubt, for its rusted corrugated metal carport in Wittmann, Arizona, I was obliged to photograph it.
February 2009
King Pin
Nowadays many people know nothing of cars.

West Seattle High School
Auto Shop see more here

In my days at public schools we had 'woodshop' and 'autoshop' classes where we learned how to do manly things that could later in life earn a decent income, provide a gratitfying hobby or even save a life. Instead today, public schools teach hatred of the dead white men who built this nation, how to put condoms on bananas (whoever heard of a banana having sex?) and that God is dead.

Not sure when the term 'king pin' popped up in the lexicon, "Kingpin"
remember, rinse your
mouth out with carburetor
cleaner before kissing
after smoking a cigarhowever if you look at the photo of the Ford Ranger truck charging down Greenway Drive near Kierland, you might notice the left front wheel leaning quite aways out where it meets the asphalt. It is tilting like that because the suspension is worn out, and the only thing holding the wheel assembly somewhat vertical is the king pin. When the king pin snaps, the wheel will assume a horizontal position and the truck will crash. Too bad.

February 2009
Magic Petal
President Obama was in Mesa, Arizona the 18th of February, 2009.

Obama continues to push 
Brad & Jolie off of the grocery
store's magazine shelves

A friend of mine brought by this stolen petal off a flower which the wetted cigarette butt, flicked by our messiah, had merely brushed by. just another 
tobacco addict... In the shock of what she had just lain in my unworthy palm, I let the blesséd sacrament fall to the floor ... and you can see what effect it had. Unbelievable.

February 2009
More images from the Twilight Zone-like town of Wickenburg, Arizona, where strangers go out of their way to help improve the image of the community.
February 2009
Speed Trap
Driving through Wickenburg, Arizona you best obey the city speed limits, for they not only have town cops, but they have county sheriffs and highway patrol officers, all of who would be glad to write you a ticket.

Here we see some numb-nuts getting pulled over for speeding, no doubt.

February 2009
Global Warming?
Back on February 11th, we had a cold snap out here in Phoenix. The snow on the fifty mile distant mountains is a rare sight. The building you can see about one-third way up from the bottom are a federal correctional facility, i.e., a prison.
February 2009
Cheaper Escalade
You can bet this Escalade XT gets more than a few double-takes, eh?
February 2009
Tale of Two Cities
Old School Sun City golf transportation vs. Snottsdale's motorized club carriers
February 2009
"Yes Virginia"
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he winters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Here you can witness a slimmed-down 21st Century Santa Claus walking his wiener dog.

February 2009
Ted's Head
My regular readers will recall when baseball great Ted Williams had his head frozen at the Scottsdale Arizona based Alcor Life Extension Foundation and Mr. Wonderful immediately went by to take photos of the outside of the building.

The other day I slipped inside, and while I got so very close, I couldn't get head, but I did snap a photo of some of the equipment that keeps Ted's noggin frozen and as hard as a baseball.

February 2009
Guns R Us
Since January 20th, interest in firearms has been picking up.

Here at the Arizona Game & Fish managed  Ben Avery  gun range they have a hell of a turn-out considering this photo was taken on a Wednesday early afternoon. If you're looking to tune up your shootin' skills go ahead and visit the range just 1/4 mile west of the I-17 on the Carefree Highway, i.e., State Route 74.

Phone number: (623) 582-8313
February 2009
Bald M.C.
The majority of Harley Davidson motorcycles in The Valley of Sun run in the, I'm guessing now, 100 or so decibel range. And all I know, growing up in this same Valley in the 1960's, my 1964 Plymouth got 'loud pipes' tickets when it was not nearly as raucous as any one of these $15,000 P.O.S.'s I roll my windows up for these days.

Here we see a weekend tough-guy on his loud-ass Harley Davidson, his bald pate shining, his legs spread like he's on a gynocologist's table, his arms up like he's swinging like an ape, and of course his blue-tooth cell phone in his ear. With this set-up his 500 pound turd-cycle, (making more screams than an Allied Waste garbage truck at full-throttle compacting a passed-out bum in its crusher-unit), is no more maneuverable than a Jazzy Select GT Power Chair in a Circle K aisle packed with illegal aliens wearing fluorescent green sweatshirts, stuffed full of stolen beef jerkey. In other words, he's gonna crash. But the good news is, the brain surgeon won't have to shave his head.

(In this photo, taken on January 14, 2009, note the $1.599 price on gasoline. Ah, the good old days.)

February 2009
I went to the Safeway shortly after the Superbowl ended on February 1st. The beverages were cleaned out. Glad to say that sales of Pepsi were far, far, less than Coke, who didn't change their logo to match that of the new president.

I wonder if the President's logo was a swastika they'd have changed their logo to that?

February 2009
Since these rent-a-hot-air-ballon-dudes got a big write-up in the Arizona Republic on January 30th, 2009, I drug out a photo of one of their launches from May of 2008.

August 24, 2008 rising

Hot Air Expeditions
charges $183 per person.