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February 2008
Exercising Battery
Most Arizonans do not realize that car battery life can be vastly expanded if they would remove the battery from the vehicle once a year and take it for a walk. Unlike, when you walk a dog, for instance, you do not need to take a scooper and those tiny blue plastic bags to pick up its droppings.
February 2008
Junk Drive
Took me about five miles of driving seven miles an hour above the speed limit to catch up with this wreck. Of course in the pre-dawn dark it was rocketing down the street at fifteen miles an hour over the speed limit. Why fear the police? They've got a protector in Mayor Gordon, shill of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, who demand low labor costs.

The rear of the vehicle was covered with bumper stickers and such to make the uninitiated believe a legal citizen was driving it, but for those of us in the know, all those stickers do is shout, "I'm here illegally!" Look at this piece of garbage.

This is what the outside looks like, what do you think the mechanicals, like brakes and suspension look like? Not only that, but think about 50,000 of these unregistered POS's driving in Phoenix, Arizona producing anywhere from ten times to one hundred times more pollution than cars that have actually gone through emmissions. And that pollution is created before  their drivers get behind a 103 decibel leaf blower, which is the only gasoline powered device they are qualified to drive, and begin launching acres of dirt into the air. It is too bad their slave-owners could not teach them how to use brooms, but I guess they gave up.

February 2008
Sign of the Times?
When a wooden sign must be chained down to prevent theft, you know you live in a neighborhood populated by mostly Spanglish-speaking Third-Worlders, who, when they see this, they don't see a sign belonging to another person, they see a new kitchen table.

A citizen wouldn't think anymore of loading this sign into his pickup bed for the wood, than he would of digging up buried copper power-cables to tear them out of the earth to sell at the junk yard.

February 2008
D.C. Delusion
Here's a real Eco-Conscious pair. Having just dropped a dead car battery off at my nearby Checker Auto Store, I couldn't help but be dismayed at the toxic waste my selfish consumerism had generated, as I know I should  bicycle the fifty-two miles back and forth to work each day.

I can't even imagine how many tons of toxic waste the batteries out of these two vehicles will leave in the landfill. And the odd part is, these particular vehicles spend the majority of their driving time on the highspeed freeways where they deliver no better fuel mileage than the $12,000 cheaper Corolla. An automobile with the battery the size of a shoebox, not a hope chest.

February 2008
Too Hot?
I'm not sure if the name on this laundromat means they use ash to dry the clothes, or when the dryer door is opened this is what the customer is greeted with.
February 2008
Poor Placement
To avoid involuntary mental connections by your prospects in regards to your product, I think it sometimes pays to chose your ad hoc advertising space carefully.
February 2008
75 Pies?
After visiting three voting places on Super Tuesday I was finally able to cast a provisional vote for Romney.

And I finally figured out why our Arizona ballots are in both English and Spanish. Don't you see? Illegal aliens from south of the 75 Pie
Eaters?border couldn't figure out who to vote for if they couldn't read the ballot. Que? How do you say "McCain" en español?

Doesn't happen? Didn't happen? Do you know that in 1968 a U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union) submarine torpedoed and sank the U.S.S. Scorpion, a Skipjack class nuclear submarine, killing ninety-nine navy men and our government knew about while it happened,  but yet told the public that a runaway torpedo inside the Scorpion caused the accident?

Just like they are telling us legal U.S. citizens cannot read English well enough to vote, so we must have the ballots published in Spanish too. Oh come on.

February 2008
Cave Creek Cops
Never a dull moment on Cave Creek Road near Union Hills on a recent Friday night. Here you can see four of the six or seven Phoenix police cars near this Circle K. When you have a heavy population of Illegal Aliens, action like this is quite common. Repairing Spikes on
Fence Around Apt. Complex That's why my complex has pointed spikes facing out as part of it's fencing. Neighboring commercial buildings have their fences topped with shiny and sharp coils razor wire.

Think Senator McCain or Senator Kyl or Governess Napolitano or Michael Medved, or Mac McGruder or Jerry Colangelo or any of the members of the cheap labor loving Phoenix Chamber of Commerce would like to live in my neighborhood, or have their children live in my neighborhood alongside these undocumented aliens who they are so busy defending?

February 2008
Hard Winter
Thank God we didn't have this temperature when the Super Bowl was in town, or we'd have even more snowburgers moving here to Phoenix to incessantly remind us natives, how where they used to live was heaven on earth consisting of perfect neighborhoods, neighbors, schools, bars, restaurants, streets, views, sports teams and arenas, local government and on and on.

Please, please, if you're going to move here just shut your pie-hole around us natives or you're liable to discover one of our perfect abandoned mineshafts.

February 2008
Shaq Hand
I'm not much of a sports fan, but today when I was washing a small sliver of my tee shirt collection, I noticed this one from last century, when Amway cofounder, Rich DeVos purchased the Orlando Magic NBA team. And since Shaquille O'Neal is now a Phoenix Sun I thought you'd be interested.
February 2008
Mode of Transportation
Here is the automobile, I mean car, I mean 'mode of transportation', that Hillary, Gore, McCain and (since he probably owns the company) Warren Buffet, Jet Landing would have us driving. Of course they  will all be coddled in the luxurious cashmere, wool, and nubuck leather interiors of their chauffeur-driven, eight-mile-per-gallon, three-ton, union-crafted, stretch limousines between their flights on private jets that burn more fuel in a single jaunt to Bermuda than one of these wheeled sarcophagi will sip in eighteen months.
February 2008
Blowing Smoke
Here is a comforting sign I noticed outside my Borders bookstore near Tatum Boulevard and Cactus Road. Especially fitting since inside the store there are copies of a book titled 1984 where 'the government' controls virtually every facet of its citizen's lives.

Yes cigarette and cigar smokers are an obnoxious bunch and their attitudes towards, and missing consideration of non-smokers for the past decades has finally brought an avalanche of restrictions. But 'no smoking' in an open air parking lot?

That is just a little ridiculous. Jack Harris Certainly being not too long ago, less than 100 yards away, viewable from this exact spot, I witnessed an Illegal Alien felon (is that redundant?) laying dead, shot by Phoenix Police after they returned his pistol fire. I doubt whether Phoenix law enforcement has the means or manpower to ticket violent and deadly nicotine addicts. Especially since Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris believes in leaving "immigrants" (and I assume citizens) alone who are not aiming guns and shooting at City of Phoenix employees or its citizens.

Remember lookers and readers, obesity is absolutely proven to be a cause of cancers, heart attacks, strokes and global warming via noxious gases escaping from asses. There is a McDonald's about 50 yards to the left of this photo. Are someday soon, patrons not to be allowed to bring their food outside the restaurant for fear of being ticketed?

February 2008
Superbowl Divergence
Yes Superbowl XLII is in the new taxpayer funded billion dollar stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Where it is so University of Phoenix
Cardinal's Stadium
Glendale, Arizona
Click to Blowup dangerous (muy peligroso) for sports-idiots to inhabit, that they hole-up instead in hotels more than twenty miles and forty-five minutes away to the east in the more-civilized cities of Scottsdale and North Phoenix. And, oh-my-gawd, these same areas also have a vastly higher population of the evil and (of course) affluent White People, who, since they have something to lose, typically do not commit mayhem, car-theft, hit-and-runs, or rapes on out-of-towners or neighbors.

Speaking of dangerous, here you can see an Arizona Department of Public Safety overhead highway sign on the southbound I-17 (Black Canyon) freeway, north of the Loop 101 West (which meanders within one mile to the west of the University of Phoenix Stadium) warning that vehicles carrying hazardous materials will not be allowed westbound on Loop 101.

I imagine a Muslim terrorist, of Arab extraction who, at a glance (from an idiot) might pass for a Mexican National could, since he 'can't read' English, could end up accidentally driving a purposely hazardous load fairly close to the stadium.

Giants 17    Patriots 14
February 2008
Savage Super Bowl?
By the looks of it, even the reclusive Michael Savage drove his truck over from San Francisco to view Super Bowl XLII at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Arizona.
February 2008
Sleep Recovery
Times have gotten really bad, really quick, when mattresses are being repossessed after being late on a single payment. It's okay, I've still got my fourteen year old couch manufactured by Scottsdale-based Stone Creek Furniture.