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August 2007
Where else would you learn this stuff? Even on George Noory's Coast to Coast I guarantee that you have not heard anything about this. In a massive team effort, the FBI, CIA, NSA and the Federal Home Loan Administration have developed a robotic moth that can actually home-in on flowers and replace the millions of missing commercial honey bees that usually pollinate the blossoms of our food crops. Yes, this is yet another  job Americans won't do.
August 2007
In another tribute to the armed camp Illegal Alien gangs are turning our beautiful Valley of the Sun into, here is a photo of one of the City of Phoenix armored swat vehicles. In the background, you can see the famed Camelback Mountain, which oddly enough, is located on Camelback Road.
August 2007
Toasting Lexus
The Valley of the Sun is still the hot-testing capital of the new-car-auto world. Typical Illegal's Vehicle
Think it Passed Emissions? I saw this vehicle early this same day in far north Phoenix and then around 1:00pm in central Phoenix so I'm assuming it is a Lexus test mule to determine if the bogus 'hybrid' model can survive the 110F Arizona heat. "Bogus" because the exhaust from one typically non-emission-tested vehicle driven by an Illegal Alien can be emitting from ten to one hundred times the pollution of a non-hybrid registered vehicle.
As of 8/22/2007 we've had 24 non-consecutive 110F or hotter days. The record is 26 days. The record Phoenix all time high temperature is 122F degrees.
August 2007
Black Beauty
In the Desert Ridge area, north of the 101 on Tatum Boulevard, here is a rarely seen Porsche that retails far above the $300,000 cost of Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Maybachs. I was soundly chastised by the driver for not knowing its arcane model number. I in turn told the pilot that he was an idiot for driving it in Phoenix because there was such a high probability of having an accident.
August 2007
Ever wonder what's inside those gas pumps that siphon the fuel from underground tanks into our tanks? Well, here are the guts. The blue parts are the thingamagingies while the silver ones are the dowhatchits. Simple.
August 2007
Southbound on Pima Road this afternoon, I was again holding up traffic by chugging along at 50mph, only five over the limit. This idiot simply had to cut in front of me, causing me to hit the brakes. And guess what? About one-tenth of a mile later, the idiot changed lanes again.
August 2007
71st. Place
You know you're in Scottsdale, Arizona when . . .
August 2007
E.T. Walk
Here Starman walks his two beasts that had human faces but the bodies of a bear-like creature. When he stopped and spoke to me, he obviously did not sport a bright yellow round glowing head, or I would not have refilled my Starbucks travel mug, knowing I had already had enough caffeine. No, the 'glowing head' only showed up in the photo, in the camera. Amazing.
August 2007
The Diet
In a constant struggle to lose weight, I stick to the five basic food groups, but still cannot seem to drop any poundage.
August 2007
Beating the Individualism out of the Individual
Gasoline prices have been coming down, however, I don't think that we will ever see $1.00 a gallon again. Can you believe it that the government of Russia's oil income has trebled in the fifties of billions of dollars,
and they still can't point to where the money went?
Oh those Oligarch's, what kidders!
August 2007
Eisenhower Warned Us
I am not exactly sure what this is about. For most 'street people' reaching back forty years to Vietnam is enough, this guy had to go back all the way to the 1950s. This was on the northeast corner, in The Town of Paradise Valley, Arizona, of Shea and Tatum Boulevards.
August 2007
M&I Bank on Day N's Weren't Delivered Most people, well, I'd be willing to bet that 99.9% of people do not know that every day Arizona receives millions, if not billions of letters. However, these are not the letters carried by the postman, these are the actual letters of the alphabet that you and I use every day. Here is a very rare photo (you can see the driver's legs on the far side of the truck) of a freight truck carrying the letter 'E'.
August 2007
At this McDonald's near the I-17 (Black Canyon) on the Carefree Highway, we see what happens when workers do not read English. Sadly the errant employee is most likely a student at Boulder Creek High School in nearby Anthem, Arizona.
July 2007
3 Stooges
The deadly games we play on our freeways.
July 2007
Mix-It Up
The deadly games we play on our surface streets.
July 2007
The Winner
We've all heard the contests for the "Ugliest Dog" and such. So in keeping with that theme, here is the "Ugliest Bug".
July 2007
The Prophet
Since my last moving violation, in May of 2003, which was my first moving violation in over a quarter of a century (that's twenty-five years for you public school kids) The Prophet I no longer travel any faster than nine miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

And since the above-mentioned traffic ticket came from a lesbian-dyke D.P.S. officer, who using both hands while attempting to write the ticket, and taking longer than Michelangelo took painting the Sistine Chapel, threatened to perforate my torso with a .45 caliber hollowpoint (held you know where) if I popped open my trunk to grab my copy of War and Peace to read while I waited, I am especially careful on our state highways.

So, when you hear on the radio, between Bruce Jacobs rants about Mac McGruder becoming a multi-millionaire by violating federal law while knowingly hiring undocmented workers (who speak not a word of English and display Social Security numbers like 000-00-0000) in his McDonald's drive-thrus, that a passenger vehicle in an I-17 construction zone has burst into a sixty-five foot diameter fireball as it was slammed from behind by a tanker truck carrying nitroglycerine coated C-4 explosives, know that it will probably be me, the last non-moron-driver in Arizona.