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Specific Entities

"Those names sound like rejects from the bottom line of an eye chart..."—Spider-Man upon hearing some of Doctor Strange's entreaties.

Before a mage can call on an entity he should know something about him or it. The following section deals with the most common entities in the Marvel Universe that have been entreated in the past.

This information includes what we know or may surmise of the entity and the spells most often associated with the entity, if any, along with their effects. This section should be used by the Judge and players as a specific guideline for dimensional entreaty powers in relation to what their nature should be and who should they be entreating.

When a character invokes a spell associated with an entreaty being, he uses the spell rank specified with the effect (if there is one) rather than the character's rank for entreating the entity. (For example, if a character with an Ex(20) spell rank in entreating Balthakk invoked the "Awesome Bolts of Balthakk" he would cause In(40) damage, not Ex(20).