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Queens Boulevard
Boulevard of Death

Secondary Roads
Queens Boulevard: The Boulevard of Death
Queens Boulevard is the
main secondary route connecting Jamaica, Queens with the Queensborough Bridge (aka Queensboro) to Manhattan, or as those living outside Manhattan often call it, the City.
A super-secondary highway over 10 lanes wide, with three divider medians for much of its stretch, Queens Boulevard has earned an unwelcome and infamous reputation as a human bowling alley. Along with the bad rap came infamous nicknames such as The Boulevard of Death and The Boulevard of Broken Bones. The bad publicity kicked up considerably since the 1990's, but in truth, pedestrians have been at war with the traffic here going all the way back to its widening in the 1930's.
Queens Boulevard cuts its swath through the hearts of numerous central Queens neighborhoods, including Sunnyside, Woodside, Elmhurst, Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Briarwood and finally, Jamaica.

west at 70th road

Above, eastbound traffic rushes towards 71st/Continental past 70th Road
A pedestrian was killed here 

Queens Boulevard:
The long and the short of it:

Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside/Long Island City
Keep your eyes peeled - More coming!

65th placeQueens Boulevard in Elmhurst/Woodside
Keep your eyes peeled - More coming!

64th rdQueens Boulevard in Rego Park

police at 71st aveQueens Boulevard in Forest Hills/Kew Gardens

Van Wyck BlvdBriarwood/Jamaica

signIntersecting Highways

Major Intersecting Streets

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