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Queens Blvd. at 65th Road
Looking East & South
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
from 64th
It's a tale of two 65ths depending on which direction you're making a left turn from. Eastbounders turn left onto 65th Avenue, while westbounders find themselves straining to surmount the southbound hill of 65th Road. Of course, to make life interesting, the northside also has its own 65th Road, sandwiched between 65th and 66th Avenues. Don't ask me where 65th Drive is; I really don't want to know. Below is the first building I would have called home, had I had a vocabulary yet. Blair Hall, between the northside 65th Road and 66th Avenue, most probably dates from the very late 1940s or very early 50s. My parents moved out from there when I was about a year old. At least one pedestrian looks about ready to commit a major jaywalking no-no as soon as he thinks he has the light, only he never will. No matter what the corner lights may be, nobody is allowed to cross anymore except at the official crosswalks.
blair hall
southIt is always a wierd experience to talk about the south in terms of going up; kind of like Up the Down Staircase. Nonetheless, south of Death Boulevard around here is definitely up, and traffic heading north into the boulevard or across to 65th Avenue, are definitely heading down, and heading that way fast! Both 65th and 64th Roads come careening down sharp grades making their entryway into the Boulevard of Broken Bones particularly precarious.
Given the physical reality, it is actually quite amazing that 65th Road/Avenue didn't even merit the "Be Alert" signs, let alone the sinister "Pedestrian Killed" jobs.
Although it may have fallen short in the mortality realm, the two 65th's and their special guest star 98th Street have nonetheless contributed their share of injuries, the latest coming when a Queens Blvd. driver stopped paying attention to his brake foot and moved forward against the light just as someone was crossing in front of him. Just another day in the life of Death Blvd.

© 2001, Jeff Saltzman.