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Queens Blvd - 46th St. Fire Scene
Sunnyside; Viewed from Sidewalk
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
This was the scene at the corner of westbound Queens Boulevard and 46th Street two days after a rip-roaring blaze disintegrated a row of businesses. It began in a Korean restaurant around 5AM on 6/1/2001 and included a new Irish pub among its victims. Luckily, nobody was killed and firefighters kept the blaze from spreading to the apartment houses next door. As the charred wall of one building testifies to, however, there were certainly some anxious moments and all residents were hastily evacuated. For all that was destroyed in the massive blaze, wouldn't you know a handful of plates and a pot would survive. This crane's operator must be hard pressed to know where to even begin.
 At least for now, nobody gets jaywalking tickets crossing 46th against the light, because 46th is still closed off here. The cops might be protecting the plates and pot from being looted.

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