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Queens Blvd. at 47th Street
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
eastbound 1

eastbound 2
A pedestrian was killed crossing hereThis is the heartland of Sunnyside, Queens. We're at 47th Street looking west down the boulevard's eastbound lanes. The next corner down is 46th Street, easily identified by its exclusive Tier 1 killer warning signs flanking its pedestrian crossing beneath the elevated train. 47th by contrast, is merely a Tier 2 assasin, worthy of the Silver medal, as it were, the Be Alert signs. Speaking of assasins, the city wants you to know that you can collect by turning in cop killers through their "CopShot" program. That's all well and good, but it would be nicer if they would end the endless cycle of Death Row appeals that keep such garbage alive long past their execution dates.
The heavily Irish, and Irish influenced Sunnyside is decked out for The Great Day, which takes place as this page is being written, although these shots were taken a week earlier, on March 11th, 2001. The analog walk sign above will probably be replaced down the road with Stick Figure/Hand signs.
The first photo shows the elevated span between 47th and 46th. The second zooms up closer to 46th. This elevated section went up during a post WWI period when the Spanish/Moorish Mission style was all the architectural rage. It had the good fortune to go up before its neighborhood, so the builders had the room and resources to make it far grander in scope than similar structures placed atop already developed and busy streets. In contrast, the Roosevelt Avenue section is just a typical bare-bones steel skeleton, and sits directly atop the traffic lanes unlike this stretch.
north 1
 The 46th Street station overhead sprawls over 47th as well. It was recently renovated. For many years, this concrete covered el section was in horrific disrepair and its stations were hideous, and still named for streets long since disappeared from the map.

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