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Queens Blvd. at 69th Street
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
A pedestrian was killed crossing here Two views southbound at 69th Street, before this roll of film gave out. Once again, a familiar warning at yet another trouble plagued intersection. 69th Street's crossing probably draws alot of foot traffic because it's one of the only opportunities for walkers to get through the maze of railroad tracks zippering the area, with their attendant deadending of local roads. Unlike the Conrail tracks, which see little activity, these Long Island Railroad tracks see alot of action by the minute. This is the combined right of way for both the main line that runs east down the center of Long Island, and the spur that breaks away a couple of blocks to the east of here, heading for Port Washington. From this point, the tracks run west into the heart of Woodside, at Roosevelt Avenue and 61st Street. West of there, they swing south again, crossing beneath the boulevard in the Sunnyside Yards on their way toward the tunnel carrying them into Manhattan and Penn Station.
As for 69th Street, it has one of the more determined runs of any Queens numbered street, plowing north all the way from Metropolitan Avenue in Ridgewood, over the LIE and through the LIRR and Queens Boulevard, to Broadway in Jackson Heights, where the Brooklyn Queens Expwy. cut it off.
As for the danger zones, pedestrians get something of a short lived reprieve east of here, on through the triangle between Conrail and the Elmhurst LIRR trestle, until Albion/Kneeland. Of course, the lack of any real crossings except for 45th Avenue/70th Street has much to do with that serenity.

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