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Queens Blvd at 50th Street
Looking North and East - Sunnyside
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
east 1
Looking east down Death Boulevard from 50th Street. The proposed school site is unseen to our right. Temporary lulls in traffic in either direction come to sudden ends with a fury, depending on the cycles of the preceding traffic lights. Veritable flash floods of vehicles can quickly inundate the five traffic lanes in each direction, and then there are turn lanes to consider. All this is what any student forced to attend a school here will face daily.
east 2
The green on the right is the periphery of Calvary Cemetery, an historic Queens burial ground. Every here and there, as on the SLECO twinlamp "Bigloop" pole on the right, a first generation HPS Unidor fixture will still be seen. The Sunnyside section of Queens Boulevard got them relatively early in the HPS revolution, around 1971.
One business probably hoping for a school is Boston Market on the northeast corner of 50th, whose parent company is bankrupt. Then again, kids aren't exactly a Boston Market stronghold. Look for a quick conversion to one of the more popular burger joints if the schoo, is built.
On the northwest corner, a troop of aging 7-train Redbirds flies towards Flushing over Roosevelt Avenue. The Mobil station is looking very patriotic these days, peraps hpoing the flags will take motorists' minds off the June 2001 gas prices.

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