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Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

(Gowanus Expressway)
Brooklyn Queens Expwy I-278
Expressways of Brooklyn & Queens

at lirr
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, commonly referred to by its simple acronym BQE, extends south from the Grand Central Parkway, from both LaGuardia Airport in the east and the Triboro Bridge from the west. The BQE runs through the Queens neighborhoods of Astoria, Jackson Heights, Woodside and Maspeth, through the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenpoint, Williamsburgh, Fort Greene, Borough Hall, Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook, Park Slope South, Sunset Park and finally Bay Ridge, where it ascends the Verazzano Bridge. The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is a triple-digit member of the Interstate 78 route, designated I-278, although heaven knows it is sorely out of compliance with current interstate standards for much of its meandering route. Ongoing construction projects and plans have been slowly bringing it into Y2K highway compatibility, and as of this update in late 2003, the long running project is near completion..

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