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Woodhaven/Cross Bay Boulevards
Photo Gallery: Secondary Roads
 Beset with more curves than the Miss America pageant and more hills than the Sound of Music, Woodhaven Blvd is as close as a New York City road can come to being an amusement park ride, though its doubtful too many drivers find anything amusing about it. It manages to combine the worst features of such multi-divided secondaries as Queens Blvd and Brooklyn's Kings Hwy, with a topography better suited to SUVs than autos or trucks. Obviously disatisfied with its status, Woodhaven also attempts twice to soar into superhighway ranks. Not only does it fail, but it suffers the ignimony of being the crossover lackey for two other boulevards with aborted arterial intentions: Queens and Conduit. Finally, unable to stand itself any longer, it Dr. Jekylls itself into alter ego Cross Bay Blvd for its final demented descent towards the Rockaways. Though looking far more normal than its wierded out Woodhaven half, the Cross Bay stretch has been like a street possessed in recent years. It was the center stage for the infamous Howard Beach racial attack in 1986 and more recently, on Broad Channel, it hosted a community parade where local cops ran a float poking fun at the Texas dragging death of a black man. On that very same insular island in the late 1970's, a white heavy-metal type youth poured gasoline into the Broad Channel subway station token booth and burned the black token clerk on duty to death.
Lest anyone think I'm painting these communities unfairly, there are no shortage of places in this city where white folks would be ill advised to find themselves and no shortage of incidents where they are the victims, but are treated merely as run-of-the-mill incidental victims, with no racial motives ascribed to their attacks, and therefore no media storm that turns the crime site neighborhood into a veritable verb for hate crime.
Getting back to the main protagonist roadways of this section, what more can I say? They are wierd...strange, wierd and peculiar.

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