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Queens Blvd. at 73rd Street
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
 We're more or less directly across from a sliver of 73rd Street, one of whose discontiguous sections meets the boulevard on the eastbound side. On the westbound side, there's a fairly lengthy interval until its next interruption, at 45th Avenue. The western facade of the Conrail viaduct is in markedly worse condition than the cleaner looking eastern side.
 Looking west, the traffic lights ahead are for 45th Avenue on the right and the 70th Street into which southbound 45th Avenue feeds to the left. A large cooperative apartment complex rests on the south side of the boulevard several blocks ahead, just past the Brooklyn Queens Expwy and 65th Place. The greenish shadow with the inclined roofline is the Citibank Center in Long Island City. No different than the triangle to the east of Conrail, this stretch on through to the next LIRR crossing is heavy with automotive service shops.

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