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Queens Blvd. at 43rd Street
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd

Be Alert Cross with CareA pedestrian was killed crossing hereNothing like the smell of blood to whet one's appetite, and such said scent usually means a craving for meat. Though I eat little of said food form today, I am not a vegetarian, at least not yet. Give the various well publicized bovinary diseases some more time to proliferate, and this can change very quickly.
For now, however, I do give in to an occasional craving for beef, and a sub-craving of that is an unquenchable yen for White Castle. I was just minutes past having nearly witnessed two women getting run down by some lunatic making a left turn off 44th Street one block to the east, hadn't eaten in hours, and I was famished!
 Lost in much of my Queens Boulevard section is the fact that Death Boulevard is also New York State Route 25. One of the famed (Or if you're John Rocker: Defamed) 7-Train redbirds is stopped up on the 46th Street station a couple of blocks down. Although on first glance, this split section of the boulevard would appear safer than the 12-lane monster east of Roosevelt Avenue, pedestrians crossing north to south have an active and busy parking lot to navigate beneath the elevated, and every single intersection is also the entrance and exit point of each block's parking section.
 UPDATE 03/18/2001: A family of three were hit by a car crossing here. The driver was not charged. According to NY1 News: "Police say three people were hit while crossing the boulevard at 43rd Street at around 1 a.m. Sunday. Authorities say 11-year-old Louisa Norina, her father Joel Norina, and her aunt Amparo Norina, all received minor injuries in the accident. The three, who were visiting Queens from their native Colombia, are all listed in stable condition Elmhurst General Hospital. The driver of the car, 24-year-old Garrow Ardzvan, was arrested at the scene for drunk driving, but was subsequently released after he passed an alcohol test. No charges have been filed against him." The cry grows ever louder for better safety measures.

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