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Queens Blvd. at Jackson Avenue
Queens Plaza - North and East
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd

north 1
east 1

 The tracks in the background veer off for 31st Street and Astoria while those in the foreground head for the boulevard and Flushing, along with most of the traffic. For those who rely on billboards for clues to dates, this Fugitive is the TV show of the new millenium, not the movie of the early 1990's. These were shot in late March 2001.
north of blvd
 Just north of the track split on the northside of the intersection, looking towards 31st Street. It appears that some wiseguys have taken it upon themselves to decorate the el. Just how the hell graffiti artists can get up on such a perch, and stay there long enough to do such elaberate vandalism, especially when any passing train would cause those girders to vibrate, is totally beyond me. I suppose, vandal or not, you have to have a little admiration for their guts in going up there, literally out on a limb. Whoever did it almost certainly did so on a dare. That's not the only spot on the Queens Plaza gridwork to be defaced either.
east 2
 Almost lost in the gridwork of the exciting el structure above, is the IND Queens Plaza station. The green globes show that this entrance is always open. The green G is set to disappear this summer in favor of an orange V. The R train has been kicked around like a soccer ball between these lines and the Astoria over the years. Just beyond the rise in the background are the vast Sunnyside rail yards, used by Metro North, Conrail, Amtrak and the Long Island Railroad. Actually, does Conrail even exist anymore? Who bought them? CSX?

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