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Queens Blvd. at 71st Road
North & South
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd

Digressing a moment from death and destruction, we turn to the cultural amenities of 71st Road.
mural closeup
This tiled mural adorning the facade over the local Greenpoint Savings Bank depicts a rather idealistic image of nearby Forest Hills Gardens, conveniently ignoring the very part of Forest Hills upon which the bank itself sits. It's patently clear what segment of the local populace the bank kowtows to. The mural presents a real us and them scenario, with the lush and lovely Gardens set far apart from the rest of civilization. Of course, all of the Gardens was done up Tudor style.

key food
Across on the boulevard's north side, a far more pedestrian (no pun intended) sight; the local Key Food supermarket. No matter where you turn in this part of Queens, there's a Key Food. There usual logo is not present, however. It is located in a distinctive art deco era row of stores and I guess in keeping with the spirit of the architecture, they agreed to blend their company name more subtly into the facade. No injunction, though, on their usual red and blue specials posters. What will chuck roast be worth once Mad Cow Disease finally takes hold here?

© 2001, Jeff Saltzman.