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Queens Plaza
At 27th Street - Subway Walkbridge
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd

east 1
 On the walkbridge leading into the combined IRT-BMT Queensboro Plaza station, looking east. Although it is the afternoon rush hour on Friday, March 30th, 2001, a ton of traffic is still heading west for Manhattan, even as an equal number flee east into Queens from their workplaces.
 This westbound torrent isn't just coming from Queens Boulevard. Its biggest rival for danger and death in Queens, Northern Boulevard, is contributing at least half, from the right side of the screen. The spindly el in the background is the Astoria line just before, or after, its confluence with the Flushing line.
This walkbridge, incidently, now serves as the beacon for groups advocating walkbridges across parts of Queens Boulevard, although it hardly has to cross 12 lanes, plus three median islands.
 Looking westbound. The elevated structure is about to split away, the BMT line heading down into the 60th Street tunnel and the IRT swinging south towards Court Square, leaving the bridge to the cars, busses and trucks. If it seems as if the el is welded to the very fiber of the bridge's structure, you are not imagining things. Until 1940, after all, the elevated tracks did continue on what is now the upper level roadway and its steel gridwork is still very much bonded to the bridge approach.

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