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Queens Blvd. at 68th Ave
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd
68ave 2
68th Avenue, where a lone pedestrian waits on the median to complete his trip across, is three scant blocks east of one of the deadliest of Death Boulevard's intersections, that being at 67th Avenue. The cross avenues just to the west of 68th are 67th Drive, where the bright green signed store and white bus sit, and 67th Road, where the terraced apartment house is. It was in that building that our family optometrist had his office when I was a kid. 102nd Street branches off on a diagonal at the 67th Road intersection.
By the minute, on the cold late Friday afternoon of February 22nd, 2001, I fought a losing battle with the setting sun, as I strove to make it far enough to get in 67th Avenue. As it was, this was as close as I did get until the following afternoon. 67th Avenue can just be glimpsed at the corner where the white faced row of stores ends. On the left, an ancient warehouse building was getting a makeover in preparation for its conversion into luxury condos. On the right is the corner of my old optometrist's building. Though I'm sure their management disapproves, many apartment dwellers with terraces tend to dress them up a bit, as did the occupants of the two top floor apartments.

© 2001, Jeff Saltzman.