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Queens Blvd. at Jackson Avenue
Queens Plaza - South & West
Photo Gallery: Queens Blvd

Death Blvd

 The view down south on Jackson. Although this intersection doesn't seem to have qualified for the Pedestrian Killed warnings, traffic agents were nonetheless out in force, and this one in the orange and yellow vest also served as a crossing guard for pedestrians. Other than some rare county border occurances, like along Jericho Tpke in Floral Park, the underside of some taller elevateds are the only spots within NYC where traffic lights are suspended from wires spanning the void. The beige building on the right houses a discount furniture showroom below a parking garage. Maybe it's just not my tastes, but some of the furniture displayed in front of their entrance were among the most ghastly, hideous things I'd never want to see in anyone's home. Even the orange safety cone by the guard would look nicer in the living room.
west 1
 If Jackson never qualified as a Tier 1 or 2 killer, the city would like to keep it that way, and as they've been everywhere else on Death Boulevard, traffic agents rule the day here too. A mob of eastbounders wait impatiently for the light to change as the agents turn ahead of them from 31st Street.
west 2
 Now, it's off to the races. The Green Line bus is the Q60, headed all the way to Jamaica from 59th Street. Duane Reade has been one of the stars of my Death Boulevard section and here comes one of their delivery trucks. There are people still alive that might remember when Duane Reade was still just a single store in Manhattan, guesed it...Duane and Reade Streets. Did you think it was named for somebody named Duane Reade?
west 3
 Westbounders have to choose here whether they're staying in Queens (to the right) or getting on the bridge. Less daring perhaps than the nuts that climbed the three story high structure a block to the right, some graffiti vandals still risked serious injury or death to get up on this girder. The elevated Queensboro station is two short blocks ahead. Shot March 2001.

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